Dick DeVos’ Silent Contributions to the Conservative Movement

The article spotlights the DeVos’s family work in philanthropy. It details how a family that began its ascend when Richard DeVos Sr. helped found Amway in 1959 evolved into a family with a level of influence that rivals Koch brothers, albeit with a smaller media profile. Today Dick DeVos, the patriarch’s son, has a net worth of $5 billion dollars and he uses a good percentage of that wealth to invest in a variety of conservative causes. Prominent in his philanthropic activities are donations to Republican political candidates. Dick DeVos’ interest in politics runs so deep that he ran an unsuccessful campaign as Michigan’s republican nominee to the governorship in Michigan, only to lose to the democrat incumbent. His wife, Betsy DeVos, shares the interest in politics, having worked as chair to the Michigan Republican Party. Recently the DeVoses put their philanthropic weight behind GOP candidate Jeb Bush’s campaign.

The area where the DeVos’s family influence is most strongly felt is education reform. In fact, it credits them with the drastic change in acceptance of school choice movements over the past two decades. His wife Betsy, has been called a general in the voucher movement, due to her involvement in Advocates for School Choice and All Children Matter. The couple’s involvement in these organizations reflects their conservative principles. These principles are not without their controversy, however, as highlighted by Steve Lambert’s refusal to accept the DeVos funded ArtPrize award due to the sponsor’s view on LGTB rights.

Dick DeVos (born Richard Marvin DeVos Jr., October21,1955) is a Michigan based businessman and philanthropist. A alumnus of the Forest Hills public school system and Northwood University, Dick has been involved in Amway, the family business, from the time he was a child. His first official position in the Amway Corporation began in 1974 where he oversaw a large grow in international sales. He left for some years to serve as CEO of the NBA team the Orlando Magic which his family acquired in 1991, only to return to Amway as President in 1993.

Today Dick DeVos along with his wife Betsy focus a lot of their energy and wealth in philanthropic and political causes. These include Dick’s unsuccessful bid to be governor of Michigan in 2006, and funding an activism in favor of school Vouchers. Dick and his wife Betsy live in Grand Rapids Michigan with their four children.

FreedomPop continues to grow

People are increasingly connected, but until recently, the cost of these connections was exorbitant. Many people could not afford to pay hundreds of dollars just to access the internet and contact friends and family. Wireless companies have tried various gimmicks to draw people in, but the price has remained too high. FreedomPop seeks to change the way people perceive wireless services forever. They have rolled out a line of free and cheap wireless services that will connect the world.

FreedomPop started several years ago with a very simple goal. Bring cell phone service to the masses. The company started by producing wi-fi hotspots that offered a limited amount of free Internet, and additional GB’s of bandwidth for a small fee. The service immediately boomed in popularity. FreedomPop earned an exceptional amount of money in each test market, allowing the company to expand throughout the United States. Today, FreedomPop operates around the world and offers a cell phone, tablet, and wi-fi hotspot services. Their accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Several carriers have made bids for FreedomPop, but none purchased this growing company. FreedomPop has had several successful rounds of funding, and recently they announced another successful round.

Over the last year, FreedomPop has attracted several venture capital investors. These investors have funneled millions of dollars into the company. FreedomPop has happy to receive this funding, but they are not resting on their laurels. The company intends to expand rapidly. They have invested their funding into both domestic and international expansion plans while also fighting off acquisition talks. The company intends to be a player in the telecom industry for years to come.

FreedomPop offers a truly unique service, which is changing the face of telecommunications for the better. People around the globe can now communicate with each other for very little money. The company should grow into a telecommunications power in the next few years.

About US Money Reserve

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George Soros Sees The Economic Climate Shifting Towards A Slowdown


The 2008 economic slowdown proved a disaster for all those involved, and the people of the world who were caught up in the problems many blame on Wall Street for causing. Bloomberg reports hedge fund manager George Soros recently revealed his own fears that the current economic climate is replicating that of 2008, which could leave the entire world on the brink of a second major collapse. The global economy is something George Soros is an expert in as he has seen his own hedge fund grow at a rate estimated at over 20 percent anualy for more than three decades.

George Soros sees the problems in the European Union as a major part of the issues facing the economy of the world that Soros believes are being driven by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Alongside the debt problems facing Greece and Russian aggression in Ukraine, George Soros believes Putin has seized upon the refugee crisis caused by Russian bombing in Syria to push for the collapse of the European Union. Soros keeps a close eye on the refugee crisis in Europe as he himself was left a refugee after surviving the Holocaust in his native Hungary; George Soros is a success story for all refugees to enjoy as he traveled across Europe to London and later to New York to start his successful financial career.

At an economic forum in Sri Lanka George Soros revealed his fears that the global economy is on the verge of collapse, which has as much to do with China as it does with problems in the European Union. China has been facing problems for a number of years, but has so far masked these with low interest rates and infusions of currency; however, George Soros believes Chinese officials are jumping from one crisis to the next without solving any they face, a similar option to those taken by officials within the European Union. Unless officials in China manage to change the way they react to a changing economy the global economy could collapse as China plays an important role in many different countries financial health through its numerous trade agreements.

Coriant is the Future

Coriant began its foray into the world of telecommunications in 2013. They are an independent company that has headquarters in both the United States and Germany. Their goal is to provide software and hardware within the Backbone Network of data, voice, and mobile networks. The line of Coriant products include Optical LAN & Broadband Access, Cross-Connect/TDM Solutions, Edge Routing Solutions, MSPP Solutions, Packet Optical Transport Solutions, Integrated Optical Planning Solutions, and Intelligent Network Management. They continue to add to their vast array of services as technology builds and expands.


Coriant operates under the motto, “Transforming Networks Today.” Their innovative business plan keeps them up to date on all new technologies and network designs. Coriant plays an important role in the Telecom industry worldwide. Today’s fast paced business world turns to Corinat to find networking solutions such as those involving video, cloud, and mobile applications. Network operators in more than 100 countries benefit from the vast array of networking systems that Coriant has at their disposal. The Coriant Global Services network provides businesses with solutions to maximize profit and reduce cost by increasing network efficiency.

CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir is a world renowned leader of business and technology. His years of experience in financial services, telecom, and technology set him apart from the crowd making him the perfect fit for Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Coriant. He brings with him a long list of experiences, combined with his education, which makes him the perfect fit for this position. The role of CEO is a very important position and comes with a great deal of responsibility. Shaygan has risen to great heights and is continuing to take Coriant to new levels that have surpassed all expectations.

Coriant Rises to the Top

Shaygan Kheradpir educational accolades include a Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor degree in engineering. He has several different patents in the technology field including media, payments, and telecom. Shaygan Kheradpir has worked for many large corporations in high capacity positions. This acquired knowledge has propelled him to the top of his field landing him at Coriant where they power the connected experience through technologies, trends, and applications. Kheradpir is the go to person that the company depends on to take them toward the future with new ideas and the drive to get Coriant where they need to go. Coriant is the place to go for answers.

George Soros Leaving Energy Behind


There are many context clues that an investor can use to glean the direction of financial trends. One of the most consistent hints is to follow what successful people are doing and to mimic that behavior. George Soros is one of the most successful financial minds in the world and the recent activity of Soros Fund Management sets s good example. According to an article in The Street they have consistently dispersed all shares of many major energy companies like Chevron, Chesapeake Energy and NRG Energy. That would tell an intelligent investor that it is time to do the same.

The price of oil has been extremely volatile over the past few years as prices have fallen off, making an investment in their companies a losing proposition. Oil is an equity every news story that comes out seems to be affecting the price one way or another. Recently Russia and Saudi Arabia joined to implement a freeze in the production of oil. Prices were momentarily affected but Iran refused to go along with the freeze. Iran is still bitter over sanctions implemented recently and vowed to continue to dump more oil into the market making sure that the prices stay at the low end. That makes investment in this industry unattractive at this time.

George Soros has been an economic and philanthropic leader for most of his life and to follow his lead makes a lot of sense. There are few leaders in recent history that have the record of financial success that George Soros has accumulated over the years. His success has also allowed him to be able to give back to the world in more meaningful ways. It began in 1979 after noticing the unfair treatment of blacks in South Africa under the apartheid government. Soros began to provide scholarships to black South Africans allowing them to improve their situation through education.

Soros then started to focus on helping to spread freedom through communist Eastern Europe. He provided photo copiers for the printing of freedom minded books and ideas. After the fall of communism Soros established a University that was designed to help teach critical thinking and to promote freedom all over Europe. Since then he is the founder of many Open Society Foundations all over the world that promote the ideas of equal rights, in political, social, economic and educational areas of society. He has also worked to bring a transparency to industry, shining a light on companies who pay off tyrannical leaders to exploit natural resources or implement abusive labor practices. The world is definitely a much more enlightened place with George Soros and his many unique interests in it.

With a reputation of both financial intelligence and human decency it is easy to follow the lead of a man like George Soros. His actions toward energy do not bode well for the long term stability of the industry. However, with lower oil prices there is an upswing in spending by populations all over the world. That means that there are going to be opportunities developing in other areas and watching how Soros Fund Management invests next should tell you where the next direction to go in should be.