Kim Dao Explores SM Town With Other Youtubers

Kim Dao is on her way to a restaurant by SM Town. It is the second to the last day of the trip. She is really tired and hungry because she missed out on breakfast. She had to go to the post office to ship off packages of things she has collected while traveling. Kim Dao and the other Youtube creators visit the restaurant. They go to a part of the restaurant where there are loads of pillows of celebrities. They explore different areas. They sit down to have lunch. They cancelled an event so they all did a dance class. They are worn out. They are about to get makeovers. Then they will be attending a cocktail party. Learn more:


Kim Dao gets a face massage by Jenny. She then gets her hair and makeup done. Kim Dao is done getting her makeup. She thinks her hair makes her look younger. They are getting ready to have a cocktail party at the Jenny House. There are drinks and a lot of food. They received some gifts.


Kim Dao is back in her hotel room. She shows the gifts she received from the Jenny House. She is heading back out. She decided not to join the others for dinner because she is extremely tired. She doesn’t want to stay out to late. She goes shopping. Learn more:


She has made it back to her room from her quick shopping trip. She shows the things she purchased. She takes a shower. Sunny comes over. Lear more:


Watch her vlog here.