FreedomPop offers unlimited Data Services in Different 30 countries

FreedomPop is an adaptable virtual system and wireless internet provider with headquarters based in Los Angeles, California. The company gives VoIP and text, free data, free IP adaptable services, trades in cell phones, broadband gadgets and tablets that can be utilized with their services. The company was started by Stephen Stokols the CEO and Steven Sesar and gets support from other organizations such as; Mangrove Capital, Intel, Axiata, Atomico, DCM Capital and Partech Ventures. Up to this point, FreedomPop has contributed an overabundance of $109 million in addition to $50 million Series C by the half of 2016.


FreedomPop utilizes Sprint’s system in United States and in 2015 the company reviewed its courses of activities and interest to extend to other parts of the globe. For instance, that incorporated the plan of using Three’s system around UK by the middle of 2016. More so, the company pushed for a general SIM with Free adaptable data to over 25 countries, including US and UK while by the end of 2016, FreedomPop impelled a LTE SIM using the AT&T’s system.


Before he started FreedomPop, the current CEO Stephen Stokols worked as the Chief Executive Officer at Woo Media, which is a video startup and entertainment firm. FreedomPop joined with LightSquared in December 2011, causing the termination of the partnership with LightSquared as the later did not get Federal Communications Commission (FCC) endorsement in working out its framework. FreedomPop started giving 4G only hotspots in October 2012 with the services providing remote web and portable benefits within USA applying the Clearwire’s 4G system. That is before the association made changes to 20% of its free client base to paid clients in December 2012.


Another partnership occurred between the company and the Sprint in April 2013, to extend its scope that entailed 3G and 4G with Sprint idealized devices. But in October 2013 only a year after releasing the basic remote broadband, the association started its beta free mobile phone package that included data services, text and voice. Moreover, FreedomPop started providing Sprint-consummate iPhones and support in April 2014. The organization also released an iOS application that provides content, telephone message and voice services to clients within USA and come May 2014, the company started to support LTE Android PDAs. FreedomPop started giving its free 4G data bundles, text and voice packages to clients with tablets beginning with the Samsung Tab 3 and iPad Mini in July 2014.