Securus Technologies Gaining The Gold

The Stevie awards were first introduced in 2002 as a way to reward accomplishments and highlight contributions of businesses around the world. As in Olympic fashion, the awards are divided into three distinct levels, gold, silver, and bronze. This year, Securus Technologies stepped up to accept the honor of the golden award in the Customer Service and Sales category. The prestigious award was issued based on several factors including customer issue resolution, satisfaction surveys, and agents focused on the customer.

Always looking for ways to improve, Securus Technologies is definitely doing something right. Showing great strides in updated technology and in-house agent training, Securus is setting the bar in the criminal justice tech solutions. But, they are far more than just a communications company. They are the leaders in investigation solutions, monitoring services, and managed access. They have also seen great success with their inmate self-service programs which allows prisoners to make calls, receive in-house emails, file grievances, make requests, and manage their own learning courses and job searches.

Assistance for the correctional facility has grown by leaps and bounds recently with the introduction of a state-of-the-art system that allows the jail or prison to monitor, prevent and solve crimes on their own. This helps create a safer environment for the prisoners and guards alike.

While working hard on the side of justice, Securus has not abandoned the human side of the coin either. This is where their hard work is highlighted in gold. By training each agent in their own facility, they can guarantee the best customer service according to the high standards set by the company. These are the efforts that were rewarded and these are the efforts that are going to carry Securus forward as the top company in the field. It is an honor well deserved.