Susan McGalla is the Crunch Time Branding Expert

There are times when you meet someone and you just know right away that they are the go to person. This is what Susan McGalla sounds like. She is a person who has become a force in the industry over the years because she has this strong spirt and leadership style that has allowed her to dominant in the area of branding. We have all seen it time and time again.

Some people may have witnessed McGalla change the marketing trends on and expand the brand for Wet Seal. Others may have seen the brand become a lot more profitable during her reign at American Eagle. These are all times where Susan McGalla has been at the height of her game, and she has continued to meet challenges, build revenues and expand brands. In her lifetime, Susan has become someone that is recognized as a true leader. She has gained a lot experience in different areas, and lots of people look forward to seeing how her changes will impact a generation of women that are entering the work force.

There certainly are a lot of people that have been affected by the work that Susan McGalla has done. She has touched the lives of those that have invested in stock for companies that she has managed. She has affected the lives of those that are interested in following her as a role model and becoming marketing executives. She is even affecting the lives of football players for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She certainly has become a strong woman that has defied the odds.

Many people have witnessed her greatness by working under her. A good number of women that are taking on the corporate world have researched her and found out about what she is doing to open doors for women. She has made it easier for more women to enter into the corporate structure without the stigma of not being flexible or smart enough to run a major corporation. Susan McGalla has managed to become a powerhouse speaker that has taken her message of empowerment for women to the next level. She informs women about the power of education as a tool for advancement. She has faced challenges, but McGalla has shown women how to move beyond their struggles.

Susan McGalla has managed to become a leader that has never looked back. She has accomplished a lot and she has taken a lot of time to build her brand. People in the industry that see her working hard can see the determination that this wife and mother for her position. She is an excellent branding specialist, and she has worked incredibly hard to secure her positions over the years. In her current role as a Director of Strategic Planning she has done a lot of important things.

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