Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI has had an amazing success journey over the last four decades. Before 1970, he was a financial consultant and worked in the banking industry. Mr. Lavin opportunity for success became endless when he chose the Cheif Executive Officer position in the meat industry with OSI, LLC. Since then, Sheldon Lavin “has transformed the small, “McDonald’scentric” burger supplier into a worldwide supplier of food products.”

His colleagues praise him for many of his company achievements made in the last 40 years. In early 2016, Lavin was honored with the Global Visionary Award for stepping out his comfort zone and going above and beyond for success. The award honors people who have accomplished their goals through the good and struggling times.OSI, LLC has been rewarded on so many levels since Sheldon Lavin became CEO. The biggest reward of them all is the fact he helped make OSI the “largest protein supplier in the world to the McDonald’s system.” ( The company has earned awards for giving back to communities and other business actions.

According to Wikipedia, in 2011, Forbes listed them as one of the largest privately held companies in America. ( It is no surprise of Lavin’s success in OSI, because he already had the business skills and coached other business to success before working for them. This company shows their appreciation by following his great business advice. Sheldon Lavin deserves to be praised for all his hard work.