The Frequency of Shampooing Hair

Among the common pieces of advice when it comes to using shampoo on the hair is to not use it every day of the week. If one keeps using shampoo, then it will burn the hair. There is no reason to use the shampoo for more than what is recommended on the bottle. It will only make the scalp worse. For instance, if there is scalp conditions like dandruff, everyday use of shampoo on the scalp is going to make the problem worse. This is only because there is a lot of chemicals in the average product that is released to the public.

Fortunately, there are shampoos that are safe for everyday use. These types of product make sure that there is nothing but benefits for the hair. Therefore, people will be able to put it to good use and improve the condition of their hair. Wen is one of these products. Among the ways that it improves the hair is that it improves the scalp. The natural ingredients in WEN Hair by Chaz make the product very beneficial to hair care. It is good for various hair textures and styles. This is why women are starting to pay for more Wen products.

Wen by Chaz is gaining a lot of attention for women throughout the nation. For one thing, everyone that is using the product is noticing an immediate difference in their hair condition. Their hair is a lot shinier. There is also more bounce to it. The hair is even easier to style. People find it easier to look the way they want to with the help of this eBay sold product. The damages that have been done by the other hair care products are undone by Wen products. As a result, more women are feeling satisfied with their overall appearance. Check out the Wen hair Wikipedia page for more information.

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The Galore of Lime Crime

Female entrepreneurship and ownership have truly become all the rage these days….and more and more in today’s vastly expanding society! The power of ONE is just amazing—man or woman! Women, the days of male superiority and ownership over your lifestyle and career choices have definitely come to an end; rejoice! One particularly fantastic and outstanding individual who has come far in this area in a woman known none other than as Doe Deere. Ms. Doe Deere is a popular highly successful Instagram owner with over 500 followers, and an internet celebrity and sensitivity all over the globe! She has even met Prince prior to his departure from this earth, and has had celebrity doll model look alikes done in her impression, and to others….for business purposes. Her brand name is Lime Crime, the business for which she is founder and CEO. Just recently, Self-Made Magazine has named Ms. Deere as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs….a landmark achievement for any inspiring and aspiring young creative female mind out there. Ladies, pay close attention….that is, if you are not hooked already. This lady will reel you in and inspire a sense of follower-ship in your every creative closet of mental space!

What’s more? She calls her every fan a UNICORN….and treats them as if they literally are such, in a positive manner…..and whisks them away to fantasy land, where there love, laughter, appreciation, and beautiful memories. Most of her fans consist of female audiences, of course, but are not limited to such. There are, as always, some males who purchase her makeup and lines of cosmetics…..falling in love with the beautiful displays and colorful options from with which to choose—-all of which Lime Crime makes so readily and wonderfully available! One may purchase online or from certain retailers.

Ms. Deere’s business is intensely internet based, which is a very wise business decision and service goal to implement. For one, the great majority of consumers and demographic audience for her products is very internet and tech savvy; how could they not be? This is the young generation of tomorrow! They are internet gurus, phone gurus, makeup and pop culture ‘freaks’, and the users and informers of all that is hip and popular in today’s modern culture! Ms. Deere, then, as you can see, has chosen to attract the right audience and fan base… she reaps the results in multitudes! Many are the young consumers of today….and boy, do they consume!

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Makari Provides Skin Care Products for People of Color

People of color often find it difficult the find skin and beauty products that are made for their unique skin care needs. Everyone’s skin is not the same. Darker skin often requires different treatments and can suffer from different problems than lighter skin does. Problems such as uneven skin tones, dark spots, stretch marks, and blemishes are just a few of the problems that people with darker skin tones can suffer from that many of companies in the beauty industry fail to recognize and offer a skin care product that works on darker skin. Makari is an industry leader in whitening skin care products, and cosmetics that can give people of color smoother, brighter and more radiant looking skin.

Why Makari de Suisse is so special
Makari de Suisse products are made in Switzerland and specialize in providing quality hair, skin and beauty products. Makari products are a top choice for many celebrities and consumers who want high-quality cosmetics and beauty products that are safe, effective, and gentle. There are thousands of high-quality beauty and skin care products on the market today but very few of them are designed to meet the needs of darker skin. Makari takes the guess work out of trying to find an effective skin lightener or skin toner that will be effective on darker skin.

Makari products are safe and effective.
Made from natural ingredients like Carrot oil, Argon oil, and Caviar, Makari products offer a safe alternative to other skin care products made for darker skin that often use hydroquinone. Hydroquinone has been known to cause harmful side-effects. Intense scientific research has gone into the development of Makari’s products to ensure their quality, gentleness, and effectiveness and provides darker skin with beautiful, radiant glow.


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Should You Buy Makari Skin Care for Skin Whitening

In most instances, skin discoloration can be quite a self-esteem killer. Whether you are suffering from certain skin ailments or have discolorations from scars, burns, and too much exposure to the sun- using a naturally safe skin whitening cream can help to even out skin tone and to remedy the situation.

Makari Skin Care Cream is one of the products that you can use to lighten skin tone up and also gain enormous skin health benefits from. Right now, Makari is one of the leading whitening creams on the market that is well-known for its safeness, effectiveness, and high quality performance as a skin lightening product.

What is Makari Skin Whitening?

Makari has an abundance of skin care products that have become very popular for their effectiveness and performance to improve the look of skin. Most recently they released a new line of skin whitening products that include a serum, soap, and milk.

The skin repairing serum by Makari works by helping to alleviate damaged skin cells. It promotes the generation of new healthy skin cells that replace skin cells compromised by poor hygiene, inflammation, scars, burns, and other types of damage that can cause skin tone to be uneven.

The Body Beautifying Milk by Makari acts as a deep moisturizer as it penetrates the many skin surfaces and layers and provides them with essential moisture and hydration that aids the skin in healing. It helps to even out skin tone and lightens skin naturally when the skin has been compromised by elements and is dehydrated.

Clarifying Antiseptic Soap

Makari’s clarifying antiseptic soap is a gentle cleanser that helps to relieve clogged pours and to clean skin. Skin damage caused by different factors can often cause the pigmentation of the skin to darken. Keeping the skin clean with a natural cleanser helps to maintain an ideal skin tone.

Makari Skin Whitening Products: Why They Are The Best

All of these essential products each have a specific purpose that work in unison diligently in order to help decrease dark skin discoloration caused by skin ailments, diseases, burns, scars, and more. It is this collaboration of products that skin becomes healthy, radiant, more supple looking, and without the effects of dark skin discoloration.

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Wen for Everyday People

The first time that most people may have discovered Wen is through the QVC infomercials where there were celebrities like Aylssa Milano that were promoting the product. The product is created by Chaz Dean, and he is a celebrity hair stylist. Many people may find this impressive, but what most people want to know is how the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner works for the working class. This is very important because most people will assume that a celebrity stylist can work their magic and made anyone look good. The real test would be found through someone like Emily McClure. She is a writer for Bustle, and a hair stylist so wanted to test the product out for herself. Visit for more information.
People can get a real feel of what it must have been like to try the product because Emily McClure lays down everything that she did. She also included pictures. This writer tells people up front that she has thin hair. This is great for anyone that may be wondering how it would work for someone with thin hair. The infomercials always show women like celebrity Melissa Gilbert who have a thicker head of hair.

For people that are interested in a better cleanser they should consider Wen by Chaz simply because it works well on different grades of hair. Guthy-Renker recommends this product. It appears to not matter if the hair is thin or thick. The only thing that people have to do is follow the directions in accordance to the type of hair that they have.

There is a common consensus that the hair is softer once Wen hair product has been used. People will actually see and feel their hair getting healthier. This is something that is quite important for all of those that wanted to know if the product would really accommodate working class women.

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A Doe, A Deere, A Female Pioneer

Lime Crime is an online cosmetic company that is changing the way the beauty business well… does business. Founded by Doe Deere, Lime Crime is innovative in its approach to selling cosmetics using the online medium.

Their fans are legion and they have shown it. Recently, Lime Crime’s instagram account surpassed two million followers. Their instagram’s popularity is primarily due to its unique practice of allowing users to engage with the company and other customers. Users of the products send photos of themselves wearing the Lime Crime cosmetics,showing off their creativity and sharing tips with each other.

They have taken this idea one step further. The Lime Crime website uses models wearing the makeup, say a lipstick, to show buyers what the color looks like on a real person as opposed to a swatch-type color generated by a computer that may come close, but certainly does not match the true nuances of the product. This is significant because one of the main draws of these products are the intense hues and colors that often cannot be duplicated or done justice by a computer generated match attempt. In addition, they use the photos from customers to show website users options for use and creative ways to wear the products.

All of the products at Lime Crime are produced without animal testing and products are also vegan-friendly. Emphasis is on intense and vibrant colors in direct opposition to the current trends towards neutrals and natural makeup application.

Doe Deere has spent most of her adult life in New York, though she is Russian-born. Her original aspirations included being a musician, but her attentions turned to fashion and make-up early on. Her company started out as an eBay store to hawk her fashion line. She then turned her attention to cosmetics out of a love of bright, vibrant colors that she was finding difficult to find among existing cosmetic brands.

Deere is renowned for her support of fellow women business owners and often speaks at expos and events further encouraging women to go out and make their dreams a reality. She is a firm believer is going with “gut feelings” and staying true to your vision and your customers. She creates a sense of community and camaraderie within her customer base and refers to her customers as unicorns. Deere’s Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles where she continues to be inspired by her customers and her own ideas of what makes women stand apart and shine in their individuality.

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Doe Deere: Beauty Master

Identity politics is a big deal in the beauty and fashion industries. People put on various clothing items and use specific make-up products to cultivate looks that identify them as conforming to or transgressing established norms. Individuals may also use their clothing choices and make-up strategies as a means through which to make a political point or express an aspect of their identity with creative flair. Beauty expert Doe Deere loves engaging how cosmetics and fashion can be appropriated to say something significant about one’s individual identity and/or transcend established boundaries regarding how people can and should appear as aesthetic entities. Here are just two of many beauty paradigms that Deere disregards on her journey to maintain an independent, highly individualistic approach to the world of cosmetics and fashion:

1. Dress According To The Occasion.

Deere believes that people should wear whichever clothes make them feel their absolute best while enabling them to express themselves accurately. This means that saving things like a sequined gown for a big ball party may not be necessary. If you want to, Deere advocates wearing a fancy dress with a sweater over it to the grocery store. In short, she doesn’t believe in saving specific items for special days. She will wear a fancy sweater on a regular day if she is so inclined.

2. Dress Your Age.

Deere disregards this fashion approach right and left. She believes that real style cannot be confined to parameters such as age. Thus turning 30 doesn’t mean that you have to ditch “fun” items and replace them with a wardrobe that many would consider conventional or conservative. (Unless that’s your style, in which case this approach would be appropriate and advantageous.) In short, age shouldn’t dictate which patterns or colors you wear.

A Little More About Doe Deere

In Doe Deere’s world, innovation and creation are always a top priority. And while there are many ways that she maintains this original approach to life, she finds her deepest fulfillment in using the realms of fashion and beauty as mediums for idea development and self-expression. Deere’s journey into the sphere of fashion and cosmetics began in childhood, and her abilities grew with time. Now, Deere has turned her passion for fashion and aesthetics into a unique cosmetics line, Lime Crime. This line enables consumers to use various lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, and mascaras to demonstrate their unique ideological slant and/or identity constructs.

Rainbow Brite Grew Up To Become Doe Deere

Rainbow Bright is a doll that first appeared in the 1980s. She was a huge hit with her fluorescent colored hair and brightly colored clothes. Hallmark Cards had started a line of greeting cards called Rainbow Brite in 1983. They were wildly popular. Within a year, the cards quickly spun off into books, dolls, and cartoon characters. Then Rainbow Brite was in the movies! Little girls apparently had been seriously craving some color. Rainbow Brite gave it to them with hair colors that were out of this world – shocking pink, lime green, purple, lavender, orange, and blue.

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, does the same thing with makeup. Hair is gold, blue, and pink, and it is eye-catching and breathtaking. Lips of blue, teal, and violet, why not? Color, vibrant and deep, is alive and well in the fashion world. Intensive might be the best way to characterize the leading proponent of Lime Crime. Her name is Doe Deere and she believes in color. Not just a splash, but full blasting color that is not ashamed to be seen, and certainly not ashamed to be worn.

Mix it, match it, and poke it with a pin. The old rules no longer apply. Some of the fashion rules that Doe Deere believes should be broken into colorful bits and pieces are the classic rules. Don’t mix patterns. Don’t wear more than one bright color at a time. Don’t mix too many colors. Don’t wear a bold eye with a bold lip. Dress your age. Dress to the occasion. She encourages breaking the beauty rules, and suggests striking out with a totally wild palette.

Doe Deere is an artist. She uses herself as a canvas and lets the color flow outward from her to the rest of the world. She is true to her own calling and the business world has eaten it up. Profits are good in the rainbow enclave. Some thought that makeup could not be sold online, but they were wrong. The days of testing color at the makeup counter are not exactly necessary any more.

Wild color and sound business practices are what it is all about at Lime Crime. The fans and employees call themselves unicorns. To Doe Deere, unicorns are people who are born different and are quite proud of it. They are brave, love color, and defy all expectations. Deere counts herself lucky to be working among the unicorns and rainbows, where vivid color lights up the daily work experience.

YouTube Your Way

YouTube is an open field of genres and personalities. There’s Tobuscus and PewDiePie who love to play video games, LtLickMe who has a thirst for justice by pranking those who’ve messed up (with help from people close to them), Superwoman and Jenna Marbles who use YouTube to rant about every day problems, and a huge assortment of people who have the overwhelming urge to make lyric videos for every song EVER. My personal favorites are the health and beauty ‘Tubers who not only have the patience to get up early every day to make sure their lipstick is on fleek, but also take the time out to record themselves for those of us who don’t know the difference between periwinkle and chartreuse.

Wendy Huang, an Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle YouTube personality, runs one of Australia’s most popular fashion blogs “The Wonderful World of Wengie.” Like most health and beauty advocates, Wengie focuses on her audiences. Wengie’s YouTube channel mainly consists of tutorials and advice on fashion and makeup. Her key audience is pretty much anyone who enjoys the day-to-day activity of getting dolled up. From body care routines to different makeup styles to what bra makes your breasts look irresistible, Wengie has tips for all types of people. I cant draw a straight line to save my life, but I couldn’t resist trying out her winged eyeliner tutorial.

Wengie has more than enough tips to give you that new edge you’ve been looking for or to help you perfect the one you already have. Whether you like light and sparkly or dark and edgy, there’s at least one idea that you’ll fall in love with. Wengie also has a Twitter with some pointers for the ladies like me, who want to go on that much-needed diet but can’t bring themselves to turn off the Pretty Little Liars marathon they have running on Netflix.

All of the people who get up the courage to make their videos and share a piece of their life with the viewers deserve a standing ovation. Thanks, YouTube, for bringing us our YouTube stars, who are just ordinary people with a passion!