Matt Badiali Advises Aspiring Investors

Matt Badiali is an investor who has been able to use his talents in a variety of ways. He is a graduate of Penn State University. Matt obtained his bachelor’s degree at the institution and moved on from there to attend Florida Atlantic University. He was in pursuit of a master’s degree when he decided to spend some time at the University of North Carolina. While studying at the University of North Carolina Matt Badiali ran into an individual who enlightened him on the world of finance.

This person spent time with Matt and felt like he had a talent that could be used in the industry. He believed that Matt would be great at working with others who do not have a wealth of experience in finance and help them make sound investments. Matt took the advice and has been able to assist a number of people do well with investing. Many of his clients have received double and triple gains with Badiali. Matt has gone on to form a relationship with Banyan Hill Publishing. They launched a newsletter called The Real Wealth Strategist.

Matt Badiali settled into the world of natural resource investing. He knew that he had the type of background and education to advise others in this field. The natural resource market is a tricky world that operates in a cyclical manner. Investors must understand the science behind the resource while also paying close attention to the finance in the market. There is a high degree of speculation involved.

Matt Badiali has been paying close attention to the energy industry. He has observed a new trend that will soon have a huge impact. Electricity is set to take over for other forms of power. The production of an up-to-date battery is the only thing preventing electricity from taking over as a primary source of energy. Investors must be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity when the time comes.

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Charges against Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida on Financial improprieties might bring back Medicare fraud charges of 1997 at the time when he was Columbia/HCA CEO. Rick disgracefully resigned when the organization paid 1.7 billion dollars fine, which was historic in nature. This was the after effect of the probe by the FBI into the Fraudulent Billing Practices. Rick, currently a U.S. Senate candidate, he was assigned responsibilities concerning charges of fraud to the subordinate previously and rejects campaign violations accusations now. Evidence of Rick’s reluctance to acknowledge that he was responsible showed up after he invoked his right under the Fifth Amendment in the civil court, which identified with the fraud case of Columbia/HCA. Democratic-inclining End Citizens United monitors his approaches, which provide monetary advantages in his campaigns generally. Read more about End Citizen United at

The Supreme Court decision in 2010 concerning End Citizens United build up partnerships as “individuals” with the ability to spend untraceable and unlimited measures of cash to assist contenders in the elections in America. Without requiring any form of straightforwardness with regard to donor funds sources, the verdict permits particular wealthy people and interest groups to practice undue effect on the process of election. The people concerns opposing the obvious biases to the rich prompted the establishment of End Citizens United (Political Action Committee) around 2015. Ends Citizens United favors principles of Democracy and strategies that devotes its energy to prevent any attempts to adjust the power of politics towards substantial monetary associations.

The longing to get rid of Ends Citizens United and keep the contribution of undisclosed and unlimited political funding bring up the reasons for End Citizen United Complaints. The organization officially accused Rick of unlawfully depending on Super Republican PAC to assist him in getting ready for his campaigns to be a senator. The foundation of all the complaints is based on Rick’s utilization of the Republican PAC to receive campaign contributions to avoid donations limits, and this is an infringement of the rules of Federal Commission for Election. The goal of End Citizens United is to ultimately end the impact that Big Money has on the political environment. Visit:   

Upworks is so much more than a business platform

Upwork is a platform used for worldwide freelancing where professional can connect with businesses to perform tasks such as writing blogs and conducting remote administrative work. Upwork, formerly known as Odesk, is based in California, USA. There are currently more than ten million registered freelancer users and more than five million clients registered to the site.

However, Upworks is much more than a platform for professionals to connect with businesses, as they also offer some great advice such as the following tips on how to power through your “To-Do List” more effectively.

  1. Write down everything. Unless you have a photographic memory, you will not recall everything that you want to get done in a given time-frame, so to avoid added stress, make a list. Physically writing a list will give your mind permission to forget it so you can actually focus on the task at hand instead of focusing on trying to remember what you need to get done.
  2. Prepare and Prioritize. Make the physical list the night before, so when you wake in the morning you are ready to tackle the tasks. While preparing the list, think about what is the most important thing to get done and prioritize accordingly.
  3. Time management. On your “to-do list” assign a time-frame for each task. For instance, how many minutes or even hours will a certain task take to complete. In addition, bulk similar tasks together. For example, batch together all tasks that involve driving.
  4. Re-evaluate. We all have that one task that keeps ending up at the bottom of the list. At this point, ask yourself “how important is this task?” Then delete these tasks that don’t matter very much and focus on tasks that are important.
  5. Break it up. A “to-do list” can become overwhelming if you let it; therefore, if a task seems impossible, simply break it down into sub-tasks. This trick will get the task completed faster and more effectively as you will not feel bogged down and unnecessarily stressed.
  6. Delegate. There is no rule that says that you can’t ask for help in completing a task whether it is in the home or the office.


Adam Milstein Is Very Concerned About issues That Affect Jews And Israelis

Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel. However, he moved to America in 1981. By that time, he had a wife and children. In 1983, he earned an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to attending the University of California, Los Angeles, Adam Milstein earned a Bachelor’s degree from Technion—Israel Institute of Technology. His degree was a Bachelor’s of Science of Industrial and Business Management. He started off as a sales agent at Hager Pacific Realities and eventually became a managing partner.

Adam Milstein is also very much concerned in the conversation about how there is currently a brain drain going on in Israel. Many younger people who are highly educated are leaving Israel for the United States. This is due to the fact that many young Israelis feel that there is little to no economic opportunity in Israel. Very recently, Tel Aviv ranked as being number nine on the list of the world’s most expensive cities. The city had shot all the way up the list from five years ago, when it was the thirty-fourth most expensive city. To put things into perspective, Tel Aviv is more expensive than New York and Los Angeles. This is pretty shocking, considering how expensive New York and Los Angeles are known to be. Despite the fact that people in America who are non-Israeli are living from paycheck to paycheck and going through all sorts of hoops to live in big American cities, these places are easy pickings for young Israelis who are educated.

Los Angeles and New York are hot-spots for Israeli immigrants. So, it makes sense that a Los Angeles publication, LA News Watch, should take concern about the topic of anti-Semitism. In one of their articles, they spoke about how anti-Semitism is a problem. It comes in many forms—everything from very loud, blatant and mean insults and violence to more passive forms. Even making a distasteful or dark joke can be considered anti-Semitic. Adam Milstein is on top of this topic and speaks up about it frequently.

José Auriemo Neto Has Been Invaluable To The Property Developments Of JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian executive serving JHSF Participacoes SA as both the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman. JHSP is a real estate business with a focus on the development of residential and commercial properties all over Brazil. José Auriemo Neto is responsible for overseeing the interests of the brand in public developments, hotels and office buildings.

José Auriemo Neto additionally administrates for the companies extensive portfolio for retail and shopping. This includes Sao Paulo’s prominent shopping complex called the Cidade Jardim, the Bela Vista in Salvador, the Metro Tucuruv and the shopping center located in Manaus. He is also responsible for two additional developments in the district of Sao Paulo. These are currently being built due to the recognition of the growing economic market in Brazil.

José Auriemo Neto oversaw the first venture of the company into the retail sector in 2009. He signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes. This was when the first retail outlets for luxury brands were opened in the Cidade Jardim shopping complex owned by JHSF. A partnership was secured by the company in 2012 with Valentino. This resulted in the first RED Valentino and Valentino stores all over Brazil.

José Auriemo Neto is an alumni of FAAP or the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. This prestigious university is located in Sao Paulo. In 1993, he first began his work for JSHF. The budding executive founded a services department for the company in 1997. This was when he created a company called Parkbem for parking lot management. The success of the service department led to José Auriemo Neto being given the rights to develop the first shopping destination in 1998. This was the Shopping Santa Cruz and José Auriemo Neto was responsible for making certain the development was successful.

Politics Are The natural Home Of Francisco Domenech

The popular Democrat, Francisco Domenech has spent much of his career living and working in Puerto Rico as he continues to develop his career as a lawyer and political expert. The needs and desires of the people of Puerto Rico have always been front and center in the work of Francisco Domenech as he has been a major campaigner towards the admittance of Puerto Rico as the 51st State of the U.S.

For Francisco Domenech, the political sector has always been his natural home having headed the Young Democrats of American from 2007 to 2012 at National Conventions. The rise of Domenech to become one of the leading figures in the Democratic Party has seen him work closely with former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on a number of occasions. During both Presidential campaigns completed by Clinton in 2008 and 2016, Domenech played a key role in ensuring the former  of State secured the primary in Puerto Rico with more than 60 percent of the vote. Visit on his twitter account for more updates.

Having spent much of his childhood in Florida, Francisco Domenech made the decision to return to Puerto Rico to complete his studies at the University of Puerto Rico. During his time at this academic institution, the Managing Partner of the Politank lobbying group completed his undergraduate degree and completed his Juris Doctor to become a qualified lawyer. Working as a professional lawyer for a number of years has given Domenech access to some of the most important courts in the land, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Francisco Domenech has also become a leading figure in the fight for a brighter future for the people of the nation with his Politank lobbying group dedicated to furthering left-wing policies. A range of philanthropic options has been opened by Domenech including his role with the Hispanic Heritage Center and the Clinton Foundation.

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A Look At Some Of The Successes At Fortress Investment Group Over The Past Two Decades

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset management firm that was established twenty years ago. It has over 1,570 clients and has more than $43 billion in assets under management. It is based in New York City and has offices throughout the world, employing more than 900 people. There are three principals of this firm who are Randal Nardone and Wes Edens, based in New York, and Bay Area-based Peter Briger.They invest in several types of assets. Their asset-based investments are made of capital, real estate, and other financial vehicles which bring in steady long-term cash flow. They have managed mergers and acquisitions since Fortress Investment Group was first created. They also have a portfolio of companies they own and manage around the world.

When Fortress Investment Group was founded they had $400 million in assets to manage. Within five years they were managing about $3.9 billion in assets. Once they were in business for a decade they were managing $32.6 billion in assets. They launched their first mutual fund in 1999. This was Fortress Investment Fund I. Since that time they have expanded into hedge fund and debt securities among other alternative assets. Fortress Investment Group also now offer Fortress Investment Fund I, II, III, and IV. They also offer a number of other mutual funds like the Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund.

In recent years they have also expanded into offering privately managed train service in the United States with this aspect of the business managed by Wes Edens. This business is called Brightline and their first trains are running on the Smart Service in southern Florida. Interstate 95 in that region averages speeds of just 34 mph. The Brightline trains run at 80 mph and so ofter much faster travel times between Miami and Fort Lauderdale.Wes Edens says that Brightline is looking to expand into other parts of the nation where freeways are very congested. He has looked into getting Brightline into Texas between Houston and Dallas. He is also exploring getting a train running between St. Louis and Chicago among other areas.

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Randal Nardone; The Brains behind Fortress Investment Group

Randal Alan Nardone is a well-known lawyer who switched to finance. He is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC and has been the company’s Principal since 1998 and its chief executive Officer from August 2013. He started his career at Theacher Proffit & Wood, he later shifted to BlackRock Financial, then eventually to the Union Bank of Switzerland. It is during his time at the prolific Swiss Bank that he felt he was not having enough. In 1988, he decided to establish Fortress Investment Group, which has significantly grown since then.

The company provides private equity services and credit funds for various firms. The company’s growth and success has made Randal Nardone to be listed on the Forbes Billionaire list. He was ranked number 557 with a net worth of $1.8 Billion. This wealth is mostly tied to the success of Fortress Investment Group. Moreover, Randal Nardone has earned more than $100,000,000 in cash compensation. According to a report published on June, 30th 2016, Randal’s company managed over $70 Billion in alternative assets. These assets comprise of liquid hedge funds, private equity, and credit funds.


In 2014, his company received a ‘Hedge Fund Manager of the Year‘ award by Institutional Investor. It also received a ‘Management Firm of the Year’ award by HFMWeek. Also, the company was recognized by the Institutional investor as The Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year in 2012 as well as the ‘Credit-Focused Fund of the Year’ in 2010 and 2011. All these achievements have come together with Fortress’ recent development, the procurement of SoftBank Group, which was initially announced on February 14th, 2017. SoftBank Group would purchase the company at $3.3 Billion. This acquisition will not be a setback for the company as Randal Nardone, and his colleagues will still be part of the new management.

For a 51-year-old, Randal Nardone has acquired a considerable fortune. His strong will and brilliant connection networking skills have made him reach out to investors as well as a continued commitment to his company’s success. While Fortress Investment Group may have new management at the moment, his influence as the CEO will stir the company even higher. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

David McDonald Vows To Make His OSI Group The World’s Premier Food Products Company

Those who saw David McDonald grow in Iowa, cannot believe what the young boy whom they used to see in their neighborhood came to be. Today, McDonald, the proud founder of OSI Group is a man with a chain of Chinese facilities that produce, package, and distribute animal food products to a large client base in Europe and other parts of the world.

As a young man, David McDonald loved the idea that animals can be tamed for food. With this blazing passion, David joined college. His aim was to study about animals. That is what he did. David McDonald graduated with a Degree in Animal Science. With his degree at hand, he landed his first job at the North America Meat Commission. He started as a junior staff but later became the Chairman of the commission. It is while he was here he started his animal product company OSI Group. During its tender years, David did not even have any idea that one day, OSI Group would grow to become one of the premier animal products company as it is today.

For the more than 30 years David has been with his OSI Group, the company has made many strides. Recently, through a press statement, the company reported that it has expanded its Toledo, Spain facility. While commenting on the expansion, David McDonald said that the company decided to expand the facility in order to increase its production capacity. “In recent days, there has been an increasing demand of our poultry, beef, and pork products. We receive more orders and we do not want to frustrate our clients,” the president said. Spain and Spain increased its consumption of food products making it necessary for OSI Group to increase its production from 12, 000 tons to 24, 000 tons.

Expanding Toledo facility is just one of the latest steps OSI Group is doing under the oversight of David McDonald. The other great achievement is when OSI Group bought Baho Foods, a Dutch deli meat processing plant. This latest acquisition places OSI Group in the forefront as the fastest growing animal products company in Europe that carters for clients around the world.

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Francisco Domenech: A man of the people

When most people think of serving as public servants, they think of joining and working for the government, not Francisco Domenech. For him, it is about working together with the government, and through this, he has been able to help lots of people through a lobbying firm of his own; Politank, which uses government forums to articulate private interest.

Francisco Domenech was born in San Jose, which is the largest city in Puerto Rico on the 29th of April 1978, and even though he spent part of his childhood in the U.S, he graduated two times from the University of Puerto Rico, first in 1999 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree and then later in 2003 with a Juris Doctor degree from the university’s Law School.

The latter degree would go on to help him attain the position of Director in the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico which he held for a couple of years from 2005 to 2008, where he had a staff of 130 employees, and an annual budget of $11 Million. During his time as director, he helped a lot in public service including his participation in the consideration of legislation pieces which were over 800. Francisco Domenech also helped the Legislative Library massively, making it user-friendly even to those visually impaired and physically handicapped. Learn more about Francisco at

In line with working with governments, Francisco Domenech has also taken an active role in politics, working with the Democratic National Committee, as a representative of the Young Democrats of America, which he did for five years from 2007 to 2012. Also through his firm Politank, Francisco Domenech has been active in Philanthropy, supporting endeavors such as the Clinton Foundation, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation among many more.

In 2016, Francisco Domenech was one of the most voted awardees in an annual event in Puerto Rico, named 40 under 40 that seeks to appreciate young professionals and entrepreneurs who set an example to the society in what they do. The event is considered one of the most prestigious awards in the country and Domenech having been voted shows that many are happy with his service to the people of Puerto Rico.