Kyle Bass Makes Poor Investment Decisions

Kyle Bass is one of the investors who got 2008 right, but he is also one of the most arrogant people who works Wall Street. He is someone who is trying to make sure that he is going to get the attention that he wants, and he is not focusing that energy on the things that are most important to his customers. Kyle Bass talks a lot on TV about how people should be investing, but he is not one to take his own advice. He is the kind of person who is going to spend his money in very reckless ways, and he thinks that other people should do the same things.

His most recent problem is with China, and he is someone who wants to keep taking risks while warning people off of a crisis that is not going to happen. He is telling people that China is really risky, and he is telling people that they would avoid it if they knew what they were doing. It is something that people probably do not know a lot about, and it is going to be something that they are going to be able to research on their own instead of just listening to Kyle Bass.

There are a lot of people who are listening to Kyle Bass go on and on about China, but they do not know that the Chinese economy will still grow. He has been called a desperate gambler, and that is a problem for the people who not doing any of their work to figure out where to invest. Kyle Bass has enough money to invest however he wants, and he does not invest the way that people should be doing if they are just normal investors.

Kyle Bass is a very dangerous man because he is the kind of person who is going to invest how he wants without a thought of anyone else. He is a ruthless man who is not looking out for his hedge fund, and he is not going to allow his time on TV to be shortened. He has a massive ego that he is feeding with all his appearances, and he is trying to make it easy for him to get the ego boost he needs at the expense of other people. Someone who listens to Kyle Bass is going to lose money, and they are going to feel terrible when they realize how much they lost.

The Con Man of Wall Street Meets the U.S. Patent Office

If there were a film or novel based on the life and crimes of Kyle Bass a/k/a M. Knight Shayamalan, it would have to be categorized as Horror Non-Fiction. In the time of only one decade, Kyle Bass has managed to become the devil incarnate to novices who followed his one victory in his Hedge Fund, Hayman Capital, a like persona of the devil to the millions who suffered health tragedies or death due to his illicit handlng of pharmaceutical patents, and surely is hanging as a devil effigy in Argentina.

The Ten Steps to Perdition
Most of the world determined Kyle Bass a star whose light faded in 15 short minutes, due to his one film success and his one Hedge Fund successful prediction of the mortgage fiasco that brought down the entire realty mortgage industry.

To the thorough researcher, however, it would appear the flash of fame was an equal fraud to his other confidence rackets. It must be noted that his hedge fund prescient prediction about the mortgage fail was actually following his usually dire forecasts. Recently, he is extolling the reasons for both China and Japan’s markets to collapse “this year”. This forecast habit is akin to that of the fortune teller predicting dire events in a “mark’s” relationships, knowing there is an over 50 percent chance a negative event will occur and onlookers acclaim the fortune teller’s “success”.

Fast Tumble Down the Patent Hole shows that Kyle Bass went on from stock and film disasters to develop a well thought out patent scheme that required the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to take action this year to destroy his con of downward marketing in pharmaceutical shares which would cause tragedy to all who were needing the pharmaceuticals. Bass called it “kangaroo court”.

Bad Influences
It is circulated that the Bass relationship with Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is the worst thing that ever happened to Argentina’s economy, but again, a close observer must wonder who is the alpha con in that duo. Kyle Bass is certainly licking at the bowl of greed and fraud with Mdme. Kirchner, but it is doubtful he will inflict any additional harm to Argentina’s economy.

Bass is criticized for making abominable choices that have carved his devil likeness, but closer examination negates that his choices were ever mistakes; rather, they were selections that took him exactly where Kyle Bass intended to go. Just as there exists true Good in this world and its beings, so very active also is the workload of Evil. It is apparent that Kyle Bass has been frolicking in that work for nearly a decade.