George Soros Leaving Energy Behind


There are many context clues that an investor can use to glean the direction of financial trends. One of the most consistent hints is to follow what successful people are doing and to mimic that behavior. George Soros is one of the most successful financial minds in the world and the recent activity of Soros Fund Management sets s good example. According to an article in The Street they have consistently dispersed all shares of many major energy companies like Chevron, Chesapeake Energy and NRG Energy. That would tell an intelligent investor that it is time to do the same.

The price of oil has been extremely volatile over the past few years as prices have fallen off, making an investment in their companies a losing proposition. Oil is an equity every news story that comes out seems to be affecting the price one way or another. Recently Russia and Saudi Arabia joined to implement a freeze in the production of oil. Prices were momentarily affected but Iran refused to go along with the freeze. Iran is still bitter over sanctions implemented recently and vowed to continue to dump more oil into the market making sure that the prices stay at the low end. That makes investment in this industry unattractive at this time.

George Soros has been an economic and philanthropic leader for most of his life and to follow his lead makes a lot of sense. There are few leaders in recent history that have the record of financial success that George Soros has accumulated over the years. His success has also allowed him to be able to give back to the world in more meaningful ways. It began in 1979 after noticing the unfair treatment of blacks in South Africa under the apartheid government. Soros began to provide scholarships to black South Africans allowing them to improve their situation through education.

Soros then started to focus on helping to spread freedom through communist Eastern Europe. He provided photo copiers for the printing of freedom minded books and ideas. After the fall of communism Soros established a University that was designed to help teach critical thinking and to promote freedom all over Europe. Since then he is the founder of many Open Society Foundations all over the world that promote the ideas of equal rights, in political, social, economic and educational areas of society. He has also worked to bring a transparency to industry, shining a light on companies who pay off tyrannical leaders to exploit natural resources or implement abusive labor practices. The world is definitely a much more enlightened place with George Soros and his many unique interests in it.

With a reputation of both financial intelligence and human decency it is easy to follow the lead of a man like George Soros. His actions toward energy do not bode well for the long term stability of the industry. However, with lower oil prices there is an upswing in spending by populations all over the world. That means that there are going to be opportunities developing in other areas and watching how Soros Fund Management invests next should tell you where the next direction to go in should be.