The Health Giant that is Nobilis Health Corporation

Since the establishment of Nobilis Health Corp. in 2007, the company has been able to offer ambulatory services to ambulatory surgical centers in many regions. The company has Canadian roots, but has been able to spread their services to the USA within several states. Nobilis Health has operations in New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, Michigan, Dallas, Arizona, and Minnesota where it owns and manages several facilities. The company also has several subsidiaries such as GRIP Medical Diagnostics, Spring Northwest Operating, Willowbrook Imaging, and Spring Northwest Management all operating as LLCs. The President of the company is Harry Joseph Fleming who also serves as the Chairman to the board and Secretary of Nobilis Health.

Other directors that help in managing the company include Christopher Lloyd who is the CEO while the CFO and Chief Accounting Officer is Kenny Klein. Under the leadership of these able directors, Nobilis acquired the First Nobilis Hospital in 2014, which was an indication that the company was on a steady growth path. Nobilis understands the need for a company to market itself and it makes use of all media forms to make their presence known to the market. They are active on social media where they are able to interact with their customers directly. Further, they also rely on traditional media such as the broadcast and print to reach their target markets. Nobilis offers procedures that are not highly invasive at very affordable costs making them to be the market leaders in terms of offering the much needed health services.

Additionally, the company strives to improve the quality of health care that they provide so as to influence the patient outcomes to be positive. Making the performance of the company known to the public is one of Nobilis’s practices as this helps people in understanding the impact that they are making to the health sector. From this, the company issues regular press releases that contain financial statements of the company, which tend to indicate remarkable performance. The market constraints within the healthcare provision sector are high, but Nobilis seems to be navigating these challenges with ease because the company is making profits. The company has high administrative costs, but this has not affected the profit margins for this health care giant. Nobilis has a unique way of handling indebtedness as it implements strategies such as debt financing so as to create new ways of revolving working capital.

The debt financing of GE Capital amounting to $25 million was one such strategy as this helped in reducing borrowing by the company by a significant margin. The company’s future performance appears bright based on the stock market performance of Nobilis Health, which has remained relatively stable over time. In the market that this provider of ambulatory services trades in, the company appears to be stable because of the impact that it has been able to make. The company also understands that quality health care does not have to come at a costly price to their customers hence explaining why it attracts a huge clientele. The prospects for growth for Nobilis Health are high as long as the right team continues to manage the company effectively.