Guidelines on Editing Existing Pages on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is among the world’s premier online encyclopedia. Wiki means that anybody is capable of editing any unprotected page. A person is also capable of enhancing the quality of articles for the readers. Editing requires no registration to be effected, and the person who carries out the following task. Wikipedia uses various methods of editing that include classic editing via wiki markup, and VisualEditor (VE). However, not all pages can be edited. A lock icon usually symbolizes the protected pages. However, the first stages of editing Wikipedia pages can be discouraging. Therefore, the following guidelines are important to consider when editing.

Registering an account

There are several benefits that come with registering one’s own account that include access to improved editing tools such as watchlist. This tool allows an editor to keep track of previously edited articles. Privacy and security is guaranteed through having an own account. In addition, having an account aids one in creating a good record of edits, which facilitates easier communication with others.

Knowledge of the five pillars

Like all other processes, editing in Wikipedia is guided by various principles. Editors are expected to follow the guidelines while carrying out their tasks. Distinct opinions are inevitable and one ought to be respectful and collaborative with other editors.

Avoid recklessness but maintain boldness

The continued success of Wikipedia is ensured through more participation. Therefore, upon encounter with an error, one ought to correct it, and should improve an article where he or she sees fit. Boldness here is vital hence, once should begin with small alterations to existing pages before attempting to edit a whole page.

Avoid violation of copyright

An editor should not be tempted to copy figures or texts from an own or another person’s review. Wikipedia does not allow materials that have copyright restrictions into its pages. Therefore, rewriting the text into one’s own language is the best option. It is necessary to ensure that the language is simple and clear.

Self-appraisal/promotion should be avoided

It is tempting for many individuals with their biographies on Wikipedia to edit their own information. This is discouraged, and one should instead give out information about himself to other editors to effect the editing.

In case editing a page on Wikipedia becomes a daunting task, it is necessary to employ the services of Get Your Wiki to hire Wikipedia editors. This is a Wikipedia writing company that facilitates the creation, editing, updating and monitoring of one’s Wikipedia page. The company’s experienced editors ensure that no malicious information is added into the page hence ensuring accurate information. Further, the company’s editors are capable of translating the page into different languages.

The Health Giant that is Nobilis Health Corporation

Since the establishment of Nobilis Health Corp. in 2007, the company has been able to offer ambulatory services to ambulatory surgical centers in many regions. The company has Canadian roots, but has been able to spread their services to the USA within several states. Nobilis Health has operations in New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, Michigan, Dallas, Arizona, and Minnesota where it owns and manages several facilities. The company also has several subsidiaries such as GRIP Medical Diagnostics, Spring Northwest Operating, Willowbrook Imaging, and Spring Northwest Management all operating as LLCs. The President of the company is Harry Joseph Fleming who also serves as the Chairman to the board and Secretary of Nobilis Health.

Other directors that help in managing the company include Christopher Lloyd who is the CEO while the CFO and Chief Accounting Officer is Kenny Klein. Under the leadership of these able directors, Nobilis acquired the First Nobilis Hospital in 2014, which was an indication that the company was on a steady growth path. Nobilis understands the need for a company to market itself and it makes use of all media forms to make their presence known to the market. They are active on social media where they are able to interact with their customers directly. Further, they also rely on traditional media such as the broadcast and print to reach their target markets. Nobilis offers procedures that are not highly invasive at very affordable costs making them to be the market leaders in terms of offering the much needed health services.

Additionally, the company strives to improve the quality of health care that they provide so as to influence the patient outcomes to be positive. Making the performance of the company known to the public is one of Nobilis’s practices as this helps people in understanding the impact that they are making to the health sector. From this, the company issues regular press releases that contain financial statements of the company, which tend to indicate remarkable performance. The market constraints within the healthcare provision sector are high, but Nobilis seems to be navigating these challenges with ease because the company is making profits. The company has high administrative costs, but this has not affected the profit margins for this health care giant. Nobilis has a unique way of handling indebtedness as it implements strategies such as debt financing so as to create new ways of revolving working capital.

The debt financing of GE Capital amounting to $25 million was one such strategy as this helped in reducing borrowing by the company by a significant margin. The company’s future performance appears bright based on the stock market performance of Nobilis Health, which has remained relatively stable over time. In the market that this provider of ambulatory services trades in, the company appears to be stable because of the impact that it has been able to make. The company also understands that quality health care does not have to come at a costly price to their customers hence explaining why it attracts a huge clientele. The prospects for growth for Nobilis Health are high as long as the right team continues to manage the company effectively.

The Con Man of Wall Street Meets the U.S. Patent Office

If there were a film or novel based on the life and crimes of Kyle Bass a/k/a M. Knight Shayamalan, it would have to be categorized as Horror Non-Fiction. In the time of only one decade, Kyle Bass has managed to become the devil incarnate to novices who followed his one victory in his Hedge Fund, Hayman Capital, a like persona of the devil to the millions who suffered health tragedies or death due to his illicit handlng of pharmaceutical patents, and surely is hanging as a devil effigy in Argentina.

The Ten Steps to Perdition
Most of the world determined Kyle Bass a star whose light faded in 15 short minutes, due to his one film success and his one Hedge Fund successful prediction of the mortgage fiasco that brought down the entire realty mortgage industry.

To the thorough researcher, however, it would appear the flash of fame was an equal fraud to his other confidence rackets. It must be noted that his hedge fund prescient prediction about the mortgage fail was actually following his usually dire forecasts. Recently, he is extolling the reasons for both China and Japan’s markets to collapse “this year”. This forecast habit is akin to that of the fortune teller predicting dire events in a “mark’s” relationships, knowing there is an over 50 percent chance a negative event will occur and onlookers acclaim the fortune teller’s “success”.

Fast Tumble Down the Patent Hole shows that Kyle Bass went on from stock and film disasters to develop a well thought out patent scheme that required the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to take action this year to destroy his con of downward marketing in pharmaceutical shares which would cause tragedy to all who were needing the pharmaceuticals. Bass called it “kangaroo court”.

Bad Influences
It is circulated that the Bass relationship with Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is the worst thing that ever happened to Argentina’s economy, but again, a close observer must wonder who is the alpha con in that duo. Kyle Bass is certainly licking at the bowl of greed and fraud with Mdme. Kirchner, but it is doubtful he will inflict any additional harm to Argentina’s economy.

Bass is criticized for making abominable choices that have carved his devil likeness, but closer examination negates that his choices were ever mistakes; rather, they were selections that took him exactly where Kyle Bass intended to go. Just as there exists true Good in this world and its beings, so very active also is the workload of Evil. It is apparent that Kyle Bass has been frolicking in that work for nearly a decade.

Does Starving a Nation Sound Familiar

Yeonmi Park is someone who is prolific in the human rights movement. It is not understood why the horrendous leader of North Korea is allowed to continue to harm his own people the way he does. It is a huge problem when a dictator is making children starve, eating bugs to stay alive. The raping of Parks mother that she was subject to and then the way people were terrified of what could be heard when they spoke. If this sort of thing is allowed, no one in the western world would be okay with that. The only people okay with that here in America are those locked up in jail or very sick. Not only was Park’s mother raped but she, herself, was sold as well. This is absolutely maddening.

When will a point come that people stand up for what is right and fight along with this young lady. She insists that it is important that the western world stops seeing him as a joke. That is so very important and yet many ignore it. In some respects it is the equivalent of something similar to what happened in Germany in World War 2. Is it right to just sweep this injustice under the carpet? It is absolutely not okay to allow this kind of thing happen anywhere. It is so important that we all listen to Park.

People, especially only 22 are not old enough to formulate a revolution without just cause. They have not been through enough unless of course it has happened to them.
Park has the ability as long as people back her to make a difference. It is a necessity to stop people from being run down by their own government. This unjust leader will cause more problems if it is allowed. Park of youngvoicesadvocates is so fantastic in her ability to see the wrongs. These happened to her, to her family. Soon after her father defected he passed away in China without having the opportunity to see what freedom is. This is a sad reality for the Park family. If one sees wrong they stand up for what is right. Park is someone that has put the world on notice. It is with great hope that many stand up and listen to her. What she has been through is pure horrific. A child harmed, not educated and not allowed to think. It is the resemblance of a controlling significant other only he is controlling way more than one person, he is starving a nation.

If starving a nation doesn’t sound dangerous perhaps we need to think back. It is up to the rest of us to make certain that her pleading is heard. This is a huge problem and she has the solution but she can’t accomplish this on her own. It will take much more than just one young girl. She has however cleared the path. So perhaps the globe or at least the Western world could see that he path remains open.

Skout: The new way to date

Dating can be a long, complicated process. When you are in the process of dating, there are many steps that one must take. You first have to find someone that is willing to date you, make yourself look presentable for the date. You hope that when you are finally on the date you guys have something to talk about and not just staring at each other in silence.With the wave of technology, there are now dating apps that individuals can use to take away some of the awkwardness.

There are many dating apps that a person can choose from, but the dating app Skout is by far one of the best dating services to use and millions of people agree. People like to say that the world is a small place, but that do not make it easy for people to find individuals who have the same interest as them. Having the same interests that a potential partner has, is one of the foundations of having a stable relationship. When you use the Skout app on skoutorganic. you will never have to worry about finding someone who has the same interest as you.

When you download the app, which is available on both the Apple and Play store, you will have to create a profile. Your profile will ask you simple questions like your name, age, birthday, interests and other things across that line. That is the hardest thing that you will ever have to do all the app. The app will search for people that is near and far that have similar interest and from there a possible love connection would be made.You will not have to worry about making a good first impression because if a person is viewing your profile then you already caught their intention.

The app is super easy to use and have a clean interface.You can just give the app a shake, and you will be well on your of chatting with someone that you will build a long lasting relationship or even a friendship.The app also has cute, flirty features. If you are chatting with someone that you feel a great connection with, you can send them virtual gifts.You can also promote your profile so that even more people can see it. You will never have to worry if a person views your profile and feel that you had missed a chance of a connection because you can see everyone that look at your profile.You will also be able to see people who have added you to their list.

You can also invite existed friends to this app. Individuals will never have to check their notifications manually because this dating app give their consumers instant real-time notifications.With an app like Skout, finding potential love does not have to be complicated anymore.The app has created an atmosphere where everyone can be his or herself because he or she will never have to worry about if someone will like them. The Skout app makes everyone that uses this app feel love.

Accessorize With Lime Crime

Adding accessories to an outfit is an art of a sort. Any outfit will look even better when it is properly accessorized. When a woman is wearing an outfit that has been stylized well, she is likely to feel comfortable and confident as she goes about her daily life. She is also likely to be able to have the ability to indicate to others that she can put together an outfit that is right for any given occasion. In doing so, she is able to help project an image and aura of relaxation that will serve her well no matter she goes.

A company that understands the need to accessorize well is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is ideal for the customer who is looking for the right makeup accessories for her planned looks. The company, founded by Doe Deere, is one that is devoted to the needs of their customers as their customers figure out the kind of accessories that may be right for any particular look. Anyone can easily work with the site in order to help plan out a look that is completely done up from head to toe and will totally polished and put together. Working with company staffers is a great way to help speed the process along and provide people with many potential possible makeup ideas. Anyone can easily consider how they can use makeup as well as other accessories such as jewelry, purposes and scarves to create a look that is good for them.

A carefully coordinated outfit can be the way to have a look that is sure to be pleasing to the eye and one that helps people relax when they are outside because they know that they look good. A dash of neon pink lipstick sold by Lime Crime that is coordinated with a similarly bright colored purse or a pair of shoes can be an outfit that is arresting and eye catching and yet quite elegant all at the same time. The outfit can also be further accessorized with additional makeup that is sold by Lime Crime online. Eye shadow that is used well is eye shadow that will look good with any kind of accessories that the person wants to be able to add to their overall outfit.

Lime Crime staffers on know the importance of such a look when the user is going to consider what to wear each day. They know that they have the right kind of products for any given user, products that are easy to wear and will work with just about any kind of other accessory that the wearer wants to use as well. Working with the company can also help the user figure out what colors will work for them when they are going to use the accessories and the basic outfit that they have in mind. The right kind of look from Lime Crime is available to anyone who wants to discover for themselves what they can do with the company’s products.

Brazilian Bankruptcy Lawyers Are Busy These Days

The fact that Brazil is having economic issues doesn’t hit home until the statistics start to surface. One of those statistics is the number of corporate defaults that are occurring all over Brazil because of the business climate. According to attorney Ricardo Tosto, the number of corporate bankruptcies is increasing at an alarming rate. Mr. Tosto is with the law firm,Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados and he specializes in corporate bankruptcy among other things. Tosto says Brazil’s central bank has raised interest rates nine times over the last 24 months to stop inflation. Inflation is on its way to 10 percent in Brazil.
In 2005, Brazil put a new bankruptcy law in place, and it was fashioned after the United States bankruptcy code. Tosto said the new code provides three alternatives for people and corporations that are facing insolvency. The first alternative is a judicial restructuring or reorganization that is similar to the Chapter 11 filing in the United States, according to Tosto. The second alternative is an out-of-court reorganization, and that amounts to a pre-packaged Chapter 11 filing, and the last alternative is a court-supervised liquidation. The court liquidation resembles the Chapter 7 filing used by American corporations facing bankruptcy in the United States, according to Tosto.
Most Brazilian corporations used the judicial reorganization under the guidance of a Brazilian bankruptcy lawyer. Tosto says that alternative is the most popular one because it provides a limited stay against creditors, so the corporation can attempt to restructure its debt with creditors.
But once a corporation files a new plan, creditors have the right to propose modifications to the plan, but they cannot file their own plan or an amendment to the corporate plan. The only leverage a creditor has in a chapter 11 filing is to object to the approval of the plan, according to Tosto.
The timetable is shorter in Brazil for a corporation to propose, and then get confirmation from creditors. The Brazilian law only allows a 180-day stay to get a plan in order, and there is no extension. If the plan is not proposed in 60 days after acceptance of the petition, the corporation faces liquidation proceedings. Tosto also says If the reorganization plan is not accepted by 50 percent of the creditors the corporation will automatically go through the liquidation process.
Brazilian lawyers usually handle the reorganization cases, for the most part, but they are handling more liquidation proceedings because of the recession and the drop in exports. Many export companies can’t afford to operate in Brazil due to the currency devaluation and the high cost of doing business in Brazil.

Beneful Dog Food: A Treat for Dogs of All Sizes

Many dog owners purchase Beneful dog food products for their canines. Although there are many food products on the market now, Beneful is the best product for dogs of all sizes. Most dogs love the wonderful flavors and natural ingredients within the dog food.

Like humans, dogs require the necessary nutrition to maintain a healthy, balance lifestyle. There are many dog foods that do not provide dogs with the necessary vitamins and also may be harmful for their overall development. Many dog foods contain low quality products or chemicals. Since most dogs have such an active lifestyle, it is important provide them with quality food. Undernourished dogs are more susceptible to certain illnesses and diseases, which can limit their physical activity. They may also feel very sluggish during the day. Dog who do not receive a quality diet may also have a limited lifespan.

Made my Nestle Purina Petcare, this unique product combines a number of wonderful, nutritious ingredients that any dog would absolutely love. Beneful dog food products will give dogs the energy needed to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. It also helps with weight management, allowing dogs to maintain a trim, slender built.

This particular dog food is made with actual beef and many vegetables and grains. The protein in Beneful helps dogs develop durable muscles and bones. The dog food also comes in a variety of shapes and colors, which most dogs love. Canines that eat Beneful dog food look forward to mealtime and since this product is loaded with healthy carbohydrates, they will have enough energy to play with the family and also other dogs. This particular product is great for dogs with a sensitive digestive system. Its natural ingredients are very gentle on the stomach. This product is also enticing for adult dogs or even puppies that are picky eaters.

Beneful is also a very affordable product. It comes in a variety of sizes and is usually cheaper when bought in bulk. It can be purchase online or in a variety of different pet stores. It also last a long time and store well in any space.

Dogs need to maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle and this is why many owners purchase Beneful dog food. Dogs love the tasty, nutritious food and will have enough endurance to get through the day. When a dog owner switches to Beneful dog food, the canine will enjoy lunch and dinnertime.