Talk Fusion: Awards and Respect

When it comes to awards, a lot of people have various viewpoints on them in terms of how they feel about them. Some people think they are just a piece of paper or trophy. At the end of the day, as long as they know they are doing quality work and the customers are happy, they are happy, as they know they have done a good job. For other people, they live and breathe with awards and they want to be recognized as many times as possible. With Talk Fusion, they have already proven themselves to the customers. They have shown what they can do and they have shown what they are capable of as a company. They don’t need awards, but it is a good feeling, no question.


They felt very good after winning their second award from the Technology Marketing Corporation which is considered a media giant. This award means something because this company really has a reputation that stands on its own. They have seen and reviewed a lot of products. Because of this, they have clout. When a company has clout, people tend to stand up and take notice of them. They know that an award from them is truly something special and it is an honor.


That is why Talk Fusion was supremely happy to win the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year award from them. They have worked very hard over the past ten years to make this product special and it feels good to know that people in the industry are paying attention. They are always concerned about the customers, of course, but they will gladly accept this award. The Technology Marketing Corporation gave them some mighty fine praise as well, which also made them feel real special.


Again, the talented workers of Talk Fusion, especially CEO and founder Bob Reina, know the work they are doing and how important it is. This award does not change anything in that regard. It is just something that is a reminder they are being noticed by a lot of very important people.