Whitney Wolfe Continues To Stand Her Ground In Transforming Online Dating

The world is slowly becoming a real global village especially as technology continues to have its foot forward. It is amazing how someone can buy something while seated on their couch or right in their bed. It has become possible to order a shipment from overseas by a click or touch of a button without traveling to the premises. The newest advancement in technology is the launching of applications perhaps; it seems like every company has come up with their own apps that their customers can use to access their services easier. And even amazingly, now we have dating apps where you can meet your life partner. That sounds cute. Let’s see how.

When it comes to dating apps, Whitney Wolfe’s venture comes at the top of the list leading the way for others to follow. Bumble, which is free, has turned out to be the most popular feminist dating app where the lady is privileged with taking the first move in establishing a communication. It is amazing that for only 8 months, the app has over 500,000 users who spend an average of an hour in the app daily. Thanks to Whitney Wolfe. But who is this creative lady?

Whitney Wolfe previously worked at Tinder where she was the Co-Founder and Marketing Vice President but later left the company and sued them for sexual harassment. Tinder was also a dating company for both men and women. After settling their case, she ventured into Bumble where it’s only women who can commence the conversation unlike her previous Tinder Company. The motivation behind the venturing of Bumble app is Wolfe’s advocacy for anti-bullying. Whitney Wolfe says that young girls in this millennial generation are facing harassment and enormous pressure right on their mobile phones. That’s why she made this dating app female friendly.

Whitney Wolfe studied International Studies at Southern Methodist University and has a net worth of $250 million. She was born in Salt Lake City in Utah but currently stays at Austin, Texas with her family. She is married to Michael Herd.

After Bumble’s excellent performance, Match Group, who owns Tinder, became interested in purchasing Bumble. Later, the Group somehow gave up and sued Wolfe’s company for patent infringement. That’s funny, right? The lawsuit accuses Bumble of “stealing” the design patent swipe to connect which is used in Tinder. The suit also claims that Bumble executives Chris and Sarah who worked at Tinder stole confidential information which was meant for advancing Tinder Company.