Fortress Investment Group is a Prestigious Investment Firm in NYC

Peter Briger is a Principal of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He is also a Board member, and he serves as a Co-Chairman. The company was founded in 1998. Peter joined the firm four years after its inception, in 2002.He is a Princeton University graduate. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, at which he achieved an MBA. Prior to taking on the position at Fortress Investment Group, Peter was with the investment firm of Goldman Sachs for 15 years. He was a partner of the firm. His areas of responsibilities there were primarily including, but not limited to real estate, distressed debt, and with a major focus on illiquid investments. Additionally, he possesses vast experience in the area of foreign investments.

In his current role, he heads up the credit funding business division and the real estate division. Peter’s colleagues on the executive committee of Fortress Investment Group are its co-founders Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone.The company is a private alternative investment firm, and it is located in New York City. Peter Briger was largely instrumental when Fortress Investment Group went public. It was the first in the category of alternative investment companies, and of those located in the United States, to have transitioned from a private firm into a publicly held company. The Fortress Investment Group has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange since 2007.

It has a large and diversified client base, including those that are institutional investors and individual high wealth investors. The company manages asset portfolios which in aggregate total over $70 billion.Peter Briger has accumulated a great amount of wealth for himself over the years. He has had a highly successful career, and he is considered one of the top in his field. Peter is a keen investor who has made wise investment choices, not only for his clients, but also in his own portfolio. Peter is a self made billionaire. He is on the Forbes top 400 list of billionaires. As of the last count available, he ranks number 407 on the Forbes list.

ClassDojo Is Helping Students Build Communication And Collaboration

ClassDojo is bringing students together from all different backgrounds through their amazing communication platform. Since first launching back in 2011, ClassDojo has worked their way into over 180 countries around the globe, helping thousands of students from different regions build communication in their own communities as well as with others from around the world. Despite being thousands of miles apart, students from classrooms in different countries are able to share videos with each other to share their own experiences with each other. This allows young students in grades K-8 to experience different cultures and ways to communicate in an effective and fun way.

Not only does this improve the overall positivity around learning int he classroom, but it enables students to find more joy in their studies and become more involved with others in the schooling community. Parents are also a big part of the equation, which is why they are not only invited but encouraged to join in on ClassDojo with their children to enhance their learning experience. There is no doubt that the presence of a parent in their child’s learning helps them reach their potential. This is because parents can effectively motivate their children at home and build their confidence to do well in school.

ClassDojo has been free since the beginning, which is how they have been able to spread into more than 90 percent of classrooms in schools throughout the nation today. Various funding events and donators are what keeps ClassDojo growing into the future as well as optional features that users can buy to help increase ClassDojo’s revenue and expansion. Anyone with a smart device is able to download ClassDojo and get started in on the fun, just ask a classroom teacher for an invitation. With an active internet connection, students, teachers, and parents are able to stay connected to each other throughout the whole day.

Roberto Santiago’s perfect vacation destination

Roberto Santiago has built the perfect tour destination for families. He built Manaira Shopping mall with the aim of giving families a vacation destination that would appeal to every family member. Since Brazil is known throughout its history for having amazing beaches, sunset scenes and rich culture, Roberto Santiago built his mall to complement its beautiful environment.

The perfect get away

The whole point of having a vacation is to get away from the hustle of the city. Despite the activities that go on in the mall, Manaira shopping mall has quiet beaches with wonderful views of sunset. Visitors can enjoy peace and quiet while taking in the beauty of nature. Perfect for a lazy vacation.

Fun for the whole family

Vacation is also a time to bond with the family. The shopping mall houses a hamburger and steak house and several food courts. This offers the perfect opportunity to eat together while catching up. It also houses several movie theatres ranging from VIP rooms to 3D theatres. Mr Santiago also invested in family friendly games like bowling. When choosing an activity to do as a family, guests are spoilt for choice.

Fun for the kids

It’s great spending time with the kids on vacation. But sometimes they need to be distracted so you can have time to yourself. Manaira has one of the biggest gaming rooms. At 1800 meters with over 200 gaming machines and countless games installed, Manaira’s gaming room is every kid’s paradise. This is a perfect place for kids to spend time while parents enjoy themselves on the other end of the mall.

Cultural experience

What makes Manaira shopping mall special is that despite it being world class, it capitalizes on the locals’ culture. Most of the foods served, items sold in the gift shop, dances are local. Guests are able to enjoy world class services and enjoy Brazilian Culture at the same time.

Apart from benefiting tourists, Manaira shopping mall has benefited the locals greatly. It has improved local economy by providing jobs to many. During its construction, Roberto Santiago made sure that the labour needed was sourced locally.


Important Information from Dr. David Samadi on Prostate Cancer Treatment

There are many renowned medical experts today, especially in the urology department. While such is being mentioned, Dr. David Samadi might be the first one. His resume in urology is huge and this has made him work in different reputable hospitals and hold various esteemed positions of leadership. The renowned urologist is the Robotic Surgery Chief at Lenox Hill Hospital and the urology chairman in the New York. He has tried to treat prostate cancer patients through thousands of invasive treatments. As a biochemistry graduate from Stony Brook University, he went ahead to do his master’s degree at the School of Medicine at the same university.

Whenever cancer prognosis is mentioned, many people tend to fear. However, Samadi is of a different opinion. He notes that some people like Mitt Romney, a former presidential nominee, didn’t fear this and he even came out strongly on it. Mitt chose to undergo surgery to treat prostate cancer instead of going through radiation. Mitt just did what other politicians such as Collin Powell and John Kerry did when they were diagnosed with prostate cancer. According to Samadi, surgery is the best treatment to make especially at the early stages of the disease. As Samadi affirms that the surgery Mitt had at UC Irvine Hospital was successful and the prognosis was great.

One thing Samadi doesn’t get tired of doing is making his patients know the benefits and shortcomings of surgery and radiation. In most cases, he recommends surgery over radiation. However, he is careful not to impose a decision on the patient since he wants the patient to make their own decision from what he has advised them. If the cancer is just localized around the prostate gland, Samadi says the survival rate would 100 percent is surgery is done. He warns that radiation may likely cause another secondary cancer. Rectal cancer and bladder cancer are examples of secondary cancer that would arise as a result of radiation.

It is worth noting that about 90 percent of the 7,000 surgeries Samadi has done on prostate cancer patients are successful. He is the man behind the advanced robotic prostate cancer treatment. Because of the smaller incision sites he makes during surgery, the healing time is made shorter. He has been a laparoscopic surgery chairman for some time before he went to Lenox Hill Hospital. Samadi says he is always awake at 4:30 in the morning and seated at his office by 6 am. He then gets set to perform several surgeries and he doesn’t leave before he has checked on his patients.

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Redefining The Hospitality Industry With Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is a successful business partner of Sussex Health Care Limited located in London, United Kingdom. Not only is Boghani with Sussex he is a managing partner with The Splendid Hotels Group and is currently the Director and Chairman. Shiraz Boghani does a dual job of managing and owning 19 of United Kingdom’s trading hotels.

Boghani has accomplished spending 30 years in the hospitality industry. He has been honored with the titles of a Chartered Accountant and a dynamic entrepreneur. During the 1900’s, he became the first ever hotelier to announce several hotels with limited service brands.

Boghani recently announced his plan for an exciting project with the Hilton London Bankside. His other hotel chains include The Grand Hotel & Spa, the Conrad London St James, York, and the Holiday Inn London. Boghani’s most recent purchases were the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and the New Ellington in Leeds. He gives a large amount of support to a charity that has been registered in the United Kingdom called the Aga Khan Foundation which includes the global network of Aga Khan Development.

Shiraz Boghani has been awarded quite a few times during his career but recently he was awarded the Hotelier of the Year award in the 2016 Asian Business Awards as well as the Major Hotel Award. All the awards he has been honored with during his career are because of the brilliance and knowledge that he possesses.

In the past recent years, Shiraz Boghani has been given the title of an internationally certified accountant who has exuberant quality skills when it comes to running any organization. He left his residence in Kenya, Africa in 1969 to make the move to the U.K in order to participate in advance training for his career in accounting. He then mastered the appropriate skills for accounting and applied the principles at Chartered Accountant Firm before joining Thomson McClintock later where he perfected his innovation skills.

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Stream Energy Cares: Texas-sized Philanthropy

Stream Energy, and up-and-coming energy company based in Dallas Texas that uses renewable energy and is slowly gaining market share over the tried-and-true oil and fossil fuel-based industry, has teamed up with the local philanthropic organization named “Hope Supply Co.” to alleviate victims of Hurricane Harvey and make an impact in their world. Hurricane Harvey was extremely devastating in terms of its impact on the environment. There were families displaced, pets that got lost, and millions upon millions of dollars worth of damage to homes.

Donating money and time has always been in the blood for Stream Energy company. They have had a lasting relationship with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity; More than anything, a large portion of there philanthropic campaign is their involvement with the dramatically increasing homeless rate due to Hurricane Harvey. As a matter of fact, the homeless rate has reached over 24% which is shockingly higher than most cities across the US.

Harnessing the power of multi-level marketing, Stream Energy uniquely provides multiple services across all states in the US. Such services include being a wireless provider and energy provider, while also offering protection and Home Services. Essentially, the company was founded after the state of Texas after the stopped regulation on energy that was much more strict before; This company started in 2008 by founder is Rob Schneider and Pierre Koshakji. After Stream’s success in the Texas market, the company expanded into Georgia in 2008 and later into the north eastern states in 2010. Ultimately, they have now come to offer cell phone services in a spin-off company titled “Stream Wireless”.

Stream’s new philanthropic creation, aptly-named “Stream Cares”, is not only a great way to help protect and take care of displaced citizens from Hurricane Harvey in the great city of Dallas, but it is also a great way to earn respect from all types of clients and people from across the country. More information on Stream Energy and Stream Cares can be found here.

Whitney Wolfe Continues To Stand Her Ground In Transforming Online Dating

The world is slowly becoming a real global village especially as technology continues to have its foot forward. It is amazing how someone can buy something while seated on their couch or right in their bed. It has become possible to order a shipment from overseas by a click or touch of a button without traveling to the premises. The newest advancement in technology is the launching of applications perhaps; it seems like every company has come up with their own apps that their customers can use to access their services easier. And even amazingly, now we have dating apps where you can meet your life partner. That sounds cute. Let’s see how.

When it comes to dating apps, Whitney Wolfe’s venture comes at the top of the list leading the way for others to follow. Bumble, which is free, has turned out to be the most popular feminist dating app where the lady is privileged with taking the first move in establishing a communication. It is amazing that for only 8 months, the app has over 500,000 users who spend an average of an hour in the app daily. Thanks to Whitney Wolfe. But who is this creative lady?

Whitney Wolfe previously worked at Tinder where she was the Co-Founder and Marketing Vice President but later left the company and sued them for sexual harassment. Tinder was also a dating company for both men and women. After settling their case, she ventured into Bumble where it’s only women who can commence the conversation unlike her previous Tinder Company. The motivation behind the venturing of Bumble app is Wolfe’s advocacy for anti-bullying. Whitney Wolfe says that young girls in this millennial generation are facing harassment and enormous pressure right on their mobile phones. That’s why she made this dating app female friendly.

Whitney Wolfe studied International Studies at Southern Methodist University and has a net worth of $250 million. She was born in Salt Lake City in Utah but currently stays at Austin, Texas with her family. She is married to Michael Herd.

After Bumble’s excellent performance, Match Group, who owns Tinder, became interested in purchasing Bumble. Later, the Group somehow gave up and sued Wolfe’s company for patent infringement. That’s funny, right? The lawsuit accuses Bumble of “stealing” the design patent swipe to connect which is used in Tinder. The suit also claims that Bumble executives Chris and Sarah who worked at Tinder stole confidential information which was meant for advancing Tinder Company.

Distributed Canvassing is a Total Game Changer

If you or anyone you know has ever worked in the field department on a political campaign then chances are you know or have heard about the pains of “cutting turf”. Cutting turf is one of the many necessary time sinks that make up a campaign, and it is a tedious process that can be frustrating for any field organizer. Luckily, NGP Van (the leading progressive voter database company) has made strides to make cutting turf a thing of the past with their newest development: distributed canvassing.


What separates distributed canvassing from any product like it is its simplicity and easiness to use. All campaigns have to do is create a universe and script to their liking, at which point distributed canvassing will automatically cut up the turf into walkable chunks. Now, instead of wasting hours cutting turf field teams can simply give a list number to their canvassers who simply punch it in to the MiniVan NGP VAN app and get to knocking doors. In the world of campaigns time is an infinitely precious thing, and distributed canvassing goes a long way in making sure that more time is spent on voter contact rather than in front of a computer cutting up turf for the next day. By lowering the barrier of entry for potential canvassers to merely punching in a list number, campaigns will likely also notice an uptick in return volunteers as they will be shocked by the easiness of the process. Not to mention: having field organizers with more time to spend on other things is a priceless bonus as well.


NGP Van is known for its products that revolutionize the way we view progressive campaigns and has been trusted by so many Democratic candidates on social media especially that it’d be impossible to list them all. With distributed canvassing they are taking yet another giant leap forward, and with the 2018 midterms closer than ever it is refreshing to see NGP Van is still working on such a massive improvement of the current canvassing system. It is hard to even believe, but we could be seeing the end of turf cutting very soon NGP VAN hopes– certainly welcome news for any field organizer who has done the task before!


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PSI Pay — Wearable Payments

The land of benefits and possibilities lies in the world of digital payments. You can easily create contactless payments, and your money can be exchanged instantly. This dream has been accomplished by 2 companies. PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables have created a uinique partnership, and they have an excellent new payment system that is rivaled only by classic banking techniques. The modern contactless payment ring is their gift to the globe of finance. It’s sensible, stylish, and artistic. This can be the initial PSI Pay ring within the world that sets the tone for the rest to create contactless payments. It’s an excellent invention. Many folks have already begun using it. Across Europe, folks are shopping for them and giving them as gifts.


The ring comes in multiple colors. They’re most popular in white and gray. It’s crafted out of a ceramic that’s stronger than titanium, steel, and silver. The ceramic is scratch proof, waterproof, extremely sturdy, and immune to breaking. The ring can face up to horrible weather, and it’s certified utterly safe. PSI Pay has taken nice measures to make sure their customers will use the contactless payment ring with maximum security. MasterCard has checked the ring and given it their stamp of approval. The ring uses the newest cryptography technology to guard sensitive money information, and it doesn’t link to your phone or checking account. The contactless payment ring that PSI Pay built has an account that customers will add funds to. The account PSI Pay allowsis topped off by your PayPal, checking account, or credit card. It solely takes a quick click, and you’re able to go! The initial limit for contactless purchases is thirty pounds. This limit can be passed with a card if a client has to create a bigger purchase. The ring runs on a built-in power system that doesn’t need a battery. It recharges by capturing the waves of electricity at the contactless payment center at any merchant’s point of sale station.


PSI Pay reflects the European wallet technique. This suggests that the contactless payment ring can contain a total amount of digital money which might be changed into the native currency quickly and easily when needed. Various forms of transactions are attainable. You’ll withdraw cash, you’ll create fast purchases, and you’ll even send your friends cash. The digital money gets changed for the native currency of the country you’re set in, therefore it’s nice for travelers. PSI Pay is changing the way we all make payments.

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Is Contactless Payment the Future? PSI Pay Says Yes

Sean Penn’s audiobook-turned-novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

With the plan to release Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff before elections, Sean Penn put his ideas in order and came up with an audiobook as he tells fans in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Its preview spread across the internet so fast that by the time it was published years later, the book had already been examined in and from all angles.


Having some facts, as readers believed, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff did not really appear as pure fiction. Despite Sean’s attempt at explaining that a book does not necessarily have to be opinionated, the mentality was already set and wouldn’t change anytime soon.


Writing is not only dependent on skill and passion, but rather on how well is in expressing themselves. It was amazing, according to Sean, how some of the writers that even though he did not know, he came across in his writing career; would express themselves so well and be totally free with words. This really inspired him, but Sean held on that he did not take tips from these writers, but simply acknowledged their prowess in writing freedom, and sought to try it out.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was one among the many novels that Sean is planning to release with time. Being 57 years old, he has a lot of extra time which he has decided to dedicate to writing. Sean ‘s life as it takes a different turn from the mere production of audio books to writing and publishing novels makes him elevated because of the dream he has of leaving a legacy; this legacy becomes a reality through writing.


Dissatisfied by what he has already achieved, Sean Penn wants to go beyond in writing, past Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and do something that will leave a mark in not only his life but also the world in whole. His discovery in writing has led him to the idea that the world of solitude is not that bad, especially for someone who needs to focus on a particular thing and work towards achieving it. Sean Penn is a famous actor, and in the coming years, he plans to be a global-selling writer.

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