Securus Stands for Integrity

It’s been said that integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Securus Technologies certainly abides by this standard. One of the leadering providers of detainee communications, Securus Technologies recently made major news on PR Newswire especially when they announced the misdeeds of one the major carrier Global Tel Link (GTL)…. Continue Reading →

Makari Provides Skin Care Products for People of Color

People of color often find it difficult the find skin and beauty products that are made for their unique skin care needs. Everyone’s skin is not the same. Darker skin often requires different treatments and can suffer from different problems than lighter skin does. Problems such as uneven skin tones, dark spots, stretch marks, and blemishes are just a few of the problems that people with darker skin tones can suffer from that many of companies in the beauty industry fail to recognize and offer a skin care product that works on darker skin. Makari is an industry leader in whitening skin care products, and cosmetics that can give people of color smoother, brighter and more radiant looking skin. Why Makari de Suisse is so special Makari de Suisse products are made in Switzerland and specialize in providing quality hair, skin and beauty products. Makari products are a top choice for many celebrities and consumers who want high-quality cosmetics and beauty products that are safe, effective, and gentle. There are thousands of high-quality beauty and skin care products on the market today but very few of them are designed to meet the needs of darker skin. Makari takes the guess work out of trying to find an effective skin lightener or skin toner that will be effective on darker skin. Makari products are safe and effective. Made from natural ingredients like Carrot oil, Argon oil, and Caviar, Makari products offer a safe alternative to other skin care products made for darker skin that often use hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been known to cause harmful side-effects. Intense scientific research has gone into the development of Makari’s products to ensure their quality, gentleness, and effectiveness and provides darker skin with beautiful, radiant glow.   Follow Makari here:

Factors to Consider Before Renting Your Property

Since organizations differ in their operations there are different factors considered when renting private property. However, there are three major ones that are similar through all organizations and Airnb as well. Risk is a major issue to consider when you are having tenants in your property. The risks may range from illegal activities, injuries to… Continue Reading →

Nutrimost Deals With Rip-offs

One sign of something that is successful is that there will be cheap imitations or rip-offs. Nutrimost is one company that is having to face another company that is ripping it off in a blatant way. This is actually a disconcerting occurrence. Since Nutrimost is a very successful diet system, another company has figured it… Continue Reading →

Should You Buy Makari Skin Care for Skin Whitening

In most instances, skin discoloration can be quite a self-esteem killer. Whether you are suffering from certain skin ailments or have discolorations from scars, burns, and too much exposure to the sun- using a naturally safe skin whitening cream can help to even out skin tone and to remedy the situation. Makari Skin Care Cream… Continue Reading →

Strategies for Pushing Negative Articles Down in Search Results

Many corporate and individual brands have grappled with the issue of negative info about them on the Internet. More often than less, such info damages an individual or company’s online reputation. Online Reputational Management (ORM) is basically a service provided to push such info lower whenever Internet users search for information on the Web. It… Continue Reading →

Protesters and Riots in Venezuela

Venezuela seems as though it is on the verge of a complete collapse. With the scare of the zika virus now spreading across the country people are fearful of catching the strange and relatively unknown virus that is affecting newborn babies. Also Dr. Norka Luque says, Venezuela is suffering a catastrophic health care crisis from… Continue Reading →

Wen for Everyday People

The first time that most people may have discovered Wen is through the QVC infomercials where there were celebrities like Aylssa Milano that were promoting the product. The product is created by Chaz Dean, and he is a celebrity hair stylist. Many people may find this impressive, but what most people want to know is… Continue Reading →

Wasseem Boraie Boosts Atlantic City Community

Recently, The Real Deal premiered a piece on the rehabilitation of Atlantic City neighborhoods to boost the economy and community. Not long ago, Wasseem Boraie, vice-president of Boraie Development renovated an old firehouse into a series of apartments, with successful results. City officials have recognized this kind of neighborhood refurbishment to be very healthy for… Continue Reading →

Beauty Blogger Puts WEN to the Test for Shiny, Strong Hair

Beauty bloggers like Emily McClure are lucky, because they get to try out a number of products for skin, hair and body. The Bustle contributor decided her signature fine, flat hair needed a big boost, so she decided to go with the pros and chose the WEN system. Emily had watched the famous infomercials by… Continue Reading →