Upworks is so much more than a business platform

Upwork is a platform used for worldwide freelancing where professional can connect with businesses to perform tasks such as writing blogs and conducting remote administrative work. Upwork, formerly known as Odesk, is based in California, USA. There are currently more than ten million registered freelancer users and more than five million clients registered to the site.

However, Upworks is much more than a platform for professionals to connect with businesses, as they also offer some great advice such as the following tips on how to power through your “To-Do List” more effectively.

  1. Write down everything. Unless you have a photographic memory, you will not recall everything that you want to get done in a given time-frame, so to avoid added stress, make a list. Physically writing a list will give your mind permission to forget it so you can actually focus on the task at hand instead of focusing on trying to remember what you need to get done.
  2. Prepare and Prioritize. Make the physical list the night before, so when you wake in the morning you are ready to tackle the tasks. While preparing the list, think about what is the most important thing to get done and prioritize accordingly.
  3. Time management. On your “to-do list” assign a time-frame for each task. For instance, how many minutes or even hours will a certain task take to complete. In addition, bulk similar tasks together. For example, batch together all tasks that involve driving.
  4. Re-evaluate. We all have that one task that keeps ending up at the bottom of the list. At this point, ask yourself “how important is this task?” Then delete these tasks that don’t matter very much and focus on tasks that are important.
  5. Break it up. A “to-do list” can become overwhelming if you let it; therefore, if a task seems impossible, simply break it down into sub-tasks. This trick will get the task completed faster and more effectively as you will not feel bogged down and unnecessarily stressed.
  6. Delegate. There is no rule that says that you can’t ask for help in completing a task whether it is in the home or the office.