Contour Design’s Representatives Speak Highly Of NewsWatch TV In Its Review

Contour Design is known for creating quality computer-related products and accessories. When it created its ergonomic workstation, the company wanted to market it via television and online mediums. They reached out to NewsWatch TV, and below is what they said about them.

Review From Contour Design

Contour Design’s campaign was a success. Bret Hudson is a company executive and said they saw an immediate and dramatic spike in sales. He said NewsWatch TV helped them increase their sales. In his review, he mentioned the quality of the video, saying they appreciated it. The segment that featured Contour Design’s product reached over 80 million households in America, and the online campaign resulted in over 500,000 online impressions.

Where Is NewsWatch Located

NewsWatch TV has its headquarters in Washington, DC. It has additional offices in major cities such as New York, Fairfax and Denver. Its parent company is a video/communications company called Bridge Communications.

What Is Their Show About

NewsWatch TV is a television show that covers an array of topics. Most of the topics they cover are consumer-focused, which is why they provide editorial content and sponsored content. Those who want to promote something can hire NewsWatch to launch a segment (sponsored content) during the show, which airs on Mondays in the morning.

Misc. Information About NewsWatch TV

One of the most interesting things about NewsWatch TV is they have aired over 1,000 episodes and many celebrities have appeared on segments. The show is only a half-hour long, and it usually airs at seven in the morning on Monday.

NewsWatch TV has been around for many years. This is due to the hard work of everyone that contributes to the show’s production and their commitment to making it a continued success.


Lime Crime Dishes On 2018’s Hottest Spring Looks

Lime Crime, a vegan make-up company, is taking the world by storm and turning heads. Men and women who wear Lime Crime products stand out as their make-up pallets contain nothing but beautifully bright colors. Their Spring trends are a sure fire way to stand out this season and make a statement that shows off your natural, blossoming beauty.

This spring’s looks are inspired from nature. Whether it be the most vibrantly colored flower, or just a beautiful blade of grass, this year’s spring trends will make you look like a beautiful wildflower. Some trends can be tricky, so we are here to break it down so can master these techniques in no time. The biggest thing to remember is to adapt our spring trends to reflect your own personality and style. Confidence is the hottest trend of all and will radiate your beauty more than make-up ever could.

Our first tip to look fresh this spring is to use highlighter to your advantage. Highlighter, when used properly, shows off the structure of your face. Usually coming in the form of a make-up stick or loose powder, highlighter brings emphasis to the point of the body you want to show off. So don’t be afraid to accentuate your face’s best features! Place the highlighter around your cheekbones to make you look more awake, and under your eyes for a mid-day pick-me-up. And don’t forget to brush it lightly around your eyebrows and nose to add more definition. It is nearly impossible to wrong with highlighter, so have fun with it! Just remember that a little goes a long way.

This spring we recommend doing a matte lip and let your eyes dazzle everyone. Using a matte lipstick shows off the lips shapes and encourages natural lip lines to come through. Coming in every shade of color, they make delicate lips pop! Then use eye-shadow with a bright sparkle in it! It will let you look refreshed and vibrant this spring. Whatever trend you decide to go with, make sure to stay true to yourself, and remember how beautiful you are!

How PSI Pay Has Made Digital Finance Transactions Possible

Buying goods and services is one of the activities most people in Britain consider an enjoyable hobby. Almost half of the British purchases are done using credit cards. According to British Retail Consortium, credit card transactions were overtaking cash transactions. Recent news from PSI Pay Ltd indicated cashless payments were on the rise, and this would continue in the coming years. Kerv Wearables is an affiliate of PSI. The manner in which the cashless payments have been embraced is amazing. This means transactions in the global market are taking a different direction. Many people can today access the contactless payment ring and make their transactions easier and effective.


Although cash purchases had become dominant in most places around the world, the change that has come is worthwhile. Some people waste a lot of time looking for the cash stuck in their pocketbooks. This becomes irritating especially when buying something quickly. Others would even find you disorganized when looking for the cash in your pockets frantically. Those who have used PSI Pay services say it’s a speedy option everyone needs to embrace. With such payment options, you don’t need to think about your pin numbers when making a purchase. Contactless payments help people use manual devices to complete their purchases.


With just a credit, debit, and smart cards, you can enjoy contactless payments. They are best to use when completing payments for their goods and services. Since PSI Pay came into the public domain, most people have enjoyed making purchases. Kerv has a ring it uses to supply PSI with the needed contactless payment options. With the Kerv ring, people can enjoy convenience and strength. If you would like to wear the ring, you could get it in any of the 12 distinct sizes. Most people like using these rings since they tolerate water exposure, scratching, and scrapping.


Among the top FinTech companies in the United Kingdom, PSI Pay appears on the list. The company enjoyed a lot of benefits through contactless transactions in 2015. The company has announced that all its directional updates are finished. The tie the company has with its customers is strong. PSI is known to have managed extensive technological investments in a great way. The company is now focused on enhancing its security practices to ensure its customers are safe always. PSI has enhanced business volumes, income revenues, and pre-tax profits. Phil Davies is the company’s managing director, and he has formed a solid teamwork system that is always behind the achievements the company enjoys.

Whitney Wolfe’s Assessment of Online Dating Before Bumble

When thinking about starting a business in an industry, one of the best things to do before moving forward is doing an assessment of the industry. For instance, when Whitney Wolfe has thought about a dating app, she has looked at online dating as a whole, and she has found an issue that she has felt has hindered online dating. One issue that she has found is that with online dating, people often find a lot of matches accumulated. This is especially the case with women’s accounts. Women seem to get a ton of messages when they sign up for an account.

While a lot of people may think that this is very pleasing to women, this is actually intimidating to women because a lot of the matches are what they consider dead-ends. Therefore, women may find themselves being overwhelmed which can cause them to hold out until they feel that they have the right match. This can take a long time for them. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has made a few adjustments when she has developed Bumble. Now, it is up to the women to initiate with men. Also, there is a time constraint when it comes to a match. Bumble matches a man to the woman and then gives her 24 hours to respond to the match.

Whitney Wolfe wants women to feel safe when they use the app. One thing that can cause a women to feel rather intimidated is the tons of attention, especially when some of the attention is a little bit on the aggressive side. Whitney Wolfe cuts down on a lot of the messiness of online dating with Bumble. Whitney has been so effective with online dating that she has gained the attention of many high profile people and entities that want to be a part of the journey.

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