The Galore of Lime Crime

Female entrepreneurship and ownership have truly become all the rage these days….and more and more in today’s vastly expanding society! The power of ONE is just amazing—man or woman! Women, the days of male superiority and ownership over your lifestyle and career choices have definitely come to an end; rejoice! One particularly fantastic and outstanding individual who has come far in this area in a woman known none other than as Doe Deere. Ms. Doe Deere is a popular highly successful Instagram owner with over 500 followers, and an internet celebrity and sensitivity all over the globe! She has even met Prince prior to his departure from this earth, and has had celebrity doll model look alikes done in her impression, and to others….for business purposes. Her brand name is Lime Crime, the business for which she is founder and CEO. Just recently, Self-Made Magazine has named Ms. Deere as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs….a landmark achievement for any inspiring and aspiring young creative female mind out there. Ladies, pay close attention….that is, if you are not hooked already. This lady will reel you in and inspire a sense of follower-ship in your every creative closet of mental space!

What’s more? She calls her every fan a UNICORN….and treats them as if they literally are such, in a positive manner…..and whisks them away to fantasy land, where there love, laughter, appreciation, and beautiful memories. Most of her fans consist of female audiences, of course, but are not limited to such. There are, as always, some males who purchase her makeup and lines of cosmetics…..falling in love with the beautiful displays and colorful options from with which to choose—-all of which Lime Crime makes so readily and wonderfully available! One may purchase online or from certain retailers.

Ms. Deere’s business is intensely internet based, which is a very wise business decision and service goal to implement. For one, the great majority of consumers and demographic audience for her products is very internet and tech savvy; how could they not be? This is the young generation of tomorrow! They are internet gurus, phone gurus, makeup and pop culture ‘freaks’, and the users and informers of all that is hip and popular in today’s modern culture! Ms. Deere, then, as you can see, has chosen to attract the right audience and fan base… she reaps the results in multitudes! Many are the young consumers of today….and boy, do they consume!

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Makari Provides Skin Care Products for People of Color

People of color often find it difficult the find skin and beauty products that are made for their unique skin care needs. Everyone’s skin is not the same. Darker skin often requires different treatments and can suffer from different problems than lighter skin does. Problems such as uneven skin tones, dark spots, stretch marks, and blemishes are just a few of the problems that people with darker skin tones can suffer from that many of companies in the beauty industry fail to recognize and offer a skin care product that works on darker skin. Makari is an industry leader in whitening skin care products, and cosmetics that can give people of color smoother, brighter and more radiant looking skin.

Why Makari de Suisse is so special
Makari de Suisse products are made in Switzerland and specialize in providing quality hair, skin and beauty products. Makari products are a top choice for many celebrities and consumers who want high-quality cosmetics and beauty products that are safe, effective, and gentle. There are thousands of high-quality beauty and skin care products on the market today but very few of them are designed to meet the needs of darker skin. Makari takes the guess work out of trying to find an effective skin lightener or skin toner that will be effective on darker skin.

Makari products are safe and effective.
Made from natural ingredients like Carrot oil, Argon oil, and Caviar, Makari products offer a safe alternative to other skin care products made for darker skin that often use hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been known to cause harmful side-effects. Intense scientific research has gone into the development of Makari’s products to ensure their quality, gentleness, and effectiveness and provides darker skin with beautiful, radiant glow.


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Beauty Blogger Puts WEN to the Test for Shiny, Strong Hair

Beauty bloggers like Emily McClure are lucky, because they get to try out a number of products for skin, hair and body. The Bustle contributor decided her signature fine, flat hair needed a big boost, so she decided to go with the pros and chose the WEN system.
Emily had watched the famous infomercials by west coast celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. She saw how his amazing, no shampoo method had transformed the heads of many gorgeous celebrities. So, Emily created her own 7-day hair challenge and kept a daily log with selfies to show her progress.

Emily admits she’s lazy when it comes to hair care habits, but she began the challenge with Sephora‘s Fig cleansing conditioner with AM washes in the shower. Emily was hesitant to use the proper amounts for her medium length hair, so she used the minimum 10 pumps for short hair. She thought the amounts were too much, but as she cleansed with WEN, she noticed big, thick hair. She then blow-dried and styled, and her pretty hair proof was in her selfies.

As long as Emily adhered to a simple AM WEN wash, her hair performed beautifully. Her hair kept its style all the way through the evening when she met friends for drinks. They complimented her on full, glossy hair.

Then Emily turned lazy and washed with WEN at night. In the morning, she saw her strands fall limp and get oily. Another time, Emily skipped the WEN morning wash, because she was pressed for time. Again, her hair looked flat, but when she got back on the proper WEN hair care routine, her crowning glory was gorgeous, as the photos clearly show.

Emily liked using WEN, but advised her readers to stick to an AM routine for best results.

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