4 Notable Facts About Malcom Caselle

Malcolm Caselle is one of the smartest people on earth. He is the head of Tronc, a media publishing firm. He also sits on some boards for big corporations. The alumni of the best Ivy League schools in the USA studied at MIT Massachusetts and Stanford, schools where the best brains go. He has a very high IQ and a knack for business that we equaled by very few entrepreneurs in the world.


He is a born leader. His career spans decades during which he held senior leadership positions in various multi-nationals. For instance, he was the CEO for Pacific Century Cyberworks, a position he held for four years. He is charismatic and confident. Many credit him with development strides in the digital and information technology sector. Such accolades are a result of his tact in implementing new ideas.

Business Acumen

His most significant investments are in the Information Technology field. He over the years managed and invested heavily in internet companies. Many of his colleagues know him as a techno-savvy go-getter who stops when he achieves the best result in his ventures. His hard work always pays off. That is why he can lead multi-national ventures successfully.

Giving back to society

Many companies for which he worked are large-scale employers. So, his work facilitated the job provisions for many people. His business ventures also provide jobs in many categories for people in many countries. Among his business investments are wineries, Digital companies, and golf. Malcolm also takes part in countable charities. He helps raise lots of money for different causes. He influenced many companies with which he worked, to make direct donations for charity.


The digital media owes some of its most significant developments to Malcolm Caselle. He was instrumental in building digital media startups from the ground up. Among these are digital gaming companies. An example is Xfire which is a popular game network with over 22million followers.

Malcolm called has all the characteristics of a great leader. He is witty, confident, humble and a good listener. He is smart and firm. He will go down in history as one of the most significant assets for the digital media industry.