Ukraine’s Only Hope is the European Union, Says George Soros

The European Union is the only solution to the economic crisis in Ukraine according to investor and philanthropist George Soros Ukraine. In 2014 Ukrainians held protests to remove the then president Victor Yanukovych from power and pave way for new reforms that would stabilize the nation politically and economically. The new Ukraine is intent on becoming democratic and working closely with European nations. The citizens have showed their patriotisms by abandoning good jobs in favor of serving their country. One such patriot is Natalie Jaresko who decided to stop working as an investment banker and serve as the country’s new finance minister, despite the pay being considerably low.

The new reforms are to face many challenges and implementing them is not going to be an easy task. The supporters of the new reforms are up against the conservatives from the old Ukraine. The Russian president Vladimir Putin is also against the new reforms and this is manifested through his aggression towards Ukraine, a move aimed at destabilizing the nation. For the reforms to be successful Ukraine needs urgent financial help from western powers which also have to provide additional sum to counter the Russian aggression. There is a glimmer of hope considering that sanctions imposed on Russia by Europe and USA have negatively impacted on the Russian economy. The effectiveness of the sanctions has been boosted by the decline in the price of oil. According to George Soros the current Russian financial crisis is similar to the one of 1998.

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The damage done on the Russian economy however has a global effect and most of the European countries are affected. This complication has prompted European Union to make reforms and look for other policies that can best deal with the Ukrainian-Russian problem. George Soros advises that sanctions are a necessary evil since it is the only way to deal with Russia’s aggression to Ukraine. The other option is war with Russia, and that would be a riskier approach for the US and the European Union. The only problem is that sanctions imposed on Russia also affect the countries imposing them and this is likely to cause deflation in Europe. Financial assistance from the European Union to Ukraine is meant to stabilize her economy thereby encouraging investment. This would put Ukraine in a better position to defend itself against aggression from Putin’s government.

European leaders however do not seem to see the importance of Ukraine to the euro given its financial crisis. Most of them see it as just another country in need of financial assistance. In the Association agreement between the EU and Ukraine (2007-2012) Ukraine was advised on what to do to merit financial assistance. Ukraine’s problems slowed down Europe’s willingness to help. This included its poor track record with other IMF programs. Lenders decided to provide assistance only because of the reforms to be undertaken by the new Ukraine. Another was the fact that Ukraine was not a member of the European Union. This made it difficult for European institutions to directly offer any assistance.

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Securus Stands for Integrity

It’s been said that integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Securus Technologies certainly abides by this standard. One of the leadering providers of detainee communications, Securus Technologies recently made major news on PR Newswire especially when they announced the misdeeds of one the major carrier Global Tel Link (GTL). Watch more on

The list of wrongdoings by GTL is a long one. The list is so long that Securus will release more details about the mishaps at a later date. Some of the wrongdoings include the following: GTL programmed telephones to rate calls on higher rates instead of those under its tariffs, they intentionally engaged in overcharging customers knowingly engaging in unlawful practices, GTL programmed telephone clocks to add time each call. These improprieties showed a lack of respect for the law in many ways.

Securus America Technologies is a company that prides itself on putting its customers first. They recently received an A+ accreditation from the BBB. Making money is important but does not come before integrity. These ideals were echoed in CEO Richard A. Smith’s recent comments. “I love our industry,” said Smith. “It offends me and our entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity bar that most other carriers have – but GTL does not.” Smith reminded others of the importance of standing for integrity and running a business the correct way.

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Makari Provides Skin Care Products for People of Color

People of color often find it difficult the find skin and beauty products that are made for their unique skin care needs. Everyone’s skin is not the same. Darker skin often requires different treatments and can suffer from different problems than lighter skin does. Problems such as uneven skin tones, dark spots, stretch marks, and blemishes are just a few of the problems that people with darker skin tones can suffer from that many of companies in the beauty industry fail to recognize and offer a skin care product that works on darker skin. Makari is an industry leader in whitening skin care products, and cosmetics that can give people of color smoother, brighter and more radiant looking skin.

Why Makari de Suisse is so special
Makari de Suisse products are made in Switzerland and specialize in providing quality hair, skin and beauty products. Makari products are a top choice for many celebrities and consumers who want high-quality cosmetics and beauty products that are safe, effective, and gentle. There are thousands of high-quality beauty and skin care products on the market today but very few of them are designed to meet the needs of darker skin. Makari takes the guess work out of trying to find an effective skin lightener or skin toner that will be effective on darker skin.

Makari products are safe and effective.
Made from natural ingredients like Carrot oil, Argon oil, and Caviar, Makari products offer a safe alternative to other skin care products made for darker skin that often use hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been known to cause harmful side-effects. Intense scientific research has gone into the development of Makari’s products to ensure their quality, gentleness, and effectiveness and provides darker skin with beautiful, radiant glow.


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Factors to Consider Before Renting Your Property

Since organizations differ in their operations there are different factors considered when renting private property. However, there are three major ones that are similar through all organizations and Airnb as well. Risk is a major issue to consider when you are having tenants in your property. The risks may range from illegal activities, injuries to the tenants, theft, damage to your property to lawsuits depending on the guests actions. Additionally, the tenants might refuse to pay rent thus bringing losses to you. Homeowner insurance policies do not cover short-term rentals. This therefore means that personally you are responsible for all expenses incurred by your guests. Protection is also essential and this only applies if you have exhausted all your resources. In this case it is important to speak to an expert before you make a decision on taking short term guests.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair who is the founder of Wealth Solutions is one of the key investment and wealth managers that you can consider to get quality advice about your property. Blair has over 22 years’ experience in these securities therefore he is capable of assisting you deal with your situation easily by reviewing through different options thus landing you to the best one. He offers advisory services to clients on financial management with an aim to help clients reach their goals in wealth management as well as achieve personal financial goals.


Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas and this firm uses advanced and recent technology to ensure that clients are provided for innovative services and products. This has made it easy to create good relationship with clients because their issues are handled at a personal level so that the advice given suits their situation perfectly.

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Nutrimost Deals With Rip-offs

One sign of something that is successful is that there will be cheap imitations or rip-offs. Nutrimost is one company that is having to face another company that is ripping it off in a blatant way. This is actually a disconcerting occurrence. Since Nutrimost is a very successful diet system, another company has figured it could ride on the success of Nutrimost. The compani is Healthy Living, which has taken one of the ads and removed references to Nutrimost and replaced it with its own slogan, “Can’t Lose. Nutrimost has filed a lawsuit against Healthy Living which only got it to release a shorter version of the video.

There is a lot of reason why a company would want to try to copy Nutrimost. For one thing, Nutrimost has revolutionized the health and fitness industry. Its plan involves helping people find their body chemistry so that they will be better able to lose weight. The diet has proven to be effective at the highest rate of any diet. Their plans do not just target a person’s weight. It also goes after the person’s general health. Therefore, not only will the individual effectively lose weight and keep it off, he will also take care of other health conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol.

Nutrimost is very effective because it is based on state of the art technology that reads the body of the individual in order to come up with a diet that will burn the most fat. Nutrimost has earned the title of the ultimate weight loss system. Customers have lost a lot more weight within the month than with any other weight loss system and managed to maintain their health and even improve their health. The other company, Healthy Living is a rip off and offers nothing to the customer.

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Should You Buy Makari Skin Care for Skin Whitening

In most instances, skin discoloration can be quite a self-esteem killer. Whether you are suffering from certain skin ailments or have discolorations from scars, burns, and too much exposure to the sun- using a naturally safe skin whitening cream can help to even out skin tone and to remedy the situation.

Makari Skin Care Cream is one of the products that you can use to lighten skin tone up and also gain enormous skin health benefits from. Right now, Makari is one of the leading whitening creams on the market that is well-known for its safeness, effectiveness, and high quality performance as a skin lightening product.

What is Makari Skin Whitening?

Makari has an abundance of skin care products that have become very popular for their effectiveness and performance to improve the look of skin. Most recently they released a new line of skin whitening products that include a serum, soap, and milk.

The skin repairing serum by Makari works by helping to alleviate damaged skin cells. It promotes the generation of new healthy skin cells that replace skin cells compromised by poor hygiene, inflammation, scars, burns, and other types of damage that can cause skin tone to be uneven.

The Body Beautifying Milk by Makari acts as a deep moisturizer as it penetrates the many skin surfaces and layers and provides them with essential moisture and hydration that aids the skin in healing. It helps to even out skin tone and lightens skin naturally when the skin has been compromised by elements and is dehydrated.

Clarifying Antiseptic Soap

Makari’s clarifying antiseptic soap is a gentle cleanser that helps to relieve clogged pours and to clean skin. Skin damage caused by different factors can often cause the pigmentation of the skin to darken. Keeping the skin clean with a natural cleanser helps to maintain an ideal skin tone.

Makari Skin Whitening Products: Why They Are The Best

All of these essential products each have a specific purpose that work in unison diligently in order to help decrease dark skin discoloration caused by skin ailments, diseases, burns, scars, and more. It is this collaboration of products that skin becomes healthy, radiant, more supple looking, and without the effects of dark skin discoloration.

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Strategies for Pushing Negative Articles Down in Search Results

Many corporate and individual brands have grappled with the issue of negative info about them on the Internet. More often than less, such info damages an individual or company’s online reputation. Online Reputational Management (ORM) is basically a service provided to push such info lower whenever Internet users search for information on the Web. It has been discovered that most Internet users only pay attention to the first two pages of search results. The following are strategies that come in handy during this undertaking.

1) Eradicate Negative Google Such Results

This is the most preferable and pragmatic strategy. At times, negative and slanderous information might be posted about a brand. If such malicious information appears on the first five results, it is advisable to minimize its impact through the creation of content that outranks the negative info. The creation of numerous social media profiles for instance goes a long way in pushing down bad results. Similarly, one can register his or her company with organizations such as libraries. Whenever as search is conducted thereafter, links to such websites will come at the top.

2) Domain Ownership

Fortunately, most businesses have a domain name of their own. However, many individuals do not. Individuals should register domain names, which are similar to their names. Thereafter, they should add informative content such as résumés, portfolio and links to any positive content about them. When implementing this strategy, it is significant that they use their real names and also link the domains to their social media accounts.

3) Content Optimization

This is all about making content on websites friendlier. When doing this, it is prudent to use real names, truthful page titles, and also good quality content on websites. This can help a brand’s content rise in Google rankings. This ultimately pushed bad results lower in the rankings.

About ORM Firm Bury Bad Articles

This firm empowers its clients to take control of what Internet users see whenever they conduct a Google search. Its services are customizable to suit the reputational needs of each individual client. The firm has received plaudits for its exceptional services, which are 100 percent guaranteed. In addition, it offers free quotes to prospective clients.

Bury Bad Articles focuses on restoring the online reputation of individual and corporate brands with a long-term goal in mind. It also ensures that clients subscribe to SEO practices that are enduring and help increase their visibility. The services offered are sustainable because much emphasis is placed on the positive content being created by the clients.

Protesters and Riots in Venezuela

Venezuela seems as though it is on the verge of a complete collapse. With the scare of the zika virus now spreading across the country people are fearful of catching the strange and relatively unknown virus that is affecting newborn babies. Also Dr. Norka Luque says, Venezuela is suffering a catastrophic health care crisis from lack of funding and medicine causing patients to needlessly die.
Amidst all that chaos Venezuelans are now taking to the streets in protest, clashing with police trying to demand a recall of President Nicolas Maduro’s term. During all the chaos of protesters, riots have ensued in the streets of Caracas. One woman was even shot and killed during the rioting.

In a report by Dateas, as protesters have descended on the Capitol for the fourth time in as many weeks, they were stopped in their tracks by police in full riot gear. Even though mediation efforts are in session between opposition forces and the Venezuelan Government, protesters feel that this is only a stalling tactic so that the referendum will not be met in time for any governmental changes this year.

Wen for Everyday People

The first time that most people may have discovered Wen is through the QVC infomercials where there were celebrities like Aylssa Milano that were promoting the product. The product is created by Chaz Dean, and he is a celebrity hair stylist. Many people may find this impressive, but what most people want to know is how the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner works for the working class. This is very important because most people will assume that a celebrity stylist can work their magic and made anyone look good. The real test would be found through someone like Emily McClure. She is a writer for Bustle, and a hair stylist so wanted to test the product out for herself. Visit for more information.
People can get a real feel of what it must have been like to try the product because Emily McClure lays down everything that she did. She also included pictures. This writer tells people up front that she has thin hair. This is great for anyone that may be wondering how it would work for someone with thin hair. The infomercials always show women like celebrity Melissa Gilbert who have a thicker head of hair.

For people that are interested in a better cleanser they should consider Wen by Chaz simply because it works well on different grades of hair. Guthy-Renker recommends this product. It appears to not matter if the hair is thin or thick. The only thing that people have to do is follow the directions in accordance to the type of hair that they have.

There is a common consensus that the hair is softer once Wen hair product has been used. People will actually see and feel their hair getting healthier. This is something that is quite important for all of those that wanted to know if the product would really accommodate working class women.

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Wasseem Boraie Boosts Atlantic City Community

Recently, The Real Deal premiered a piece on the rehabilitation of Atlantic City neighborhoods to boost the economy and community. Not long ago, Wasseem Boraie, vice-president of Boraie Development renovated an old firehouse into a series of apartments, with successful results. City officials have recognized this kind of neighborhood refurbishment to be very healthy for the surrounding community. There is a fervent hope that the new gentrified areas will bring in more of the millennial generation. As it stands, the millennials only make up about 13 percent of Atlantic City’s population. More of them would lend itself to an economic boost in the neighborhood. Not to mention, refurbished and up-scaled real estate often improves the economy and sense of community in any area. To read the entire article on Atlantic City, go to The Real Deal website.

Wasseem Boraie’s development company is classified as a business and warehouse developer, but has recently stretched an arm into residential neighborhoods in Newark, NJ. His father, the founder of Boraie Development LLC, found great success in attracting investors to his projects in New Brunswick through an innovative technique. Some developers focus on one large project at a time to attract investors and customers to the area in question. Omar and Wasseem have changed the game by running several smaller sized star projects instead of one giant project. This method carries with it some risks, because investors sometimes get impatient. However, a large clump of projects promises large change in any given area.

New Brunswick, with its rehabilitation projects has seen an economic boost since Omar Boraie implemented them. Now, Newark is seeing similar interest from potential investors after Wasseem Boraie spoke about it recently. With new investors, the projects will be able to move forward as planned. With new homes being built in old buildings and new renovations on previously unsafe properties, the community will see a powerful improvement. Not only do businessmen want to invest in communities, but home-owners and civilians do too. Any area that is improved to include the needs of the people will get a very positive return. Communities will become safe and proud again when people can have a sense of pride in their homes. Economically, new home-owners and new people can only benefit a neighborhood. Boraie’s projects can only mean good things for Newark in the future, and good things for Atlantic City as well.

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