How do lip balms work?

Suffering from dry and chapped lips is no laughing matter. They can be painful and lead to sores or blisters on your lips in extreme cases. It is essential to protect from this with a good quality lip balm. Understanding how lip balms work can help you to select the right brand for your needs.
Lip balms work by providing moisture to the lips not through the addition of moisture but rather through the locking in of moisture and therefore protecting your lips from the elements. This is done with an emollient. There are many different types of emollients in lip balms including petroleum jelly, Shea butter, and jojoba oil. Many of the good newer brands like the EOS lip balm use all natural oils like coconut and jojoba oil or Shea butter which do a good job of sealing in your lips natural moisture and preventing drying, as well as adding back some oil.

Other additives like vitamin e and aloe will help to protect your lips from further chapping and thereby serve a real purpose in the lip balm. Look for non artificial ingredients that won’t cause irritation to the lips. Since the lips are only a thin amount of skin over thick blood vessels, thereby leading to their pink color, they are prone to dryness and are easily irritated. All natural and organic products like Evolution of smooth and Burt’s Bees lip balms are examples of high quality balms that don’t lead toadies lip irritation.

Beyond that you will need to pay attention to the flavor or scent of the balm. Some have flavors that taste good, but are naturally drying, as are peppermint and camphor. Instead choose a brand with natural fruit or other flavorings that appeal to your tastes but are not counterproductive and cause drying. Check out their products on Walmart. Visit the website,

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Switching To FreedomPop Has Added More Spendable Money To My Pocket

I have a thing about contracts, and I absolutely will not sign up for any company that requires me to sign a contract, even if it was just for a single month. I had no problem signing up for FreedomPop because no contract was ever required, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy their company so much. When I first joined FreedomPop, it was less than a year ago, and I was in serious debt. I was trying to cut back on as much of my monthly costs as possible, and my cell phone bill was the first thing to get cut.

I was paying $120 each month for my unlimited cell phone bill with another carrier, and after I switched to FreedomPop, I was able to drop my bill all the way down to $20 each month for the same service. Saving $100 each month on my phone bill is incredible because I really needed that savings, and it’s made a huge difference in my monthly budget. I did do some research on the service before I made the switch because I didn’t want to be without the things I needed the most on my phone plan.

I have unlimited talk and text, but I can always use Wi-Fi to make calls on my smartphone, so my biggest issue was having enough data to use throughout the month for the services I use on my phone. I was grateful to find out that I get 1 GB of 4G LTE data but still have regular 3G speeds afterwards, which means I’ll have unlimited data for the month. I started using my phone service with FreedomPop for the first month, and I loved everything about it, so I’ve continued paying for it month after month.

I went out of town and had to use more of my data than I anticipated, but I needed higher speeds, so I chose to pay for the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service for five dollars that I read about in a FreedomPop review. I was surfing at blazing fast speeds on the Wi-Fi connections, and I was able to find tons of connections in the city that I was visiting. Even when I went back home, I still have great Wi-Fi connections that constantly give me 4G LTE speeds. When it comes to my cell phone service as well as the Wi-Fi I use, FreedomPop is the only choice for me.

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Securus Technologies Have Revolutionary Implication; Especially ConnectUs

ContactUs portends to save a third of a billion dollars with full implementation throughout the Securus Technologies network of inmates. Securus caters to over 2,000 correctional facilities in the United States alone. They’ve got an inmate count of 1.2 million. Each inmate files approximately 13.8 complaint and grievances forms a month. Processing of these forms usually takes a bit longer than five minutes, but that’s a conservative enough estimate to paint a numerical picture. At five minutes per form, a single form equals one hour by the end of the year (13.8 forms per prisoner, multiplied by 5 minutes per form, multiplied by 12 months in the year). So by multiplying the number of prisoners in an institution by 13.8, the hours officers spend dealing with forms can be approximated–if, indeed, only five minutes per form is used. If there are 200 inmates, 2,760 is likely the minimum lost to this antiquated 20th century means of filing. At $10.00 an hour, that’s $27,600 a year. At $20 an hour, it’s $55,200. Across 1.2 million inmates, the numbers work out to $331,200,000.

Securus Technologies’ ContactUs can cut that figure down substantially. Again, using conservative estimates, should the complete deployment of this platform–a completely customizable platform which allows facilities to design what information inmates have access to, as well as specific applications for local purposes–take place, at 1/20th of the time per form, that’s a savings of $314,640,000. The more time a given correctional facility is currently spending on forms, the more savings they will have.

The Better Business Bureau has given Securus Technologies an A+ rating, and it makes a lot of sense. By providing cost and time saving measures to correctional facilities, they help millions be saved across the country, which can make it so rehabilitative measures will likely be employed more effectively, ultimately benefitting society.

The Importance and Roles of SEC Whistleblower Attorney

A whistleblower is an individual or a group of people who has the mandate to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The whistleblower reports any violations of the law. They also report any intend violation that may occur in future. Thus, it plays a huge role in the enforcement of law and order. It is impossible for the security organs in the country to monitor all the activities happening in the country. Crimes increases as days go by. By informing the security details of any intended offense that may occur, it is possible for them to act promptly. The US cares about the safety of its citizens. It has the best intelligence and security teams worldwide.

Henceforth, the whistleblowers’ lives are always at risk. The law violators may threaten them for reporting them because of assisting the Securities and Exchange Commission. The whistleblower needs protection. Through the Donald Act, which was enacted on 21st July 2010, the protection of whistleblowers’ rights is critical. The act claims that the whistleblowers also need bounties and compensation for reporting violations of law to the security details.

On the other hand, safety and exchange commission should not always disclose the identity of the whistleblower. The whistleblower may remain completely anonymous to the public. A whistleblower may opt to report to the security and exchange commission using a whistleblower attorney. You can identify a whistleblower only when receiving the required bounties.

Therefore, the SEC Whistleblower Attorney protects the reporters of the violators of law countrywide. The attorney must be creative and do a thorough investigation of the case before submitting it to the Security and Exchange Commission. Anyone qualifies to be whistleblower provided the commission approves his or her eligibility. The whistleblowers have the following benefits; they receive employment protections. They also get awards through monetary funds. But they only receive these benefits if they are eligible and genuine whistleblowers.

Every nation needs serious whistleblowers to report such violations and protect investments especially in the securities sector. The United States whistleblowers program is the best. It helps in maintaining law and order. They are necessary as a result of many emerging scandals in the daily world. The government that works with its citizens closes is always effective. Their program and security details are exceptional and second to none. This program not only monitors the individuals violating the law, but they also follow companies and institutions in the country.