Contour Design’s Representatives Speak Highly Of NewsWatch TV In Its Review

Contour Design is known for creating quality computer-related products and accessories. When it created its ergonomic workstation, the company wanted to market it via television and online mediums. They reached out to NewsWatch TV, and below is what they said about them.

Review From Contour Design

Contour Design’s campaign was a success. Bret Hudson is a company executive and said they saw an immediate and dramatic spike in sales. He said NewsWatch TV helped them increase their sales. In his review, he mentioned the quality of the video, saying they appreciated it. The segment that featured Contour Design’s product reached over 80 million households in America, and the online campaign resulted in over 500,000 online impressions.

Where Is NewsWatch Located

NewsWatch TV has its headquarters in Washington, DC. It has additional offices in major cities such as New York, Fairfax and Denver. Its parent company is a video/communications company called Bridge Communications.

What Is Their Show About

NewsWatch TV is a television show that covers an array of topics. Most of the topics they cover are consumer-focused, which is why they provide editorial content and sponsored content. Those who want to promote something can hire NewsWatch to launch a segment (sponsored content) during the show, which airs on Mondays in the morning.

Misc. Information About NewsWatch TV

One of the most interesting things about NewsWatch TV is they have aired over 1,000 episodes and many celebrities have appeared on segments. The show is only a half-hour long, and it usually airs at seven in the morning on Monday.

NewsWatch TV has been around for many years. This is due to the hard work of everyone that contributes to the show’s production and their commitment to making it a continued success.