End Citizens United Endorses Lamb’s Fight to Support Unions

     2016 came as a shock to the Democratic party, with Republicans taking near-complete control of the government. However, since then, they’ve managed to flip over 36 seats to their side, from a number of different elected positions. The Democrats have high hopes that this wave of victory will continue to sweep the country, and nowhere is that hope more prevalent than the upcoming special election between Lamb and Saccone.

Conor Lamb Sees Support From the People

Conor Lamb has been fighting hard to gain the support of the people, and he’s succeeding. With endorsements from End Citizens United pushing him forward, his pro-labor stance has secured him a number of union voters.

His proposal to create stable, well-paying jobs via infrastructure reforms has been enticing even to historically Republican voters. Additionally, he has campaigned on a platform of protecting Social Security and Medicare fiercely, as well as putting an end to the opioid crisis that has crippled the area.

Republicans Scramble to Stop Lamb

The centrist, union-focused policies of Lamb have put Saccone and the Republican party on edge. Lamb’s strong reputation and his wide support among the area’s labor unions have made him a fierce foe for Saccone, and the right wing has no intentions of letting Lamb win without a vicious fight.

Their first strike against lamb took shape in the form of radio ads, which decried his disapproval of Trump’s widely controversial tax bill. With well over $1 million in institutional funds going against Lamb, the Republicans should have a strong foothold, but it’s obvious that they’re fighting in desperation. Saccone’s anti-union stance hasn’t made him any friends in the area, and while he has the backing of big spending, he’s struggling to keep up with Lamb’s platform.

End Citizens United Endorses Lamb

One of the first official endorsements of Conor Lamb’s campaign was from End Citizens United, which allowed him to gain a firm foothold and build a launchpad from which he could campaign against Saccone. While there was little in the way of financial backing, Lamb’s grassroots campaigning was boosted immensely by their support.

End Citizens United is a political action committee created in 2015, following the Citizens United bill. Their mission is, unsurprisingly, to end Citizens United. However, they also work to back financial reform and fight against the influence of big financial institutions in elections, as well as supporting grassroots activists around the nation. While the majority of their support has gone toward Democrats, they have expressed no reservations about supporting Republican or Independent candidates who shared their views.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco How He Rose To The Ranks At Bradesco

The former CEO of Bradesco, Lázaro de Mello Brandão, served as the head of the bank for nearly three decades. He has been working for the bank for nearly 75 years and joined the company when it was first established. He has worked closely with the founder of the bank Amador Aguiar and has been the key player in the banking industry for many decades. He became the chairman of the company in 1990 and then was appointed the CEO in 1981. After his decision to retire from his position at Bradesco, everyone thought that it would be difficult for them to find someone as dedicated towards the company as he was. Since the announcement, there has been speculation of the new CEO appointment and had a number of candidates in the race, including Octavio Lazari, Mauricio Minas, Josue Pancini, Alexandre Glueher and Luiz Carlos Trabuco. But, in reality, the decision was an easy one who knew the top executives.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was declared the current CEO of Bradesco and would carry out the responsibility for at least six months before he is formally given the position. He has spent four decades working for the bank. He joined the Bradesco when it was a small company, and he helped it grow, and today it is the second largest bank in Brazil. The country has a large deposit of natural resources, but few investors wanted to want to invest in the country. Some of the issues that the investors have were the inflation, unemployment and high interest rates. It was Bradesco along with other banks that helped the country come out of recession. If it hadn’t been Bradesco and its operations, Brazil would never have been able to come out of the problem. Over the years, it has brought numerous foreign investments in the country and built a healthy economy.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco, just like the former CEO, joined the company at a young age of 18. He first joined the Marilia’s branch and within a matter of two years, was moved to the Sao Paulo branch which is the main office of the company. With his dedication and passion towards the company, he moved up the ranks quite quickly. He was named the Director of Marketing in 1984 and then was promoted to the Executive Director and President of the company Pension Company in 1992. After serving there for six years, he was named the Executive Vice President of the company. He has also been one of the members of its board from 1999 up till 2005. Currently, he serves as the Vice Chairman of Bradesco before being elected to the CEO position.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is known for its knowledge and hard work. It was during his stint at the Bradesco Insurance Group back in 2003 that showed how vital he was to this company. The company managed to double the number of insurers, and the company grew in size. Soon, it was able to capture about 25 percent of the total insurance market and the company’s profit increased by 35 percent. According to folha.uol.com.br Luiz Carlos Trabuco believes in leading by example and is the first one to arrive at his workplace every morning. He stays on till 6:00 pm and is approachable by his employees at any time for any issues they might be facing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has won numerous national and international awards and recognition for his achievements in the banking industry. He was awarded the Insurance Person of the Year in the year 2006 and then in 2007. He was also named one of the individual in the List of the most influential Brazilians in 2009.

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