How Former Israeli Ambassador to the UK Impacted on the Ties between the Two Countries and Brought Tranquility among Middle East Nations

Daniel Taub, the immediate former Israeli ambassador to the UK, has done an exemplary job over the course of his stay in the office. The firm Orthodox-Jew has managed to take the trading ties between the Great Britain and Israel, not mentioning the positive cultural and educational benchmarking and exchange that has been precipitated by his good governance skills. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Having been born in the UK and spent a couple of decades or more in the European country, it was easy for Ambassador Taub to get integrated into the way of life and British culture.

He, however, was forced to relinquish his British citizenship before officially took the envoy job, and obliging went a long way in making the world see how strong his resolve was to serve his people back home. For the entire Israeli history, Daniel Taub could be said to be the greatest among the greatest diplomats the country has ever produced.

Improving the Israeli-UK Ties

Speaking during an exclusive interview with The JC in 2015, Ambassador Taub expressed his satisfaction in the way he had served his home nation. He said that working in the very country that he was born and raised in was a huge privilege and honor on his side.

Taub took pride in having been part and parcel of building bridges between the European nation and the Jewish nation. He narrated of the rich history that has existed between his Jewish people and the UK and said that he hoped that the relationship would continue growing even for many years to come.

The departure of Daniel Taub left big shoes for his successor to try and fit in. Those working in Israeli embassy offices in London argue that Daniel’s achievements can only be compared to Shlomo Argov’s accomplishments and not against any other person’s.

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The Jews living in the UK also attested to the fact that since Shlomo’s tenure of the 80s, the other ambassador who had shown a clear dedication to their welfare was Daniel Taub. He has stood up to speak for the needs of those Jews, sometimes even going a step ahead to step in and save the situation at times of crises.

Helping the Middle East

Besides speaking on behalf and for Israel, Daniel Taub took it upon himself to push for improved ties between Europe and the Middle East.

According to him, part of his job is to ensure that the Middle East is stable. He has mediated and sought for help during crises in some countries such as Iran and Palestine.

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