Ex Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson Looks For Courts To End Insurance Claims

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to a group headed by technology billionaire Tony Ressler was not the end of the link with the team for former owner Bruce Levenson; instead, the founder of UCG will soon bring a case to a Fulton County court over an unpaid insurance claim over the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks general manager Danny Ferry. The termination of the $18 million six year contract of Ferry was being discussed with AIG as much as two months before the sale of the Hawks franchise, but lawyers for Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group state the New Hampshire based insurance giant has failed to respond over the contract dispute.

Since selling the Hawks franchise Bruce Levenson has been spending a large amount of his time concentrating on the philanthropic causes he has always followed with interest. Levenson has not only looked to develop his own philanthropic career, but he has looked to inspire the next generation of philanthropists (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html) at the University of Maryland with the creation of a center designed to educate those looking to work in the not for profit sector.

One of the major areas Bruce Levenson has been inspired by is keeping the memory of the World War II Holocaust alive in the minds of the people of the U.S. To this end Levenson has played an integral part in the creation of the U.S. Holocaust Museum that he states he helped construct to honor his wife Karen’s Holocaust survivor mother.

The legal team of Bruce Levenson believe the refusal of AIG to pay the insurance claim shows bad faith on the part of the insurance giant. The current Atlanta Hawks ownership has stated the claim dates back to a period prior to their purchase of the team and will not affect their own work.

For more info, visit brucelevenson.com and  Bruce Levenson’s wikipedia.org page.


Forgeries In Online Reputation News

When needing to remove information from the internet, a court judgement stating the information is defamatory is an excellent way to succeed. This will often cause Google to de-index the result, usually scaring most of the web-hosts into removing the information. The sleaziest of the reputation management companies in the industry, are offering a low cost to secure these court orders at an extremely high volume.

The are a minimum of 25 US federal lawsuits that fit into this category. Defamation suits are filed over comments made online. The defendants admit to the defamation in writing, and the plaintiff is rewarded with the judgement they can give to the web-hosts and search engines.

Unfortunately, getting the defendants to admit to anonymous remarks made online is being accomplished by suing imaginary people. In 25 cases, the defendants do appear to be imaginary. Forgery is being used as well, as in the case of Robert Castle. The forger claimed Castle lived in Shasta County in California, but the judge wanted to see Castle. The forger just walked away from this particular suit and refiled it in Los Angeles County. This judge signed off on the case involving the imaginary Robert Castle.

In other cases, the defendant is a real person. A Reputation.com online review of local dentist Mitul Patel was posted by Matthew Chan in Georgia. A claim was filed against Chan by someone claiming to be Patel, but in reality was a fictitious person. The legal filings for Patel were also apparently forgeries, although the forger is unknown. Patel states he did sign a contract with a company owned by Richart Ruddie and that his name appears a lot.

The oldest case located fitting this pattern was in November of 2015. The plaintiff was R. Derrek Ruddie in Owings Mills, Maryland. Derrek appears to be his middle name, and the address that was given in court is associated with Ruddie in several different records. The monthly payments under the contract that was signed by Rescue One Financial are all being sent to Ruddie’s company at his bank in Owings Mills.


How to be a Venture Capitalist with Mark Sparks

Mark Sparks is the Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek Capital. He is also the founder of the successful institution. Sparks is a respected philanthropist, author and serial entrepreneur who is always working hard to turn any new ideas into business.

Mark is the author of a famous book, titled, They Can’t Eat You. The book underlines the success story of the businessman to help others in their businesses. Today, Mark Sparks helps people in business in developing new businesses into successful revenue generating institutions though his company, Timber Creek Capital.

Timber Creek Capital has done well in the last ten years under the leadership of Mark Sparks. This year, Mark decided to change the original location of the business. According to a recent report from the institution, the offices are now in a setting that is more optimized for collaboration and conducive for startup incubation.

In a recent statement, the Timber Creek CEO says that starting a success business is a challenging task that should start by building a business model and later on finding the resources that will result in success. The design of the new office will enable Timber Creek Capital to host at least three companies and at the same time provide extensive incubation period for the consumers.

Sparks has worked in the business industry for a long time, and this has given him a lot of experience. He understands what it takes for a businessperson to succeed in the competitive world. The serial entrepreneur has also discovered that conducive, quality and collaborative working environment plays a huge role in the success of business.

Individuals who are working in offices where all the windows are blacked might perform poorly compared to the persons who are working on a retail space with many windows and successful people passing by. The location of a working space can mean a lot to the failure or success of a company. Individuals who want to do well must choose their location wisely.

Mark has founded many companies in the past, and he has discovered that there is a particular workflow in an office that has maximized collaboration and output. He used this idea in his new office design, and he believes Timber Creek Capital will get better results. Mark has also used the ideas shared in his book, They Can’t Eat You in Timber Creek Capital, and it will be easy for the company to achieve its goals.

At Timber Creek, Mark Sparks takes on several companies at a time to offer them mentorship and the access they need to necessary resources they need such as marketing, banking, office space and capital. All the entrepreneurs who start their businesses using the system learned at Timber Creek have become very successful.

Securus Has Been Perfect For Our Ministry Work

Our church has a Securus account that we use with the ministry that reaches out to prisons. We wanted to do our part to help inmates who are in crisis, and we have people who are ready to help right now. These are very good people, and they just want to sit down and talk to someone that they know they can help out. It is as simple as that, and we hope that we can make a difference in the lives of these people. We call on Securus so that we can see the faces of the people that we help, and we also want to be sure that we can show them a new way to live.


There are many people like us who want to do good work in the jails, and that is why Securus has been given a BBB accreditation. They are the best company for making these calls, and they are showing that anyone can make a big difference in the lives of an inmate. These inmates are not proud of what they did, but they have to do something that will make it easier for them to get the help they need. they give us secure calls and good customer service.


The best part of this is that people can call with Securus, and they can get them to set up an account. It is very easy for us to call every day with a new group of people, and we can all see the people we are working with. Securus makes these calls very easy to make, and they are making it much simpler for someone like me to run a ministry like this, and they are proving that they care about the way that we are calling into these inmates through the video system.