Lime Crime Is Perfect For Makeup Lovers

Lime Crime is a makeup company that is unlike any other that have come before it. For one, it’s unique in nature. Lime Crime offers colors that cannot typically be found in stores. Lime Crime has bright, bold, and eye-popping colors. They don’t stick with the typical reds and pinks when it comes to lipsticks. Instead, the company branches out and sells purples, blues, greens, and so much more! Lime Crime doesn’t do anything by the book.

Lime Crime has quite an array of products. These are products that you typically can’t find anywhere else. Lime Crime says velvetines which are a line of lip wear that glide on super smooth in a variety of colors. The makeup company also sells zodiac glitter which is absolutely magical. The glitter shimmers and changes color depending on where the person is. Lime Crime likes to take their products a set further than what a person typically finds in a drug store. Lime Crime also sells nail polish, eyeliner, hair dye, and much more! All of their products are high-quality and meant to last. These aren’t products that need constant reapplying throughout the day.

Another great thing about these products is the fact that they are animal cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. This is because the founder Doe Deere is passionate about those causes. Passionate is actually a great way to describe Doe Deere. Aside from being passionate about animal rights, Deere is also passionate about the feeling that makeup invokes. She feels that everyone should be able to wear whatever makeup they’d like, whenever they’d like, no matter what. She has created her makeup line to fit anyone. Boys, girls, young, old, and so much more can enjoy Lime Crime. That’s because Doe Deere realizes that makeup is an art form and everyone who wants to utilize it, should be able too.

Another great thing about the founder of Lime Crime is that she’s confident. Doe Deere is confident in who she is and her makeup products. She will not shy away from what she knows is right, and she will not shy away from standing behind her makeup products. That’s because Doe Deere works very hard to deliver a consistent makeup experience for everyone who shops online at Lime Crime. Deere is also so confident in her makeup that she rocks the products herself. It’s not out of the ordinary to see her with bright hair and corresponding bright lips. She always looks great and that’s the look that can be achieved by wearing Lime crime.

Overall, Lime Crime is a makeup product that anyone can enjoy. It’s not meant for one specific person. It’s meant for anyone who has a love of makeup, a love of bright colors, and a love of standing apart from the crowd.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Can Give Anyone A New Body

These cosmetic surgeons tend to like their jobs and work very hard to please their clients. A cosmetic surgeon can help a person with facial problems to fix the features or change the features on their face, and then the person may look completely different than before. There are so many surgical procedures these days that can help those who want to look beautiful, but it takes a very good cosmetic surgeon to do plastic surgery on a person without botching it.

It’s rare to hear of a good certified plastic surgeon botching a surgery because they have the training necessary to make sure that the surgery they perform is done correctly. Those plastic surgeons who botch a surgery may not be certified; they may have only just started doing that particular surgery, or the surgeon just didn’t pay attention to what they were doing. Many fear that they’ll get a botched surgery, and this is understandable, but getting a great surgeon will lessen the likelihood of having a surgery go the wrong way. Always look for a board certified cosmetic surgeon when going in for a cosmetic procedure.

Those who want a great cosmetic surgeon should look no further than Dr. Jennifer Walden, who has many certifications, has conducted untold amounts of surgeries and does many kinds of surgical procedures. Unlike some surgeons who only do a few procedures, Dr. Jennifer Walden performs many diverse procedures that span the entire body. Dr. Jennifer Walden performs facelifts, fat transfers, breast implants, breast reconstruction, labiaplasty, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuctions, and more. There are so many procedures that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs that many are flocking to her offices all the time to get work done on their body.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is not just a surgeon, but she’s a woman first, and she understands women who feel the need to look their best. Not only has Dr. Jennifer Walden performed work on many different women, but she also performs work on men who want to look their best as well. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a very well known and renown surgeon who has done incredible things in her practice over the years.

Keeping Dogs Healthy With Beneful

Taking care of your dog has many benefits for both the dog and the owner. Medical studies have shown that having a dog in your life can extend one’s lifespan, reduce stress and even improve cardiovascular health. It is for these reasons that aiding your dog to be as healthy as possible is very important for you. The staff at Purina understand how pets make our lives better. They are also pet owners who love their dogs and cats very much. They work hard to provide the best foods for our pets so that they can enjoy a long and happy life with us. The foods that we choose for our dogs are a part of how they will remain happy and healthy and provide us with many years of companionship. Mental clarity is another benefit of having a companion who is a dog. People who have dogs by their side have better self esteems as well as suffer less from depression than their peers. Foods like Purina’s Beneful line aid the dog to maintain mental clarity and sharpness so that they can also enjoy the benefits of having a human companion. Beneful foods provide our dogs with lean meats like chicken beef and turkey. These foods help sustain strong bones, shiny coats, and the physical energy to romp and play with us. This playing helps to keep their owners on their feet and promotes physical wellness for both dog and owner. The Beneful line of foods also contain such things as peanut butter, carrots and cheese. These ingredients help to foster eyesight health, strong bones, and physical health. When our dogs feel healthy and strong they are ready to tackle whatever task we have in store. They will be by our side and be our non-judgmental companion. This aids the owner to develop strong relationships and a personal bond with their dog. Our dogs count on us to take care of them. It is our responsibility to make sure that we feed them a healthy diet and get them all the care and love that they need. They will, after all extend our lives and make them more fulfilling.

North Korean Dictators Versus Yeonmi Park: A Bitter Battle

Yeonmi Park did not choose her birthplace wisely. North Korea in the 1990s experienced a famine that killed millions. In truth, North Korea has never been a pleasant place to live, since it emerged after World War II when the Soviet Union and the United States decided to divide the Korean peninsula between them. For example, North Korean dictator Kim Il-Sung, the founder of the dynasty still in control of North Korea today, decided to attack South Korea in 1950. Ultimately, both the United States and China were drawn into this war, which led to the deaths of about a million North Koreans. Yeonmi’s “brainwashing” by the regime started soon after her birth in 1993. One of her earliest memories is of her mother telling her to keep her thoughts to herself, and that if she did so much as whisper, the birds and the mice would hear her. You would think that arithmetic in grade school might be a subject relatively free of propaganda, even in North Korea. But Yeonmi Park recalls one of the story problems she was assigned in her math class. It said, “Imagine that you encounter 10 Americans. Understandably, you kill five of them. How many Americans will be left?” Yeonmi might have chosen her parents more wisely, also. Actually, they were relatively wealthy. But in a desperate attempt to deal with the terrible economic conditions, Yeonmi’s father smuggled metals into China. He was arrested by the North Korean regime and sent to a prison labor camp. Her mother left Yeonmi behind with her sister when she tried to get her husband released from jail. Yeonmi was 8 years old. She and her sister survived on a diet of bugs and plants. When her mother returned, they manage to escape to China. Yeonmi expected some relief from her sufferings. In fact, things got worse. Her family fell into the hands of human traffickers. She was threatened with rape, and her mother protected her by offering herself as a substitute to the rapists. Nevertheless, Yeonmi became the “mistress” of her purchaser. In 2008, Yeonmi and her mother escaped from China by way of the Gobi Desert, on the way to Mongolia. They were desperately cold. For the first time in her life, she had negative thoughts about North Korea’s leader in her youth, Kim Jong-il. Eventually, Yeonmi and her mother managed to make it from Mongolia to South Korea, where she lives today. Even in South Korea, Yeonmi has faced some difficulties. But she has learned English, studied at Dongguk University in Seoul, and become a prominent spokesperson against the current North Korean regime under Kim Jong-un She has become so prominent, partly by appearing at the Women in the World Summit in London, that the North Korean government has released a video on a government web site of NK News denouncing her. Yeonmi is also the author of her recently published memoir, In Order to Live.