Continuing Coriant Success

Coriant, independently formed in 2013, is a company that sells hardware and software for optical transmission related to voice, data, and mobile systems. Specific products offered include Packet Optical Transport, Software defined networking, IP/MPLS Routing, MSPP, Cross Connect TDM, and Ethernet First Mile. Coriant provides services related to transport solutions for over 100 countries and is comprised of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Networks, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks. Success of the company is predicted to continue especially with the recent acquisition of the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir.

Kheradpir possesses an impressive resume displaying over 28 years of executive experience from multiple industries. Also on his resume is a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorates degree in engineering from Cornell University. Within each industry he held positions with executive titles such as Chief Operations and Information Officer. His career began with work at GTE Laboratories and developed into work at Verizon where he became president of Verizon’s e-business division. Later he joined Barclays followed by Juniper Networks where he implemented large cost cutting plans that resulted in returning $3 billion to shareholders.

Shaygan also served on Barclays’ Executive Committee, on the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology, and on the Cornell University Engineering Council. Directly prior to accepting the position of CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant Shaygan was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Now having taken over for Pat DiPietro as CEO for Coriant, his and project’s substantial success is expected to continue.

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Overview of Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a 170-year-old SEC registered boutique investment bank specializing in healthcare. The company operates in the United Kingdom and the United States. Over 150 people are currently employed. In this article, we give a brief overview of its operations.
Laidlaw Capital Markets

The investment banking division of Laidlaw focuses on raising capital for companies in healthcare industry via equity and debt issuing. Assistance with mezzanine financing is another area of specialization. Also, advise on exchange listing as well as other related services are provided.

Alternative Investments

The Alternative Investments team according to works in the area of private equity. It pools investors’ money together for various acquisitions and financing projects. Generally, the money is invested for up to a decade in order for returns to materialize.

Wealth Management

There are two major functions within the Wealth Management division. First, there is portfolio management group specializing in allocating investors’ capital in an optimal manner. Second, the financial planning team generates custom tailored financial plans for its clients.

Additional Services

There are other services provided such as matching buyers and sellers for thinly traded securities in healthcare industry. Laidlaw also engages in institutional sales and healthcare research.

Investment Banking Success with Martin Lustgarten’s Leadership

When you consider the current financial landscape, there simply are too many variables to know exactly where to go. When you have as many options and vehicles out there as you currently have now, you can literally get lost and confused within the financial world. That being said, just because you don’t have all of the experience in the world in finance, it doesn’t mean that you have to go it all alone. The reason for this is that due to investment bankers just like Martin Lustgarten you can truly have all of the answers you need to not only understand finances better, but to craft a winning strategy.


Martin Lustgarten is the example of everything that people honestly look for when they are seeking out a financial expert. His ability to understand markets and general financial principles is important, but you also have to remember what the specific role of a financial adviser is.


When it comes to actually being able to help people and to communicating the best practices and principles, you need to have someone on your side that you can simply sit down with and have a regular and casual toned conversation. Considering the fact that you are dealing with large sums of money and years of your life, staying calm about finances can be hard to do. That being said, Martin Lustgarten has truly been able to own that role.
The full idea of investing is a very interesting one to understand in general. When it comes to taking on additional risk, the only way you are able to secure higher returns in the first place is to actually take on more risk. Therefore, you need to be able to pursue additional risk, but not go so far with it that you are essentially playing with a casino style of rule and gambling. The key that you must be aware of is to seek the ability of a financial partner who not only understands the overall markets, but who can truly help to guide you both in goods times, and in bad. Seeking out a professional just like Martin Lustgarten could be the best thing you could do for your future. Find him on Vimeo to see what he’s into besides investment banking.

Stephen Murray Investor and Philanthropist

CCMP Advisers LLC, is a universally private assets corporation headquartered in New York City, and has provided $16Billion in buyout and prosperity equity negotiations since 1984. They balance the consolidated tenacity of their own performing resources and commerce proficiency to invest in four focused areas: customer retail, manufacturing, healthcare, chemicals/energy.
CCMP Advisers, LLC, concentrates on middle market leveraged buyouts and developments assets investments,its current stock last year was increased with the lucrative sum of $3.6Billion.

They strive to steer company advancement and proficiency,and due to their effective management experience and skills as well as their successful intense profit creation theory, their team has acquired an outstanding reputation as an unsurpassed universal investment participant.

They have additional branches in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

CCMP abbreviations encompasses the firm’s background corporations: Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/JP Morgan, Partners.

Stephen Murray, private equity investor and philanthropist was founding associate, Chief CEO and president of CCMP Advisers LLC, he relinquished his respected position in February 2015 due to health reasons. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital died on March 12,2015 at the age of 52 according to NY Post. Cause of death is unknown.
He was brought up in New York suburbia in Westchester County, New York. He attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University,New York City.

In 1984 Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a trainee in the analyst credit program at New York’s situated Manufacturers Hanover Corp, where shortly thereafter he elevated to the position of vice president of middle market lending. In 1989,he united with Manufacturers Hanover Equity Corporation leveraged finance unit of Manufacturers Hanover which was the precursor to CCMP Advisers LLC.

After three subsequent consolidations Manufacturers Hanover evolved as a component of JP Morgan in 2000.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital became the leader of the bank’s buyout business strategy in 2005, JPMorgan Partners acclaimed for investing in middle class market agreements with the bank’s exclusive equity patrons, they dispossessed their business once the group outbid Blackstone Group LP, KKR & Co., and TG Capital for a Dublin,Ireland established drug manufacturer called Warner Chilcott.

CCMP Advisers LLC,was formerly known as JPMorgan Partners, and in August 2006 CCMP Advisers LLC separated from JPMorgan Chase to avert possible ambivalence with the bank’s clients and pronounced themselves as an independent enterprise and continue their successful strategy created and implemented by their professionals as members of JPMorgan Partners, who pursue to manage their confidential equity portfolio.

Fabletics: Not Your Typical Gym Outfit

Fabletics is tremendously changing our approach to fashion. They have made it socially agreeable and acceptable to literally strut in their trendy yoga pants, sneakers or sporty blazer to the gym and with just a little tweak go dancing on a date. Founded by Don Ressler on, Adam Goldenberg and the award-winning actress Kate Hudson, FableticsÕ workout wear is presently synonymous with style, quality, value and convenience. Fabletics simply understands the athleisure trend and is the first establishment in the fashion industry to combine fitness, convenience, comfort, affordable and fashion in their fashion-forward workout outfits that are as good for a workout session as they are on a meet-up.

As a full time freelance writer for beauty and fashion in different online platforms, among them Bustle, I mostly work from home, an environment that tempts one to adopt lazy and slovenly fashion habits like spending time in pajamas. It reminds me of my childhood and high school years when I had zero interest in fashion; I was okay in sneakers, jeans and oversized hoodies that completed my unfussy, tomboyish and deliberate lack of choice in fashion. I only began to experiment on with clothes during college. My sense of style then was more feminine with dresses and heels chocking up the closet. The work place forced me to settle for more office-friendly outfits before I got tired with all the cardigans and sensible heels.

It has been a couple of years now working from home and my affinity for traditionally feminine outfits from Fabletics couldn’t have found a better match than with the emerging athleisure trend that has profoundly redefined my style evolution. With quality leggings/joggers and a fitting top, I can work it out at the gym and still run errands before walking my dog in the same outfit. I can pull a casual comfy on Fabletics on instagram look with my sneakers and still hangout on a Saturday with friends or family. A night out of dancing and date has never been more comfortable and relaxed than in sneakers that allow you to dance painlessly and still manage to put on your sexiest, fussiest dress.