More information on Zika Virus with Sergio Cortes


The Zika virus first emerged in the 1940’s, in African countries such as Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. Dr. Sergio Cortes states that the virus has recently started to circulate again in 9 Latin American countries, such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. The first new case of Zika occurred in Brazil in April 2015. There have been a significant increase in the number of cases since then, and caused great concern among health experts throughout the country. Dr. Sergio Cortes is worried that this Zika Virus may have a link to microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Guillaine-Barre syndrome is a very serious neurological and autoimmune disease. Dr. Sergio Cortes has broken down this virus into various topics to inform us more.
The Zika virus is not a contagious disease and cannot be spread from person to person. The only way to get this virus is through the bite of the type of mosquito, Aedes aegypti. Not only can a person catch this virus from the mosquito, a mosquito that does not contain this disease that may sting a person who is carrying it, will in turn then be infected itself with the disease. Thus making the breakout of the disease very hard to control.
Symptoms and Diagnosis
The symptoms of this virus are not aggressive and normally last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Dr. Sergio Cortes states that symptoms vary from person to person, but most common are fever, rash, or muscle aches. There are no further tests or examinations to identify the disease, at this time . The only way to diagnose the Zika virus is through a complex exam, which is offered only by three units of Fiocruz across the country, and the Evandro Chagas Institute.
For now, the only way to determine if you have the disease is through observation of the symptoms listed. If you are having these symptoms, it is important to see the physician, regardless of the severity of the symptoms.
There is no specified way to treat this illness, but symptoms can be relieved, says Dr. Sergio Cortes. People infected with this disease can use anti-inflammotory drugs or pain killers (perscribed by a physician).
How to Prevent
Dr. Sergio Cortes recommends to stay away from free standing water of any type. This includes stagnant water in pots, bottles, tires, puddles, etc. It is recommended to eliminate any standing water areas that you may have. Screened netting on all windows and around bedding if at all possible. If you are near an area of potential threat to mosquitos and you can not access the area, please reach out the Municiple Health Department.

Help your Business to Grow with a Wikipedia Webpage

Any business or individual seeking online exposure and credibility would benefit greatly by creating a web page on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia that generally shows up in the top results of major search engines. It is ranked among the ten most popular websites online and is composed of the internet’s largest reference work. As of 2016, Wikipedia averages more than 18 billion page views per month and serves audiences in 280 different languages.

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Wikipedia articles are not difficult to write but there are certain writing guidelines that must be followed to ensure that a webpage will be accepted. A business or individual must make sure that there are articles written about their company that is already online, create an Wikipedia account, present information that has been written about the company from these online sources. A business must be careful because Wikipedia does not like self- promotion.

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Global Economic Slowdown Predicted By George Soros

The global economic situation has been the subject of an interview with George Soros at an economic forum in Sri Lanka in recent weeks. The Hungarian born hedge fund specialist has become well known for being part of the event that caused the devaluation of the British pound in 1992, and amassing a $23 billion fortune from the hedge fund he developed over the latter half of the 20th century. During the forum in Sri Lanka the financial specialist has revealed his fear that the problems facing the world in 2016 could lead to an economic slowdown similar to that seen in 2008, reports Bloomberg Business.
Few financial experts keep as close an eye on the global political situation as Soros, who works with his own Open Society Foundations to bring democracy to the people of the world. Soros believes the situation in Europe has come to a point where decisive leadership is required in order to halt a complete collapse of the European Union and the Euro currency. The refugee crisis that is unfolding across Europe caused by the conflict in Syria is adding to the European problems facing the economy of the continent; European issues also include the problem of high debts being faced by Greece and Ukraine, which are adding to the uncertainty of the future of the Euro zone and the membership of the U.K.

George Soros also gave his view on how the problems in the Chinese economy are leading the world towards a global financial meltdown. During the Bloomberg  interview Soros explained his view that the Chinese government is failing in its responsibility to maintain the economy of the nation for the good of the world. The major issue facing China is how to handle the change from a manufacturing and investment based economy to one reliant on consumption. The initial approach by China has been to lower interest rates for consumers, which George Soros believes mirrors the actions taken by governments across the world prior to the 2008 slowdown.

Doe Deere: Beauty Master

Identity politics is a big deal in the beauty and fashion industries. People put on various clothing items and use specific make-up products to cultivate looks that identify them as conforming to or transgressing established norms. Individuals may also use their clothing choices and make-up strategies as a means through which to make a political point or express an aspect of their identity with creative flair. Beauty expert Doe Deere loves engaging how cosmetics and fashion can be appropriated to say something significant about one’s individual identity and/or transcend established boundaries regarding how people can and should appear as aesthetic entities. Here are just two of many beauty paradigms that Deere disregards on her journey to maintain an independent, highly individualistic approach to the world of cosmetics and fashion:

1. Dress According To The Occasion.

Deere believes that people should wear whichever clothes make them feel their absolute best while enabling them to express themselves accurately. This means that saving things like a sequined gown for a big ball party may not be necessary. If you want to, Deere advocates wearing a fancy dress with a sweater over it to the grocery store. In short, she doesn’t believe in saving specific items for special days. She will wear a fancy sweater on a regular day if she is so inclined.

2. Dress Your Age.

Deere disregards this fashion approach right and left. She believes that real style cannot be confined to parameters such as age. Thus turning 30 doesn’t mean that you have to ditch “fun” items and replace them with a wardrobe that many would consider conventional or conservative. (Unless that’s your style, in which case this approach would be appropriate and advantageous.) In short, age shouldn’t dictate which patterns or colors you wear.

A Little More About Doe Deere

In Doe Deere’s world, innovation and creation are always a top priority. And while there are many ways that she maintains this original approach to life, she finds her deepest fulfillment in using the realms of fashion and beauty as mediums for idea development and self-expression. Deere’s journey into the sphere of fashion and cosmetics began in childhood, and her abilities grew with time. Now, Deere has turned her passion for fashion and aesthetics into a unique cosmetics line, Lime Crime. This line enables consumers to use various lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, and mascaras to demonstrate their unique ideological slant and/or identity constructs.

Bernie Sanders Virtually Ties Hillary Clinton In Iowa And Nationwide Polls

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for presidency with a low key, outdoor press conference. At the time, he had very little name recognition and set at 3% in nationwide polls. Recently the senator overcame a 30 point deficit in Iowa to draw within a virtual tie of front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Polls taken just a few months ago by Laidlaw & Company showed Sec. Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders nationwide by as much as 30 points. But the senator is now surging, riding the momentum of an upset virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses. Sec. Clinton’s 30-point nationwide lead has fizzled due to the Senator’s populist message that is resonating with young voters, working-class people and progressives across the country. In the most recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, the two Democratic presidential candidates are now neck and neck nationwide with Hillary Clinton holding a small 2% advantage. It is important to note that her current lead in the polls is within the margin of error.

This comes as a shock to the Clinton campaign in light of the fact that Sec. Clinton held such a wide lead nationwide, especially in southern states and among minority voters. What was once considered a southern-state firewall for the Clinton campaign has now become a battlefield for both Democratic presidential candidates. Sen. Sanders holds a significant lead in the polls leading into the New Hampshire primaries which could give him even more momentum rolling into the southern states, such as South Carolina.

New Generation of Dog Food Innovation

Prime dog food escalates to new heights due to healthy modifications that have been developing through the years, by every major dog food chain nationwide. This is obviously the next stepping stone of dog food that has taken dog owners by a delightful storm,. and leaves them confused and overwhelmed with so many choices out there. National brand giants are fighting back and competing with one another discovering their own variations and improvements to surpass all that is out there right now. The combination of lamb and salmon and the offer of organic dog food kibbles have been around for many years,however this advanced explosion of new generation dog food both dry and wet as well as snacks,have gone way beyond the ordinary kind. Dog parents are impressed, ecstatic and content that this brilliant idea has made dog food flavorful, nutritious and just as appealing and appetizing as human food. Finally, there is an end to plain and tasteless mundane dog food with consistent grain fillers, additives and various by products. There is however this element of surprise with this advantageous dog food mania, it is quite pricey, but pooch lovers do not mind that setback at all when it comes to their beloved family member’s good health, which promotes their dog’s mobility,endurance and longevity. Beneful by Purina is considered the “gold standard” in the pet food business. They are wholeheartedly committed to their commodity exceeding all quality controls and safety codes. They excel every FDA,USDA,and AAFCO specification.. Beneful tests over 150 elements as well as those for mycotoxins,lead and arsenic to ensure the highest attributes and safety of all their pet products. Beneful offer dog food for all life stages which is 100% complete, well balanced nutrition utilizing only high quality ingredients that meets delicious flavor. Beneful is dedicated to promoting health and well being to all pets, after all every pet is a beloved member of the family, and we want what is the very best for them because we love them. Purina locations are in Flagstaff, Arizona,Fairburn,Georgia and Davenport, Iowa.

Manse On Marsh: Choosing a Senior Living Facility

Certain signs and situations may indicate it might be time to find alternative living arrangements for your elderly relative. Generally speaking, people begin to consider alternative living arrangements when it becomes a challenge for their elderly family member to perform essential activities of daily living without assistance and support from others.

The choice to move your parent or elderly relative into a senior living facility is as individual as the person making the decision. If your loved one is having a hard time living independently or performing daily tasks, it is advisable to consider an assisted living facility. There are many signs that an assisted living arrangement is necessary, such as inability to move around, assistance with meals, loneliness, medication management, and other issues. Manse On Marsh offers help in choosing a comfortable residence for elderly people.

Choosing a senior living community is a big decision that requires much research, whether for yourself or a family member who needs assistance with everyday activities. Fortunately, there are many senior living and assisted living options available. But you need to be sure you do your homework properly and choose a facility with the perfect amenities and services for your needs.

While every senior living community or assisted living facility is different, typical amenities and services include: Transportation, housekeeping services, personal laundry services, medication management, alzheimer’s and memory care, access to medical and health services, emergency call systems, assistance with eating, toileting, bathing, dressing and walking. Exercise and wellness programs as well as social and recreational activities are also provided. 24-hour security is provided, and staff is also available to respond to residents’ needs.

Some elderly people may need little or no assistance, but there are those who need health-care monitoring and medication management. Senior living facilities you’re considering will assess your situation and needs to determine if that community is right for you or your loved one. However, to provide you with an initial feel and help you decide which environment or facility may be most appropriate, Manse On Marsh offers a consultation with their senior care expert to help you choose from different living options.

Manse On Marsh has been providing top quality senior care services for many years and is well known in the assisted living community for the awards they win. From residential facilities to assisted living services for seniors that require consistent supervision or care to senior apartments for active individuals who are primarily self-sufficient, Manse On Marsh is familiar with them all.

Many seniors and family members consider these facilities only after an independent lifestyle becomes completely unworkable. With a reputable assisted living facility such as Manse On Marsh you can rest easy knowing that caring staff provides supportive services to enhance your loved one’s day-to-day life.  Find them on Twitter, where they make updates frequently.

A Few Things You Should Know About Coriant And Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant has been operating as an independent company since 2003. The company uses technology that comes from Siemens Optical Networks, Sycamore as well as Tellabs. The company launched after becoming successfully independent from Nokia Siemens Network, which was at that time under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. However, the company was expected to merge with Sycamore and start operating as Coriant America Inc. Marlin Equity Partners also announced that it had plans to merge Coriant with Tellabs and still continue operating as Coriant.

The company is well respected in selling software and hardware for optical transmission purposes for voice, data and mobile networks. The company mainly deals with products that have optical multiplexing DWDM purposes over fiber optic cables as well as networks that electrical cross-connection for optical paths. The software products it deals with are mainly for planning and management.

Shaygan is lucky to have very able leadership to enable it move forward and achieve more. It is led by Shaygan Kheradpir in the role of Chief Executive Officer as well as Chairman of the Board. With his leadership, Coriant has been able to drastically improve its service delivery in the more than 100 countries it operates in.

Shaygan is a recognized technology and business leader who has a wealth of experience of not less than 28 years of being in executive leadership positions across telecom, financial services and technology. Shaygan made his career debut at GTE Corporation and went ahead to get appointed as Verizon’s Chief Information Officer. At that time, he was also part of the Executive Team that was very responsible for ensuring systems modernization, pioneering product initiatives as well as efficiency.

He would later join Barclays as the Chief Operating and Technology Officer and make history as being the first officer to sit on the company’s Executive Committee. At the company, he was very influential in creating the company’s TRANSFORM program that was a very historical transformation.

From there, he would later join Juniper Networks in the role of Chief Executive Officer that he served with a lot of dedication. All through his career, he has been very influential in making sure that he delivers only the very best; precisely the reason he has been highly sought after by companies.

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Manse On Marsh: Choosing The Right Assisted Living Facility

Manse On Marsh is well known for providing top notch assisted living facilities. For many families, moving their elderly relative into a senior community is the best option.

If you are planning for senior living care for your aging family member, you have made a great decision. Many people do – either because they don’t have the time to take care of their elderly loved one at home or because they want their loved one to receive expert care for their health issue and believe that assisted living professionals will provide any needed care. This means their relative can be well taken care of by qualified professionals, in a safe and comfortable environment. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of amenities and services offered at senior living residences. notes about Manse on Marsh that assisted living is designed for individuals who have a hard time performing activities of daily living and requires assistance with activities such as bathing, medication management, meals or assistance, transportation, dressing and toileting. Some residents may have health conditions that require constant supervision including Alzheimer’s, while others may need help with challenges such as incontinence or mobility. Residents are assessed once they move in, or whenever there is a need to do so. The assessment allows care takers to develop a personalized or individualized service plan.  Testimonials from Manse on Marsh residents have shown this is one of the best features.

Whether you or your loved one needs an immediate or long-term living arrangement, planning for assisted living can seem daunting if you do not get expert assistance. Making the right choice involves consulting with the experts at a reputable facility like Manse On Marsh, and asking the right questions. It is important to know what to look for when considering senior living or assisted living facility.

It is important to keep in mind that costs vary with the facility, apartment size, and types of amenities and services needed. Reputable facilities like Manse On Marsh, outlines the costs and makes sure that families and their loved ones will not have problem understanding the various charges and fees. Manse is an award winning facility for this reason. Most facilities have a basic rate that covers all services as well as additional costs for special services. Depending on the facility, lease arrangement may be on a month-to-month basis, or it may require long-term arrangements.

Manse On Marsh is a reputable provider of assisted living facilities and senior living housing. Manse On Marsh has a team of highly qualified professionals, and each of their senior care experts has many years experience in the field. Manse On Marsh provides a vast range of services and programs to ensure that residents are comfortable and happy. To learn more about the benefits of choosing a reputable facility, contact Manse On Marsh to speak to their senior care advisor.