ClassDojo Is Helping Students Build Communication And Collaboration

ClassDojo is bringing students together from all different backgrounds through their amazing communication platform. Since first launching back in 2011, ClassDojo has worked their way into over 180 countries around the globe, helping thousands of students from different regions build communication in their own communities as well as with others from around the world. Despite being thousands of miles apart, students from classrooms in different countries are able to share videos with each other to share their own experiences with each other. This allows young students in grades K-8 to experience different cultures and ways to communicate in an effective and fun way.

Not only does this improve the overall positivity around learning int he classroom, but it enables students to find more joy in their studies and become more involved with others in the schooling community. Parents are also a big part of the equation, which is why they are not only invited but encouraged to join in on ClassDojo with their children to enhance their learning experience. There is no doubt that the presence of a parent in their child’s learning helps them reach their potential. This is because parents can effectively motivate their children at home and build their confidence to do well in school.

ClassDojo has been free since the beginning, which is how they have been able to spread into more than 90 percent of classrooms in schools throughout the nation today. Various funding events and donators are what keeps ClassDojo growing into the future as well as optional features that users can buy to help increase ClassDojo’s revenue and expansion. Anyone with a smart device is able to download ClassDojo and get started in on the fun, just ask a classroom teacher for an invitation. With an active internet connection, students, teachers, and parents are able to stay connected to each other throughout the whole day.