Fabletics: Not Your Typical Gym Outfit

Fabletics is tremendously changing our approach to fashion. They have made it socially agreeable and acceptable to literally strut in their trendy yoga pants, sneakers or sporty blazer to the gym and with just a little tweak go dancing on a date. Founded by Don Ressler on en.wikipedia.org, Adam Goldenberg and the award-winning actress Kate Hudson, FableticsÕ workout wear is presently synonymous with style, quality, value and convenience. Fabletics simply understands the athleisure trend and is the first establishment in the fashion industry to combine fitness, convenience, comfort, affordable and fashion in their fashion-forward workout outfits that are as good for a workout session as they are on a meet-up.

As a full time freelance writer for beauty and fashion in different online platforms, among them Bustle, I mostly work from home, an environment that tempts one to adopt lazy and slovenly fashion habits like spending time in pajamas. It reminds me of my childhood and high school years when I had zero interest in fashion; I was okay in sneakers, jeans and oversized hoodies that completed my unfussy, tomboyish and deliberate lack of choice in fashion. I only began to experiment on http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm with clothes during college. My sense of style then was more feminine with dresses and heels chocking up the closet. The work place forced me to settle for more office-friendly outfits before I got tired with all the cardigans and sensible heels.

It has been a couple of years now working from home and my affinity for traditionally feminine outfits from Fabletics couldn’t have found a better match than with the emerging athleisure trend that has profoundly redefined my style evolution. With quality leggings/joggers and a fitting top, I can work it out at the gym and still run errands before walking my dog in the same outfit. I can pull a casual comfy on Fabletics on instagram look with my sneakers and still hangout on a Saturday with friends or family. A night out of dancing and date has never been more comfortable and relaxed than in sneakers that allow you to dance painlessly and still manage to put on your sexiest, fussiest dress.