Rainbow Brite Grew Up To Become Doe Deere

Rainbow Bright is a doll that first appeared in the 1980s. She was a huge hit with her fluorescent colored hair and brightly colored clothes. Hallmark Cards had started a line of greeting cards called Rainbow Brite in 1983. They were wildly popular. Within a year, the cards quickly spun off into books, dolls, and cartoon characters. Then Rainbow Brite was in the movies! Little girls apparently had been seriously craving some color. Rainbow Brite gave it to them with hair colors that were out of this world – shocking pink, lime green, purple, lavender, orange, and blue.

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, does the same thing with makeup. Hair is gold, blue, and pink, and it is eye-catching and breathtaking. Lips of blue, teal, and violet, why not? Color, vibrant and deep, is alive and well in the fashion world. Intensive might be the best way to characterize the leading proponent of Lime Crime. Her name is Doe Deere and she believes in color. Not just a splash, but full blasting color that is not ashamed to be seen, and certainly not ashamed to be worn.

Mix it, match it, and poke it with a pin. The old rules no longer apply. Some of the fashion rules that Doe Deere believes should be broken into colorful bits and pieces are the classic rules. Don’t mix patterns. Don’t wear more than one bright color at a time. Don’t mix too many colors. Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip. Dress your age. Dress to the occasion. She encourages breaking the beauty rules, and suggests striking out with a totally wild palette.

Doe Deere is an artist. She uses herself as a canvas and lets the color flow outward from her to the rest of the world. She is true to her own calling and the business world has eaten it up. Profits are good in the rainbow enclave. Some thought that makeup could not be sold online, but they were wrong. The days of testing color at the makeup counter are not exactly necessary any more.

Wild color and sound business practices are what it is all about at Lime Crime. The fans and employees call themselves unicorns. To Doe Deere, unicorns are people who are born different and are quite proud of it. They are brave, love color, and defy all expectations. Deere counts herself lucky to be working among the unicorns and rainbows, where vivid color lights up the daily work experience.