YouTube Your Way

YouTube is an open field of genres and personalities. There’s Tobuscus and PewDiePie who love to play video games, LtLickMe who has a thirst for justice by pranking those who’ve messed up (with help from people close to them), Superwoman and Jenna Marbles who use YouTube to rant about every day problems, and a huge assortment of people who have the overwhelming urge to make lyric videos for every song EVER. My personal favorites are the health and beauty ‘Tubers who not only have the patience to get up early every day to make sure their lipstick is on fleek, but also take the time out to record themselves for those of us who don’t know the difference between periwinkle and chartreuse.

Wendy Huang, an Australian-Chinese beauty and lifestyle YouTube personality, runs one of Australia’s most popular fashion blogs “The Wonderful World of Wengie.” Like most health and beauty advocates, Wengie focuses on her audiences. Wengie’s YouTube channel mainly consists of tutorials and advice on fashion and makeup. Her key audience is pretty much anyone who enjoys the day-to-day activity of getting dolled up. From body care routines to different makeup styles to what bra makes your breasts look irresistible, Wengie has tips for all types of people. I cant draw a straight line to save my life, but I couldn’t resist trying out her winged eyeliner tutorial.

Wengie has more than enough tips to give you that new edge you’ve been looking for or to help you perfect the one you already have. Whether you like light and sparkly or dark and edgy, there’s at least one idea that you’ll fall in love with. Wengie also has a Twitter with some pointers for the ladies like me, who want to go on that much-needed diet but can’t bring themselves to turn off the Pretty Little Liars marathon they have running on Netflix.

All of the people who get up the courage to make their videos and share a piece of their life with the viewers deserve a standing ovation. Thanks, YouTube, for bringing us our YouTube stars, who are just ordinary people with a passion!