A Doe, A Deere, A Female Pioneer

Lime Crime is an online cosmetic company that is changing the way the beauty business well… does business. Founded by Doe Deere, Lime Crime is innovative in its approach to selling cosmetics using the online medium.

Their fans are legion and they have shown it. Recently, Lime Crime’s instagram account surpassed two million followers. Their instagram’s popularity is primarily due to its unique practice of allowing users to engage with the company and other customers. Users of the products send photos of themselves wearing the Lime Crime cosmetics,showing off their creativity and sharing tips with each other.

They have taken this idea one step further. The Lime Crime website uses models wearing the makeup, say a lipstick, to show buyers what the color looks like on a real person as opposed to a swatch-type color generated by a computer that may come close, but certainly does not match the true nuances of the product. This is significant because one of the main draws of these products are the intense hues and colors that often cannot be duplicated or done justice by a computer generated match attempt. In addition, they use the photos from customers to show website users options for use and creative ways to wear the products.

All of the products at Lime Crime are produced without animal testing and products are also vegan-friendly. Emphasis is on intense and vibrant colors in direct opposition to the current trends towards neutrals and natural makeup application.

Doe Deere has spent most of her adult life in New York, though she is Russian-born. Her original aspirations included being a musician, but her attentions turned to fashion and make-up early on. Her company started out as an eBay store to hawk her fashion line. She then turned her attention to cosmetics out of a love of bright, vibrant colors that she was finding difficult to find among existing cosmetic brands.

Deere is renowned for her support of fellow women business owners and often speaks at expos and events further encouraging women to go out and make their dreams a reality. She is a firm believer is going with “gut feelings” and staying true to your vision and your customers. She creates a sense of community and camaraderie within her customer base and refers to her customers as unicorns. Deere’s Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles where she continues to be inspired by her customers and her own ideas of what makes women stand apart and shine in their individuality.

To learn more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit www.doedeere.com.