Anthony Petrello an American Business Mogul.

Anthony Petrello’s business accomplishments have taken cooperate America by storm. His success as a businessman is impeccable. As a graduate from both Harvard University and Yale, Mr. Petrello has established a record of longevity and dedication not delivered by many. His educational background and keen business sense prepared him to become the leading business model that he is today.

His talents have afforded him an array of well-deserved titles, of which he has held with distinction. Mr. Petrello can be called the man behind the success of Nabors Industries Ltd. He has a lengthy and triumphant track record with Nabors. While Petrello’s title has changed, the success of the company has remained his constant goal. He has worn such titles as Chief Executive officer, as well as Deputy Chairman. His success can easily be measured in that of Nabors. Its respect in the industry and continued innovative developments are a direct result of the leadership of it Chief Executive Office, Mr. Anthony Petrello.

Mr. Portello’s board memberships are a wonderful reflection of his dedication to his community. His board memberships include the following organizations, Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc, Nabors Industries, Inc, Harvard Law School, Nabors Blue Sky Industries, Inc, as well as Yale University. With this level of involvement there is no wonder his success has been unmatched. Anthony Petrello’s contributions to the above listed organizations are a direct reflection of his philanthropist beliefs.

While a man of many talents and skills he continues to make time to share his blessings with others. His wife is a supporter of his community involvement and takes an active role with his participation with the Texas Children’s Hospital. While many are given opportunities to serve, not everyone serves with distinction. Mr Potello is a man one can aspire to follow.