Adam Milstein Is Very Concerned About issues That Affect Jews And Israelis

Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel. However, he moved to America in 1981. By that time, he had a wife and children. In 1983, he earned an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to attending the University of California, Los Angeles, Adam Milstein earned a Bachelor’s degree from Technion—Israel Institute of Technology. His degree was a Bachelor’s of Science of Industrial and Business Management. He started off as a sales agent at Hager Pacific Realities and eventually became a managing partner.

Adam Milstein is also very much concerned in the conversation about how there is currently a brain drain going on in Israel. Many younger people who are highly educated are leaving Israel for the United States. This is due to the fact that many young Israelis feel that there is little to no economic opportunity in Israel. Very recently, Tel Aviv ranked as being number nine on the list of the world’s most expensive cities. The city had shot all the way up the list from five years ago, when it was the thirty-fourth most expensive city. To put things into perspective, Tel Aviv is more expensive than New York and Los Angeles. This is pretty shocking, considering how expensive New York and Los Angeles are known to be. Despite the fact that people in America who are non-Israeli are living from paycheck to paycheck and going through all sorts of hoops to live in big American cities, these places are easy pickings for young Israelis who are educated.

Los Angeles and New York are hot-spots for Israeli immigrants. So, it makes sense that a Los Angeles publication, LA News Watch, should take concern about the topic of anti-Semitism. In one of their articles, they spoke about how anti-Semitism is a problem. It comes in many forms—everything from very loud, blatant and mean insults and violence to more passive forms. Even making a distasteful or dark joke can be considered anti-Semitic. Adam Milstein is on top of this topic and speaks up about it frequently.

David McDonald Vows To Make His OSI Group The World’s Premier Food Products Company

Those who saw David McDonald grow in Iowa, cannot believe what the young boy whom they used to see in their neighborhood came to be. Today, McDonald, the proud founder of OSI Group is a man with a chain of Chinese facilities that produce, package, and distribute animal food products to a large client base in Europe and other parts of the world.

As a young man, David McDonald loved the idea that animals can be tamed for food. With this blazing passion, David joined college. His aim was to study about animals. That is what he did. David McDonald graduated with a Degree in Animal Science. With his degree at hand, he landed his first job at the North America Meat Commission. He started as a junior staff but later became the Chairman of the commission. It is while he was here he started his animal product company OSI Group. During its tender years, David did not even have any idea that one day, OSI Group would grow to become one of the premier animal products company as it is today.

For the more than 30 years David has been with his OSI Group, the company has made many strides. Recently, through a press statement, the company reported that it has expanded its Toledo, Spain facility. While commenting on the expansion, David McDonald said that the company decided to expand the facility in order to increase its production capacity. “In recent days, there has been an increasing demand of our poultry, beef, and pork products. We receive more orders and we do not want to frustrate our clients,” the president said. Spain and Spain increased its consumption of food products making it necessary for OSI Group to increase its production from 12, 000 tons to 24, 000 tons.

Expanding Toledo facility is just one of the latest steps OSI Group is doing under the oversight of David McDonald. The other great achievement is when OSI Group bought Baho Foods, a Dutch deli meat processing plant. This latest acquisition places OSI Group in the forefront as the fastest growing animal products company in Europe that carters for clients around the world.

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Louis Chenevert- Canadian Businessman and Former CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert is the immediate former CEO of conglomerate business United Technologies Corporation. This is one of the biggest companies in the world and worth billions of dollars. The business has companies such as Pratt &Whitney under its management. Pratt & Whitney is a leading manufacturer of jet engines both for commercial and military purposes. Other companies under UTC deal with the production of products such as security systems, escalators, and elevators. For Louis Chenevert to manage such a huge conglomerate, it is an honor and approval of his business leadership skills. Such a company cannot be placed in the hands of a manager who has not had excellent results in the past.

Before joining UTC in 2008, Louis Chenevert was the president of Pratt & Whitney. He led the company at a time when the aerospace market was not doing very well, and many such companies were closing down with losses. For P&W, all was good since Louis Chenevert had put in place measures which cushioned the company from any major loss. Through P&W, he proved that he could manage even a bigger organization and that is when he was picked to lead the parent company United Technologies Corporation.

Louis Chenevert was an experienced production manager who started working in the auto industry. He had worked for General Motors in Montreal, Canada for 14 years before making the shift into the aerospace industry. His experience in the auto industry proved vital in the management of the production lines at P&W. one of his achievements I the company was increasing efficiency in the production department. The company used to create one engine in 2 years but after he came this reduced to 9 months.

Louis Chenevert started development of the geared turbofan jet engine at P&W. However, this project was completed when he was already CEO. He had high hopes for this project and knew that one day it would be in high demand due to its unique features and capabilities. The engine has very low environmental pollution and has low fuel consumption rate. He funded the project with $10 billion, and the good thing is that it has paid off despite some critics dismissing it for costing too much.

Sheldon Lavin- The Triumphing Business Guru

Sheldon Lavin has a long success story on the meat industry having ventured into it 43 years ago. He took the full control of OSI Group in 1993. A company that has achieved tremendous growth under the management and leadership of Lavin boasting of serving clients in different countries and operating at least 55 facilities globally. The 81 years old still believe in expanding and growing this company. The OSI Group is top rated in Forbes as among the 100 top companies in America, and it offers high levels of quality and excellence in the food industry with Sheldon Lavin being an executive leader. Lavin has hit high standards of business milestone with successfully expanding the operations of OSI to many international markets in India, China and Europe and likewise, he has received many accolades and awards for his triumphing business tenures.

Sheldon Lavin was the Amick Farms Chairman after it was acquired by OSI Group in 2006 an American-Poultry company that deals with frozen and fresh chicken products. With the vision of Lavin to expand its strategies and gain high and mighty corporate presence in the European company, it purchased the Baho Food in 2016 August. The Baho Food is well rooted in Europe with five subsidiaries under its name and serving 16 European counties and a vast range of products and processing plants one in Germany and another one in The Netherlands.

The OSI Group in June 2016 purchased the Tyson Plant located in Chicago and near the company other Chicago facilities at a tune of 74 million dollars. The Tyson Food Plant is 200,000 in a square foot, and it’s a strategy to increase its products domestically and one of Lavin vision and prospectus. The wise purchase acted as a vital way of utilizing the company infrastructure and spurring its business growth and increase.

Because of the dedicated leadership of Sheldon the OSI Group subsidiary in the UK in 2016 received the Globe of Honours award given to companies achieving high and consistent excellence and achievements in environmental safety. Mr. Sheldon serves as the Rush University Medical Center General Trustee and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Director.
Sheldon Lavin was first involved in the financing aspect of Otto and Sons in 1970 before developing it into OSI Group. In 2016 February 2016 the Indian Vision World of Academy presented Sheldon Lavin with Global Visionary Award for his outstanding and impressive work. Lavin believes in proper and carefully investments agendas.


Roberto Santiago’s perfect vacation destination

Roberto Santiago has built the perfect tour destination for families. He built Manaira Shopping mall with the aim of giving families a vacation destination that would appeal to every family member. Since Brazil is known throughout its history for having amazing beaches, sunset scenes and rich culture, Roberto Santiago built his mall to complement its beautiful environment.

The perfect get away

The whole point of having a vacation is to get away from the hustle of the city. Despite the activities that go on in the mall, Manaira shopping mall has quiet beaches with wonderful views of sunset. Visitors can enjoy peace and quiet while taking in the beauty of nature. Perfect for a lazy vacation.

Fun for the whole family

Vacation is also a time to bond with the family. The shopping mall houses a hamburger and steak house and several food courts. This offers the perfect opportunity to eat together while catching up. It also houses several movie theatres ranging from VIP rooms to 3D theatres. Mr Santiago also invested in family friendly games like bowling. When choosing an activity to do as a family, guests are spoilt for choice.

Fun for the kids

It’s great spending time with the kids on vacation. But sometimes they need to be distracted so you can have time to yourself. Manaira has one of the biggest gaming rooms. At 1800 meters with over 200 gaming machines and countless games installed, Manaira’s gaming room is every kid’s paradise. This is a perfect place for kids to spend time while parents enjoy themselves on the other end of the mall.

Cultural experience

What makes Manaira shopping mall special is that despite it being world class, it capitalizes on the locals’ culture. Most of the foods served, items sold in the gift shop, dances are local. Guests are able to enjoy world class services and enjoy Brazilian Culture at the same time.

Apart from benefiting tourists, Manaira shopping mall has benefited the locals greatly. It has improved local economy by providing jobs to many. During its construction, Roberto Santiago made sure that the labour needed was sourced locally.


David McDonald Impressive Career in OSI Group

OSI Group is an Aurora based food production company that has changed the food industry in so many ways. The organization came into the market when customers were looking for a brand that was going to satisfy their needs. When the company was introduced into the American market, its primary focus was the production and packaging of meat products. With time, customers started realizing that the meat from this company was of high quality, and it could not be compared with what most of the companies were making. In a very short time, the company was in the limelight because of the high quality items they were getting from the OSI Group. The success the company was registering forced it to expand and venture into the global market. This was the start of better and bigger projects for the meat production company.

OSI Group has expanded and met the demands of the customers because of the kind of leadership it has been receiving. David McDonald holds the position of company president, and he has been influential over the years. David McDonald knows how to run an international company, and he understands the strategies he should be using so that the customers do not get an opportunity to complain. Despite the challenges international companies are facing when it comes to dealing with international regulations, OSI Group has managed to navigate easily because of the expert advice it has been getting from its President David McDonald.

David McDonald has been excellent in his duties in the global company because of several reasons. First of all, he is highly experienced in matters concerning animal science. The businessman has a lot of leadership skills, and this makes it easy for him to make decisions for the meat processing company. His expertise has played a key role in the acquisition of Tyson Food Plant and Baho Foods. These two organizations were acquired so that they could assist OSI Group to meet the demands of the customers from many parts of the world. In both of the transactions, OSI Group management, led by David McDonald wanted to expand and at the end of the day manufacture products that could meet the standards laid by the clients. McDonald acquired his studies from leading schools in the United States, and this laid a great foundation for his career in OSI Group. The assistance he has received from the employees working in OSI Group has made things so easy for the businessman.

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How Former Israeli Ambassador to the UK Impacted on the Ties between the Two Countries and Brought Tranquility among Middle East Nations

Daniel Taub, the immediate former Israeli ambassador to the UK, has done an exemplary job over the course of his stay in the office. The firm Orthodox-Jew has managed to take the trading ties between the Great Britain and Israel, not mentioning the positive cultural and educational benchmarking and exchange that has been precipitated by his good governance skills. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Having been born in the UK and spent a couple of decades or more in the European country, it was easy for Ambassador Taub to get integrated into the way of life and British culture.

He, however, was forced to relinquish his British citizenship before officially took the envoy job, and obliging went a long way in making the world see how strong his resolve was to serve his people back home. For the entire Israeli history, Daniel Taub could be said to be the greatest among the greatest diplomats the country has ever produced.

Improving the Israeli-UK Ties

Speaking during an exclusive interview with The JC in 2015, Ambassador Taub expressed his satisfaction in the way he had served his home nation. He said that working in the very country that he was born and raised in was a huge privilege and honor on his side.

Taub took pride in having been part and parcel of building bridges between the European nation and the Jewish nation. He narrated of the rich history that has existed between his Jewish people and the UK and said that he hoped that the relationship would continue growing even for many years to come.

The departure of Daniel Taub left big shoes for his successor to try and fit in. Those working in Israeli embassy offices in London argue that Daniel’s achievements can only be compared to Shlomo Argov’s accomplishments and not against any other person’s.

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The Jews living in the UK also attested to the fact that since Shlomo’s tenure of the 80s, the other ambassador who had shown a clear dedication to their welfare was Daniel Taub. He has stood up to speak for the needs of those Jews, sometimes even going a step ahead to step in and save the situation at times of crises.

Helping the Middle East

Besides speaking on behalf and for Israel, Daniel Taub took it upon himself to push for improved ties between Europe and the Middle East.

According to him, part of his job is to ensure that the Middle East is stable. He has mediated and sought for help during crises in some countries such as Iran and Palestine.

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Jim Larkin Helped to Create the Modern Union

Before Jim Larkin was on the scene of unions, there were many problems with the unions around the world.

It was something he wanted to fix because he knew the unions were the only things protecting people from the poor and unethical treatment of their employers. Jim Larkin wanted to make things better for people because he had been one of those people.

Throughout his career with the union, he continued to work for companies and just made sure he was protected by the union all the time while he was doing that type of work.

Jim Larkin encouraged other people to do the same. He wanted them to know they would be able to have a better career as long as they were doing things that made sense to them. It was something he knew he could do to make things better for people, and he tried to always do his best when it came to the unions.

Since he was so good at running the union while also helping other people with the union issues they were having, he felt he was the perfect person to be the leader of many different union organizations.

Since Jim Larkin had started out doing different things, he knew he could continue helping people out. He had always been good at what he did, but the idea of a better union was something that continued to motivate Jim Larkin to do better all the time. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

He had always wanted to try different things that would make his career better, and this was the perfect chance for him to do it without having to worry about whether other people were going to be able to enjoy the same opportunities that he had when he first started with the career he was working on.

The industry changed and the war came. There were even bigger issues to worry about, but Jim Larkin knew he could keep doing things the right way for those who were in the industry. He had always tried his best to give people the opportunities they deserved by offering them different benefits from the union.

Part of what made Jim Larkin so good at what he did was the fact he was able to actually relate to the people who were working the jobs that required them to have union representation. He wanted to show them that things could get better.

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Betsy DeVos Advocating for Quality Education

After Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States in 2016, and officially occupied the White House in January 2017, he nominated Mrs. Betsy DeVos to serve as the secretary in charge of education. Later, the Senate confirmed Betsy’s nomination and she assumed her role to streamline the education system, which had for a long time failed to serve all American kids equally. Prior to her confirmation, Betsy DeVos was actively involved in seeking reforms that were aimed at benefiting less-fortunate students who could not have accessed education necessary to help them realize their dreams. This group of students was discriminated against because of the ZIP code of their place of resident.Betsy DeVos had served as a leader of a movement pushing for expansion of charter schools in different states across the United States. The movement advocated for total freedom for parents when choosing the schools to send their kids.

To provide longtime solutions to this problem, Betsy DeVos and her team proposed homeschooling and other e-learning platforms that would enable students access the education they deserve from their homes or any other place. She worked hard to ensure ll American kids have the freedom to choose the kind of education they want.Betsy worked closely with her husband, Dick DeVos to advance their need of ensuring there was equity for all students. The couple began this cause together several years ago when they visited a local school in Grand Rapids which had for a long time served students from less-privileged students Michigan. After visiting Potter’s House Christian School, they experienced the reality on the ground when they realized some parents could do anything possible so that they can send their kids to a safe school.

They decided to select specific students, whom they offered full scholarships for their education.According to Mrs. Betsy DeVos, the idea of providing scholarships only served limited number of students, and therefore it could not address the real problem.They decided to involve different state governments so that they can find lasting solution to the ever growing civil rights problem. They sought both political and social solutions to this problem. Dick DeVos was elected to serve on the State Board of Education, and Betsy was involved in establishing a foundation that provided scholarships to students from low-income families.Before she became Trump’s education secretary, Mrs. DeVos was the chairperson of a family owned company, The Windquest Group. It is investment management enterprise, where she held executive role together with her husband. Mrs. DeVos graduated from Calvin College, where she received a BA degree. As part of her philanthropic work, she served on boards of several organizations engaging in charitable initiatives.

Business, Government, and Philanthropy: The Career of Betsy DeVos:

In February 2017, Betsy DeVos reached one of the pinnacles of public service in the United States as she was confirmed by the Senate to serve in the president’s cabinet as Secretary of Education. That is an area DeVos has long been an advocate of since the 1990s, as she has championed charter schools, school vouchers, and served on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a think tank that seeks improvements to the American Education System. But before DeVos took on the mantle as Secretary of Education, she wore many hats in many fields.DeVos — formerly Betsy Prince — was born in Holland, Michigan in 1958. Her father, Edgar, was the founder of the Prince Corporation, a car parts supplier. Growing up in a business environment, it was no surprise that when she attended Calvin College, her major was business economics. She graduated from the school in 1979.

Ten years after her graduation, DeVos and her husband Dick — who hails from one of the wealthiest families in the U.S. — founded the Windquest Group, which invests in areas such as clean energy and technology. DeVos served as the chairwoman for the company. She and her husband are also investors in the company Neurocare, which specializes in biofeedback care for those suffering from autism, attention deficit disorder, and depression. DeVos worked in politics long before she was tapped as Secretary of Education. She was a Republican National Committeewoman from 1992-1997, and also served as Chairwoman of the Michigan Republic Party from 1996-2000, and again from 2003-2005.

DeVos and her family have been very active in philanthropic causes, especially in education. A lot of her focus has been on school choice, and she has helped move forward legislation and programs in Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana to garner more support to the charter school system. DeVos pointed out that 50,000 students in Florida are now in charter schools. She has also set up foundations and scholarships for low income families to aid them in sending their children to the schools of their choice. Along with her educational activism, DeVos has also devoted time and funds to programs like ArtPrize, and has also aided Christian evangelical missions. She also served on the board of directors of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts from 2004-2010.