Whitney Wolfe’s Assessment of Online Dating Before Bumble

When thinking about starting a business in an industry, one of the best things to do before moving forward is doing an assessment of the industry. For instance, when Whitney Wolfe has thought about a dating app, she has looked at online dating as a whole, and she has found an issue that she has felt has hindered online dating. One issue that she has found is that with online dating, people often find a lot of matches accumulated. This is especially the case with women’s accounts. Women seem to get a ton of messages when they sign up for an account.


While a lot of people may think that this is very pleasing to women, this is actually intimidating to women because a lot of the matches are what they consider dead-ends. Therefore, women may find themselves being overwhelmed which can cause them to hold out until they feel that they have the right match. This can take a long time for them. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has made a few adjustments when she has developed Bumble. Now, it is up to the women to initiate with men. Also, there is a time constraint when it comes to a match. Bumble matches a man to the woman and then gives her 24 hours to respond to the match.

Whitney Wolfe wants women to feel safe when they use the app. One thing that can cause a women to feel rather intimidated is the tons of attention, especially when some of the attention is a little bit on the aggressive side. Whitney Wolfe cuts down on a lot of the messiness of online dating with Bumble. Whitney has been so effective with online dating that she has gained the attention of many high profile people and entities that want to be a part of the journey.

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