Important Information from Dr. David Samadi on Prostate Cancer Treatment

There are many renowned medical experts today, especially in the urology department. While such is being mentioned, Dr. David Samadi might be the first one. His resume in urology is huge and this has made him work in different reputable hospitals and hold various esteemed positions of leadership. The renowned urologist is the Robotic Surgery Chief at Lenox Hill Hospital and the urology chairman in the New York. He has tried to treat prostate cancer patients through thousands of invasive treatments. As a biochemistry graduate from Stony Brook University, he went ahead to do his master’s degree at the School of Medicine at the same university.

Whenever cancer prognosis is mentioned, many people tend to fear. However, Samadi is of a different opinion. He notes that some people like Mitt Romney, a former presidential nominee, didn’t fear this and he even came out strongly on it. Mitt chose to undergo surgery to treat prostate cancer instead of going through radiation. Mitt just did what other politicians such as Collin Powell and John Kerry did when they were diagnosed with prostate cancer. According to Samadi, surgery is the best treatment to make especially at the early stages of the disease. As Samadi affirms that the surgery Mitt had at UC Irvine Hospital was successful and the prognosis was great.

One thing Samadi doesn’t get tired of doing is making his patients know the benefits and shortcomings of surgery and radiation. In most cases, he recommends surgery over radiation. However, he is careful not to impose a decision on the patient since he wants the patient to make their own decision from what he has advised them. If the cancer is just localized around the prostate gland, Samadi says the survival rate would 100 percent is surgery is done. He warns that radiation may likely cause another secondary cancer. Rectal cancer and bladder cancer are examples of secondary cancer that would arise as a result of radiation.

It is worth noting that about 90 percent of the 7,000 surgeries Samadi has done on prostate cancer patients are successful. He is the man behind the advanced robotic prostate cancer treatment. Because of the smaller incision sites he makes during surgery, the healing time is made shorter. He has been a laparoscopic surgery chairman for some time before he went to Lenox Hill Hospital. Samadi says he is always awake at 4:30 in the morning and seated at his office by 6 am. He then gets set to perform several surgeries and he doesn’t leave before he has checked on his patients.

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Distributed Canvassing is a Total Game Changer

If you or anyone you know has ever worked in the field department on a political campaign then chances are you know or have heard about the pains of “cutting turf”. Cutting turf is one of the many necessary time sinks that make up a campaign, and it is a tedious process that can be frustrating for any field organizer. Luckily, NGP Van (the leading progressive voter database company) has made strides to make cutting turf a thing of the past with their newest development: distributed canvassing.


What separates distributed canvassing from any product like it is its simplicity and easiness to use. All campaigns have to do is create a universe and script to their liking, at which point distributed canvassing will automatically cut up the turf into walkable chunks. Now, instead of wasting hours cutting turf field teams can simply give a list number to their canvassers who simply punch it in to the MiniVan NGP VAN app and get to knocking doors. In the world of campaigns time is an infinitely precious thing, and distributed canvassing goes a long way in making sure that more time is spent on voter contact rather than in front of a computer cutting up turf for the next day. By lowering the barrier of entry for potential canvassers to merely punching in a list number, campaigns will likely also notice an uptick in return volunteers as they will be shocked by the easiness of the process. Not to mention: having field organizers with more time to spend on other things is a priceless bonus as well.


NGP Van is known for its products that revolutionize the way we view progressive campaigns and has been trusted by so many Democratic candidates on social media especially that it’d be impossible to list them all. With distributed canvassing they are taking yet another giant leap forward, and with the 2018 midterms closer than ever it is refreshing to see NGP Van is still working on such a massive improvement of the current canvassing system. It is hard to even believe, but we could be seeing the end of turf cutting very soon NGP VAN hopes– certainly welcome news for any field organizer who has done the task before!


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PSI Pay — Wearable Payments

The land of benefits and possibilities lies in the world of digital payments. You can easily create contactless payments, and your money can be exchanged instantly. This dream has been accomplished by 2 companies. PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables have created a uinique partnership, and they have an excellent new payment system that is rivaled only by classic banking techniques. The modern contactless payment ring is their gift to the globe of finance. It’s sensible, stylish, and artistic. This can be the initial PSI Pay ring within the world that sets the tone for the rest to create contactless payments. It’s an excellent invention. Many folks have already begun using it. Across Europe, folks are shopping for them and giving them as gifts.


The ring comes in multiple colors. They’re most popular in white and gray. It’s crafted out of a ceramic that’s stronger than titanium, steel, and silver. The ceramic is scratch proof, waterproof, extremely sturdy, and immune to breaking. The ring can face up to horrible weather, and it’s certified utterly safe. PSI Pay has taken nice measures to make sure their customers will use the contactless payment ring with maximum security. MasterCard has checked the ring and given it their stamp of approval. The ring uses the newest cryptography technology to guard sensitive money information, and it doesn’t link to your phone or checking account. The contactless payment ring that PSI Pay built has an account that customers will add funds to. The account PSI Pay allowsis topped off by your PayPal, checking account, or credit card. It solely takes a quick click, and you’re able to go! The initial limit for contactless purchases is thirty pounds. This limit can be passed with a card if a client has to create a bigger purchase. The ring runs on a built-in power system that doesn’t need a battery. It recharges by capturing the waves of electricity at the contactless payment center at any merchant’s point of sale station.


PSI Pay reflects the European wallet technique. This suggests that the contactless payment ring can contain a total amount of digital money which might be changed into the native currency quickly and easily when needed. Various forms of transactions are attainable. You’ll withdraw cash, you’ll create fast purchases, and you’ll even send your friends cash. The digital money gets changed for the native currency of the country you’re set in, therefore it’s nice for travelers. PSI Pay is changing the way we all make payments.

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Is Contactless Payment the Future? PSI Pay Says Yes

Sean Penn’s audiobook-turned-novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

With the plan to release Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff before elections, Sean Penn put his ideas in order and came up with an audiobook as he tells fans in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Its preview spread across the internet so fast that by the time it was published years later, the book had already been examined in and from all angles.


Having some facts, as readers believed, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff did not really appear as pure fiction. Despite Sean’s attempt at explaining that a book does not necessarily have to be opinionated, the mentality was already set and wouldn’t change anytime soon.


Writing is not only dependent on skill and passion, but rather on how well is in expressing themselves. It was amazing, according to Sean, how some of the writers that even though he did not know, he came across in his writing career; would express themselves so well and be totally free with words. This really inspired him, but Sean held on that he did not take tips from these writers, but simply acknowledged their prowess in writing freedom, and sought to try it out.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was one among the many novels that Sean is planning to release with time. Being 57 years old, he has a lot of extra time which he has decided to dedicate to writing. Sean ‘s life as it takes a different turn from the mere production of audio books to writing and publishing novels makes him elevated because of the dream he has of leaving a legacy; this legacy becomes a reality through writing.


Dissatisfied by what he has already achieved, Sean Penn wants to go beyond in writing, past Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and do something that will leave a mark in not only his life but also the world in whole. His discovery in writing has led him to the idea that the world of solitude is not that bad, especially for someone who needs to focus on a particular thing and work towards achieving it. Sean Penn is a famous actor, and in the coming years, he plans to be a global-selling writer.

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David McDonald Impressive Career in OSI Group

OSI Group is an Aurora based food production company that has changed the food industry in so many ways. The organization came into the market when customers were looking for a brand that was going to satisfy their needs. When the company was introduced into the American market, its primary focus was the production and packaging of meat products. With time, customers started realizing that the meat from this company was of high quality, and it could not be compared with what most of the companies were making. In a very short time, the company was in the limelight because of the high quality items they were getting from the OSI Group. The success the company was registering forced it to expand and venture into the global market. This was the start of better and bigger projects for the meat production company.

OSI Group has expanded and met the demands of the customers because of the kind of leadership it has been receiving. David McDonald holds the position of company president, and he has been influential over the years. David McDonald knows how to run an international company, and he understands the strategies he should be using so that the customers do not get an opportunity to complain. Despite the challenges international companies are facing when it comes to dealing with international regulations, OSI Group has managed to navigate easily because of the expert advice it has been getting from its President David McDonald.

David McDonald has been excellent in his duties in the global company because of several reasons. First of all, he is highly experienced in matters concerning animal science. The businessman has a lot of leadership skills, and this makes it easy for him to make decisions for the meat processing company. His expertise has played a key role in the acquisition of Tyson Food Plant and Baho Foods. These two organizations were acquired so that they could assist OSI Group to meet the demands of the customers from many parts of the world. In both of the transactions, OSI Group management, led by David McDonald wanted to expand and at the end of the day manufacture products that could meet the standards laid by the clients. McDonald acquired his studies from leading schools in the United States, and this laid a great foundation for his career in OSI Group. The assistance he has received from the employees working in OSI Group has made things so easy for the businessman.

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Jason Hope a Believer of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a remarkable philanthropist, futurist and investor based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a generous man dedicated to giving back to the community. Jason is a believer in technology and has shown steady passion in the technology industry. He is a former student at the Arizona State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance. For his further studies, Jason went to W.P. Carey School of Business to study Masters in Business Administration.

As an internet and technology believer, Jason Hope started his career by establishing Jowa, a business communication company. Jowa was a parent company that created room for additional partnerships in the technology industry. He invested in mobile technology because the sector has chances for growth and development. As a futurist, he has used his skills and knowledge to predict where the future technology is heading. Based on the new internet and technology trends, Jason believes that the internet of things (IOT) will be an essential tool in the future society. Hope has continually shared his advice and insights on the technology investment.

He is currently making money from various investments including; computer and business information systems, digital media solutions, Search Engine Optimization and interactive software. He has also been involved in the medical research on Anti-Aging Research. He has worked with Aubrey de Grey, a significant participant in anti-aging research. Aubrey de Grey has been in the frontline in the research to find the cure for age-related diseases like cancer, hypertension and arthritis.

In 2010, he joined the SENS foundation and made contributions amounting to half a million dollars. His grant was used to start a SENS laboratory in Cambridge to initiate research activities. He invested in SENS because he loved the idea of improving human medicine. He saw the foundations potential to redefine the pharmaceutical healthcare and biotech industries. Jason hope went on and contributed more than $1 million to support the cause. Apart from contributing his resources to the group, he has also sacrificed his time to take part in the foundation’s initiatives. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

Jason hope has been an active contributor to the and He writes on the latest technology trends, and the best technologies to invest. He recently shared his thoughts on IOT and marketing. According to Hope, the Internet of Things will be found on the marketing opportunities it will create. He believes that the internet of things is going to make the marketing interesting. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

OSI Industries Provides Next-Gen Food Service Solutions Worldwide

OSI Industries is a global leader in providing quality food products and custom food solutions. The food processing company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and was founded in 1909. The company has continued to produce premium protein-rich food products and sells them to food services and major retail food brands located all around the world. The company has a very rich history and have created a mass production operation that incorporated liquid nitrogen tunnels to flash-freeze meat products. They were chosen as McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef back in 1955. OSI Industries still remain as one of the meat suppliers to the ubiquitous fast food corporation and several other chains.

OSI Industries is currently listed on Forbes as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. The company has approximately 20,000 employees worldwide and is reportedly worth a whopping $6.1 billion as of 2016. During 2016, the company have also acquired the Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago, Illinois and expanded its presence in Europe by gaining the United Kingdom-based Flagship Europe, a major European food supplier. They currently have a strong network and international operations in located in Austria, Germany, India, Taiwan, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Brazil and many other countries. The company and all of its global operations practice a strict food safety protocol that has been unsurpassed for numerous decades.

The OSI Industries purchased the Tyson Foods facility for $7.4 million a month after Tyson Foods announced that they were shutting down. The plant had roughly 250 employees by the last day of production after nearly 480 were laid off by Tyson. Some of the remaining employees now work for OSI Industries. The newly acquired facility will help to meet the needs of OSI’s ever expanding clientele and promote positive business growth. The company is led by David G. McDonald, who has served as its president and chief operating officer for more than seven years.

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David McDonald: Establishing a New International Food Giant

David McDonald has been an instrumental personality when it comes to the transformation of the OSI Group, considered as the largest protein manufacturer and distributor on the planet. Being the current chief executive officer and president of the company, he focused on strengthening their presence abroad. Today, the OSI Group managed to open more than 50 facilities, scattered in 17 different countries. The OSI Group is also known for hiring local management teams that would supervise their overseas operations. One of their oldest facilities can be found in China, where they have been making a presence for more than 20 years.

Before becoming the CEO and president of the OSI Group, David McDonald served as the chairman of the North America Meat Institute. He found his way to the OSI Group after looking for a stable job that could provide his needs, and after years of doing hard work, he was promoted to become the independent director of Marfrig Global Foods, a subsidiary of the OSI Group operating in Brazil and Europe. After showing his competence with the board of directors, he was named later on as the new CEO and president of the company, and he was given the task to improve the relations that the OSI Group has with the foreign market.

To achieve this task, David McDonald had to think about the possible outcomes of his decisions. With the assistance from his closest advisors, he decided to acquire smaller players in the food industry. A small Dutch food manufacturing firm called Baho Foods is one of the most recent acquisitions made by the OSI Group. David McDonald stated that the acquisition of the said business would enable them to further their agendas into the European market. He would like the Europeans to become more leaning towards their products and has promised that they will be aware of the demands of the European market when it comes to protein products.

The OSI Group is also active in Asia. Home to more than half of the world’s population, entrepreneurs can find endless opportunities in the continent. David McDonald took advantage of it, stating that retaining their operations in Asia and acquiring smaller Asian firms can help them become the dominant company in the continent that would supply the protein needs of its citizens. David McDonald has also set off his eyes in the African and South American continent for future expansions that will turn his dream into a reality.

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Osi Group Continues to Thrive in the Food Industry

Osi Group was one of the eighteen companies presented with Globe of Honor Award in 2016. This award is given to organization that exhibit exemplary efforts in environmental management. The British Council commended this company for implementing environmental management in every aspect of their business. Protecting the environment is an integral part of the sustainability policy in Osi Group.

The company has many decades in business but it began as Otto & Sons in 1928. When Sheldon Lavin took over, he had a different vision and decided to transform it. First, he changed its name from Otto & Sons to Osi Group. Since then, the company has become nothing but successful. Osi Group is a leading meat and food processing company in America, Europe and other part of the world.

Osi strategies include delivering quality products, increasing food variety for customers and meeting customer expectations. The headquarters are in Chicago while other plants are distributed in various parts of the country. Having additional plants has significantly increased efficiency in production. As a result, Osi has managed to achieve other goals.

The company would not be where it is today without its employees. They have given their best abilities and skills to Osi Group. The company invites new talent and graduates. Unlike other companies that seek experienced people, Osi needs passionate graduates to help the company achieve its objectives. In return, employees will have great opportunities to hone their skills and have new opportunities for growth and career development.

Osi Group also appreciates diversity among employees. Different people bring various contributions that improve the work environment. They also have fresh and new ideas that propel the company forward. The company appreciates working with young people because they have a different perspective and also good at innovation and creativity. Osi supports employees by creating a favorable working environment. Trainings, workshops and other forms of motivations are also available for employees.

Osi added Baho and Tyson Food plants to the group. The aim was to achieve increase variety for customers. By acquiring these two additional, the company has managed to customize foods for customers. They have several choices to select and this provision makes Osi even more popular among its customers. The improvements have contributed to Osi becoming America’s top 100 food companies. Sheldon Lavin may be of old age now but he is still passionate about working for Osi Group. The company is looking forward to more achievements in the future.

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Lime Crime

LimeCrime: A cruelty free and Vegan makeup line

Lime Crime launched in the year of 2008. All of the Limecrime products are cruelty free and are certified vegan. They are leaping bunny cruelty free. The owner, Doe Deere, has a love and passion for all creatures. She even made the mascot for her business a unicorn. The unicorn is supposed to represent equality for all creatures. Doe herself is known as the “unicorn queen” of the makeup industry. Cruelty free means that the products of this brand are not tested on animals, and they do not use animal ingredients. They also do not use any byproducts.

Lime Crime has several different products featured on their website. They have grown over the years. Since launching their first products in 2008, they have come up with several different new products, and all of them are bold and daring. Lime Crime features, pop on nails, matte lipstick, unicorn lipstick, metallic lipstick, diamond crushers glittery gloss, loose pigments, eye shadow pallets, highlighter, and several different shades of liquid liners. One of the most popular products that this unique brand has recently came up with, is the new semi permanent hair dye. The best part about the new hair dye, is that there are several different shades to choose from. They have about any color you could imagine to choose from.

LimeCrime is a bold and daring makeup line. Doe Deere always had a passion for makeup and fairytales, so she combined the two together and formed a magnificent brand. And even though it has had a massive amount of success, Doe plans on trying new things. In the near future, she is looking to make more products for everyone to love and enjoy. She takes pride in her work and in her happy customers.