OSI Industries Provides Next-Gen Food Service Solutions Worldwide

OSI Industries is a global leader in providing quality food products and custom food solutions. The food processing company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and was founded in 1909. The company has continued to produce premium protein-rich food products and sells them to food services and major retail food brands located all around the world. The company has a very rich history and have created a mass production operation that incorporated liquid nitrogen tunnels to flash-freeze meat products. They were chosen as McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef back in 1955. OSI Industries still remain as one of the meat suppliers to the ubiquitous fast food corporation and several other chains.

OSI Industries is currently listed on Forbes as one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. The company has approximately 20,000 employees worldwide and is reportedly worth a whopping $6.1 billion as of 2016. During 2016, the company have also acquired the Tyson Foods processing plant in Chicago, Illinois and expanded its presence in Europe by gaining the United Kingdom-based Flagship Europe, a major European food supplier. They currently have a strong network and international operations in located in Austria, Germany, India, Taiwan, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Brazil and many other countries. The company and all of its global operations practice a strict food safety protocol that has been unsurpassed for numerous decades.

The OSI Industries purchased the Tyson Foods facility for $7.4 million a month after Tyson Foods announced that they were shutting down. The plant had roughly 250 employees by the last day of production after nearly 480 were laid off by Tyson. Some of the remaining employees now work for OSI Industries. The newly acquired facility will help to meet the needs of OSI’s ever expanding clientele and promote positive business growth. The company is led by David G. McDonald, who has served as its president and chief operating officer for more than seven years.

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David McDonald: Establishing a New International Food Giant

David McDonald has been an instrumental personality when it comes to the transformation of the OSI Group, considered as the largest protein manufacturer and distributor on the planet. Being the current chief executive officer and president of the company, he focused on strengthening their presence abroad. Today, the OSI Group managed to open more than 50 facilities, scattered in 17 different countries. The OSI Group is also known for hiring local management teams that would supervise their overseas operations. One of their oldest facilities can be found in China, where they have been making a presence for more than 20 years.

Before becoming the CEO and president of the OSI Group, David McDonald served as the chairman of the North America Meat Institute. He found his way to the OSI Group after looking for a stable job that could provide his needs, and after years of doing hard work, he was promoted to become the independent director of Marfrig Global Foods, a subsidiary of the OSI Group operating in Brazil and Europe. After showing his competence with the board of directors, he was named later on as the new CEO and president of the company, and he was given the task to improve the relations that the OSI Group has with the foreign market.

To achieve this task, David McDonald had to think about the possible outcomes of his decisions. With the assistance from his closest advisors, he decided to acquire smaller players in the food industry. A small Dutch food manufacturing firm called Baho Foods is one of the most recent acquisitions made by the OSI Group. David McDonald stated that the acquisition of the said business would enable them to further their agendas into the European market. He would like the Europeans to become more leaning towards their products and has promised that they will be aware of the demands of the European market when it comes to protein products.

The OSI Group is also active in Asia. Home to more than half of the world’s population, entrepreneurs can find endless opportunities in the continent. David McDonald took advantage of it, stating that retaining their operations in Asia and acquiring smaller Asian firms can help them become the dominant company in the continent that would supply the protein needs of its citizens. David McDonald has also set off his eyes in the African and South American continent for future expansions that will turn his dream into a reality.

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Osi Group Continues to Thrive in the Food Industry

Osi Group was one of the eighteen companies presented with Globe of Honor Award in 2016. This award is given to organization that exhibit exemplary efforts in environmental management. The British Council commended this company for implementing environmental management in every aspect of their business. Protecting the environment is an integral part of the sustainability policy in Osi Group.

The company has many decades in business but it began as Otto & Sons in 1928. When Sheldon Lavin took over, he had a different vision and decided to transform it. First, he changed its name from Otto & Sons to Osi Group. Since then, the company has become nothing but successful. Osi Group is a leading meat and food processing company in America, Europe and other part of the world.

Osi strategies include delivering quality products, increasing food variety for customers and meeting customer expectations. The headquarters are in Chicago while other plants are distributed in various parts of the country. Having additional plants has significantly increased efficiency in production. As a result, Osi has managed to achieve other goals.

The company would not be where it is today without its employees. They have given their best abilities and skills to Osi Group. The company invites new talent and graduates. Unlike other companies that seek experienced people, Osi needs passionate graduates to help the company achieve its objectives. In return, employees will have great opportunities to hone their skills and have new opportunities for growth and career development.

Osi Group also appreciates diversity among employees. Different people bring various contributions that improve the work environment. They also have fresh and new ideas that propel the company forward. The company appreciates working with young people because they have a different perspective and also good at innovation and creativity. Osi supports employees by creating a favorable working environment. Trainings, workshops and other forms of motivations are also available for employees.

Osi added Baho and Tyson Food plants to the group. The aim was to achieve increase variety for customers. By acquiring these two additional, the company has managed to customize foods for customers. They have several choices to select and this provision makes Osi even more popular among its customers. The improvements have contributed to Osi becoming America’s top 100 food companies. Sheldon Lavin may be of old age now but he is still passionate about working for Osi Group. The company is looking forward to more achievements in the future.

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Lime Crime

LimeCrime: A cruelty free and Vegan makeup line

Lime Crime launched in the year of 2008. All of the Limecrime products are cruelty free and are certified vegan. They are leaping bunny cruelty free. The owner, Doe Deere, has a love and passion for all creatures. She even made the mascot for her business a unicorn. The unicorn is supposed to represent equality for all creatures. Doe herself is known as the “unicorn queen” of the makeup industry. Cruelty free means that the products of this brand are not tested on animals, and they do not use animal ingredients. They also do not use any byproducts.

Lime Crime has several different products featured on their website. They have grown over the years. Since launching their first products in 2008, they have come up with several different new products, and all of them are bold and daring. Lime Crime features, pop on nails, matte lipstick, unicorn lipstick, metallic lipstick, diamond crushers glittery gloss, loose pigments, eye shadow pallets, highlighter, and several different shades of liquid liners. One of the most popular products that this unique brand has recently came up with, is the new semi permanent hair dye. The best part about the new hair dye, is that there are several different shades to choose from. They have about any color you could imagine to choose from.

LimeCrime is a bold and daring makeup line. Doe Deere always had a passion for makeup and fairytales, so she combined the two together and formed a magnificent brand. And even though it has had a massive amount of success, Doe plans on trying new things. In the near future, she is looking to make more products for everyone to love and enjoy. She takes pride in her work and in her happy customers.

McDonald and Sheldon steers OSI Group through development

OSI Group, a manufacturing food company based in Chicago is expanding its business to outside the United States. The company is not just expanding its facility in terms of capacity but also in terms of the product they produce. Since the company was started in 1909, it has been dealing with the supply of food products to the large food chains in the country. The company is now led by President David McDonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin. The two executives have worked hard for this business, and the results are impressive. Today the company is acquiring some other huge food processing companies in other parts of the world to boost their business.

OSI Group has set up new facilities for production in various parts of the world. In the last two years, they have constructed seven food processing plants. The company is anticipating that the expansion strategies they have been applying will lead to more business and therefore demand for their products will go up. OSI Group has also concentrated on determining which product customer wants. Through product development plans, the company is serious to identify the products which the client wants. Their role as a business is to supply clients with what the customer wants.

While pushing for business expansion, the company has partnered with Dutch Food Company called Baho. Baho is one of the best food companies in Europe. It supplies more than 18 countries in the region with food products, mostly conveniences gods and snacks. The company also has five subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany. So, for OSI Group, this is a prime acquisition which will help the company earn immensely. The European market is one of the best and OSI Group is hoping to grow even further.

David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, has referred to the acquisition of Baho as an opportunity for them to gain a broader presence in the world. For a company that is hoping to reach every corner of the world. The acquisition of Baho with a presence in 18 countries is just the kind of deal they would be interested in.

David McDonald is a holder of Animal Science degree. He has been the chairman of North America Meat Institute. His first role while serving OSI Group was as a project manager.

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