CCMP Capital and The Former President Stephen Murray

Most people who know about CCMP Capital do not realize that the CCMP in CCMP Capital actually does stand for something, it stands for the previous firms that came before CCMP Capital, Chase Capital, Chemical Ventures, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners. The CCMP Capital firm is one of the largest global private equity firms that are currently doing work with investments that have to do with buyout and growth equity all over Europe and North America. Their amazing management teams help the CCMP Capital company to mold the resources and expertise that they have, in order to make the company grow and operate in more efficient ways.

The year of 2006 was the year that the CCMP Capital company on Wall Street  first put their business into effect as a firm that was independent. When it comes to the J.P. Morgan Partners firm, the CCMP Capital company is actually still taking care of the private equity portfolio from the firm, with a little help from the CCMP Capital investment professionals. The CCMP Capital firm has actually been well-off enough to invest around the amount of $12 billion in terms of leveraged buyout and growth capital types of transaction since the first day of inception. The year 2007 was the year that the CCMP Capital firm was ranked as the number 17 among the World’s largest private equity funds, making them a great place to handle business with.

The CCMP Capital company has more than the amount of 50 people who work for them, and they also have offices that are located in Hong Kong, New York, London and Tokyo. During the year 2008, CCMP Capital put Greg Brenneman into the position of being a chairman. Every client who has had the amazing opportunity to work side-by-side with the CCMP Capital company has spoken out about how great the experience was, and about how they refer them to everyone they met.

Stephen P. Murray

Stephen P. Murray had lived an amazing life, many people said that he was an excellent investor, and that he enjoyed his life as a philanthropist. Mr. Murray was the president and also the chief executive officer with the CCMP Capital company, and he was able to bring the company to amazing heights while he was working with them. Stephen was a graduate of the Boston College, and he was able to achieve a degree in economics while going there. In the year of 1989, Stephen Murray was able to obtain a master’s for business administrations with the school named the Columbia Business School. These schools helped Murray learn a lot in life, and he went on to be a very successful man who had no regrets about the way that he led his life.