Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI

Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI has had an amazing success journey over the last four decades. Before 1970, he was a financial consultant and worked in the banking industry. Mr. Lavin opportunity for success became endless when he chose the Cheif Executive Officer position in the meat industry with OSI, LLC. Since then, Sheldon Lavin “has transformed the small, “McDonald’scentric” burger supplier into a worldwide supplier of food products.”

His colleagues praise him for many of his company achievements made in the last 40 years. In early 2016, Lavin was honored with the Global Visionary Award for stepping out his comfort zone and going above and beyond for success. The award honors people who have accomplished their goals through the good and struggling times.OSI, LLC has been rewarded on so many levels since Sheldon Lavin became CEO. The biggest reward of them all is the fact he helped make OSI the “largest protein supplier in the world to the McDonald’s system.” ( The company has earned awards for giving back to communities and other business actions.

According to Wikipedia, in 2011, Forbes listed them as one of the largest privately held companies in America. ( It is no surprise of Lavin’s success in OSI, because he already had the business skills and coached other business to success before working for them. This company shows their appreciation by following his great business advice. Sheldon Lavin deserves to be praised for all his hard work.

Important Details Regarding Halpern’s Contribution in the Real Estate Sector

Part of the leadership at JMH Development is Jason Halpern as the Managing Partner. From a history point of view, Jason’s family has been in the real estate sector for many years. The Halpern family has had a stellar track record of managing and constructing numerous properties in New York for more than 50 years. As such, the family has been responsible for building hundreds of residential apartments in New York City while developing several million square feet of commercial space.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

In 2010 Jason Halpern took control of the family business JMH Development and now under his leadership they have over $500 million invested in projects in New York alone. This includes a widely lauded development on 184 Kent, where they turned a warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. 184 Kent was announced as the recipient of the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the adaptive reuse category. JMH Development is an experienced developer of major residential and commercial properties across the country. With a focus on an innovative approach to developing distinctive luxury properties, JMH has pioneered the development of well positioned and unique properties.

Jason Halpern: with Production

The restoration of the Townhouses of Cobble Hill is among the projects that Halpern has completed. With his unique development expertise, the 45-year-old has led JMH to the acquisition and development of several historically significant landmarked buildings. The goal of Halpern and JMH Development is to ensure they create high-quality work spaces throughout the country with a touch of innovation. What makes Jason Halpern stand out from the crowd of his peers is his niche passion for building in historic districts.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

On his personal time, Jason Halpern pursues philanthropic interests. He spends his spare time and resources at a Trauma Center in Westchester. His charitable endeavors don’t stop at his community seeing that he has brought the same culture of philanthropy to the workplace. For instance, in 2015 he launched a partnership program that donated $20,000 of every contract signed to benefit water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. This means that JMH Development, with the help of local charities in the countries mentioned above, is bringing clean water to many Ethiopian and Nepalese locals.

Video Advertising Trends of 2017 Proves Bob Reina’s Return to the MarTech Advisor

In February 2017, Talk Fusion Founder and CEO, Bob Reina returned to MarTech Advisor with his second article in the same year. The article, which is titled Video Advertising Trends of 2017, identifies 2016’s video communication techniques whose use is on the increase. Currently, the article is hosted by MarTech Advisor, one of the best publications, which are read and availed by chief marketing officers in various social media platforms.


Reina has been the force behind Talk Fusion’s celebrated Video Marketing Solutions. He also contributes towards The Huffington Post. He returned to writing in the MarTech Advisor in May 2016 with an article titled Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits.


Statements from Bob Reina


Reina expressed his pleasure in sharing his excellent vision and thoughts with the readers of MarTech Advisor. Reina stated that his reason for returning to MarTech Advisor’s homepage was to give more insights on implementing video emailing techniques. Readers of MarTech Advisor can now take this opportunity and capitalize on this interesting trend.


Reina also emphasized the importance of continuously using video communication marketing strategies in growing businesses. Through his company, Talk Fusion, Reina introduced the idea of video email in 2004 when he foresaw the untapped potential in the sector. Although the technology took some time before it was adopted, it is currently being used by several organizations of all sizes across the world.


Bob Reina in Brief


Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has been recognized as one of the leading providers of video communication marketing strategies. Before launching Talk Fusion, Reina served as police in the Tampa Bay Police Department. In the 1990s, Reina developed interests in network marketing and worked as a part-timer in network marketing firm. Since founding the firm in 2007, Bob has been instrumental in the remarkable growth. Reina combines a wealth of skills in entrepreneurship and leadership to steer the company to higher levels.


Under his leadership, the firm has been named among the top ten largest video communications company in the world. Reina is also involved in various charitable causes. He has donated to the victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, and orphanages in Indonesia. He is also an activist of animal welfare and health.


A Recap of Mike Baur’s Biography

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and a businessperson from Switzerland. He is the co- founder and director of Swiss Startup Factory. Mike has spent some good amount of time in the Swiss private banking industry. He is an executive board member of one of the largest Swiss private banks.


Mike Baur’s passion for banking and finance began in his early days as a teenager. He grew up in Fribourg, Switzerland. Mike, later on, pursued his passion and made a career out it. He has worked in the banking sector for more than 20yrs.




Mike holds MBA from Rochester University and an executive MBA from Bern University.


Startups and The Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program.


After quitting the banking sector, Mike Baur started investing in startup companies. That is when he cofounded Swiss Startup Factory together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. He has been a jury member at START Summiteer, which was a pitching contest for startups held at the University of St Gallen. After Swiss Startup Factory collaborated with CTI at the start of 2016,he was named deputy-managing director.


Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program is a chance that digital tech startups get to go through structured accelerated programs. Mike Baur led this program together with Gold back in 2016. They also partnered with Fintech Fusion later on. The reason for the program is to create a thriving mentality that competes on the global market. Innovators go through a three-month accelerator program where their startups are tested and improved to make sure they can compete in the market. Mike is responsible for funding the program, which is perfect for future innovators.


Awards and Recognition


The Wall Street Journal profiled Mike Baur’s story in December 2016. It includes his Swiss banking career, startup investments, and entrepreneurship.


How Mike Baur spends his time


Mike Baur spends much of his time investing in the youth entrepreneurship and Swiss youth support events in various startups in the country. He also spends his time mentoring innovators in financial matters, and his company provides coaching and service opportunities in Zurich. Networking is one of the greatest skill to ensure young entrepreneur are lucky and Mike Baur offers exactly that.


In conclusion, Mikes active connections in his region and worldwide makes him better at what he does. Mike’s great passion in accounting and finance, his vast experience has enabled him to achieve almost everything he ever wanted.


Mike Baur Transforms the Lives of Businessmen

Mike Baur is a hedge fund manager who has changed the lives of many people in business in Switzerland. Baur is the founder of an institution known as Swiss Startup Factory. The company is based in Zurich, and it has been helpful to any upcoming businessmen in the country. The startup was founded in 2014.


Mike Baur and his organization help entrepreneurs through accelerator programs that last for three months. The program equips the businessmen with everything they need to succeed in the business world such as coaching, financing, mentoring and access to important entrepreneurial networks. After the end of the program, the candidates are provided with office spaces at the heart of Zurich town so that the business can do well.

Baur has been able to do well in his career because of several reasons. He has a rich educational background, having graduated from a New York-based university. Mike Baur is also a graduate of the prestigious University known as the University of Berne.


After completing his college education, Baur was employed by several companies. He was able to work for the Swiss Private Banking industry for a long time. While operating in this industry, he acquired a lot of expertise and skills, and this has helped him in his entire career. Mike worked for one of the most reputable companies in the country too for more than twenty years.


Mike Baur’s career took a turning point when he was thirty-nine years old. The successful businessman realized that he had acquired a lot of knowledge in the industry, and he was now ready to start his enterprise. He partnered with other businessmen to come up with the powerful institution to transform the ICT industry.


Baur’s rise to his current state is attributed to the experience and skills he acquired while working in the banking industry. When he is not working at the organization, Baur loves spending his time mentoring young people to become better businessmen in the future.


The Swiss Startup Factory has done very well in the past years, and it has been recognized in several platforms as one of the fastest growing startups that are privately owned. The company has managed to do well because of the team of professionals it employs. These individuals are extremely experienced and talented, and they focus on achieving the objectives of the institution. Under the leadership of Mike Baur, these people have helped many individuals in the ICT industry to thrive.



The Desperate Acts of Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass rose to the forefront in 2008 when his fund returned a 212 percent profit based on subprime mortgages. Since that time, however, this golden boy’s Hayman Capital has seen rough times. As of the end of the first quarter of 2016, his fund was down 7 percent. At the same time, the S & P 500 rose 1.7 percent. Kyle Bass’ track record continued to go down during the second quarter of 2016, according to government filings.

During the second quarter, he chose to hold most of his shares of Eco-Slim Energy. It is the third largest holding for Bass’s Hayman Capital firm. At the end of the second quarter, this oil services giant saw their stock raise drastically. Therefore, his investors lost money.

During 2015, according to an article originally published in Dallas News, Bass recommended that investors buy energy stocks. Of course, most of these stocks have fallen drastically since that time. When the media and investors ask Bass about his investment advice, Kyle says that he based his predictions on the advice of T. Boone Pickens. When asked for a comment, spokespeople with Pickens, say that they did tell Kyle Bass that they thought demand for oil would outstrip domestic supply. They quickly point out, however, that Bass was responsible for doing his own research and making his own decisions.

During the second quarter, Bass sold 27 percent of his shares in NMI Holdings Incorporated. Like Eco-Slim, this stock rallied by the end of the quarter. Therefore, investors would have made money by holding on to the stock.

Kyle Bass does not seem to be able to take responsibility for his own decision making. Recently, his hedge fund purchased huge shares of General Motors stock at a time that problems within the company were starting to come to the forefront. When General Motors had to admit that many of their vehicles had faulty ignition switches, Kyle Bass became a spokesperson for the company. During interviews with the press, he even blamed the dead victims for the problem.

About the only thing that Bass got right during the second quarter was selling a large portion of his McDonald’s stock. This stock continued to be weak. His selling, however, was not nearly enough to make up for his fund’s other losses.

Kyle Bass has long been a supporter of Argentina’s Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. This dictator has made very bad decisions that have hurt numerous people, so one has to wonder why Kyle is such a strong supporter. He has also taken much of the money that Chris Kyle’s widow received for his untimely death. He squandered most of this money away. Finally, this investor is in trouble with the law for short selling pharmaceutical stocks costing these companies money that should have been used in research. For the true full story of what Kyle Bass is involved in, you have to read The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler from Useful Stooges here:

Securus Stands for Integrity

It’s been said that integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Securus Technologies certainly abides by this standard. One of the leadering providers of detainee communications, Securus Technologies recently made major news on PR Newswire especially when they announced the misdeeds of one the major carrier Global Tel Link (GTL). Watch more on

The list of wrongdoings by GTL is a long one. The list is so long that Securus will release more details about the mishaps at a later date. Some of the wrongdoings include the following: GTL programmed telephones to rate calls on higher rates instead of those under its tariffs, they intentionally engaged in overcharging customers knowingly engaging in unlawful practices, GTL programmed telephone clocks to add time each call. These improprieties showed a lack of respect for the law in many ways.

Securus America Technologies is a company that prides itself on putting its customers first. They recently received an A+ accreditation from the BBB. Making money is important but does not come before integrity. These ideals were echoed in CEO Richard A. Smith’s recent comments. “I love our industry,” said Smith. “It offends me and our entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity bar that most other carriers have – but GTL does not.” Smith reminded others of the importance of standing for integrity and running a business the correct way.

For additional info see,