A Doe, A Deere, A Female Pioneer

Lime Crime is an online cosmetic company that is changing the way the beauty business well… does business. Founded by Doe Deere, Lime Crime is innovative in its approach to selling cosmetics using the online medium.

Their fans are legion and they have shown it. Recently, Lime Crime’s instagram account surpassed two million followers. Their instagram’s popularity is primarily due to its unique practice of allowing users to engage with the company and other customers. Users of the products send photos of themselves wearing the Lime Crime cosmetics,showing off their creativity and sharing tips with each other.

They have taken this idea one step further. The Lime Crime website uses models wearing the makeup, say a lipstick, to show buyers what the color looks like on a real person as opposed to a swatch-type color generated by a computer that may come close, but certainly does not match the true nuances of the product. This is significant because one of the main draws of these products are the intense hues and colors that often cannot be duplicated or done justice by a computer generated match attempt. In addition, they use the photos from customers to show website users options for use and creative ways to wear the products.

All of the products at Lime Crime are produced without animal testing and products are also vegan-friendly. Emphasis is on intense and vibrant colors in direct opposition to the current trends towards neutrals and natural makeup application.

Doe Deere has spent most of her adult life in New York, though she is Russian-born. Her original aspirations included being a musician, but her attentions turned to fashion and make-up early on. Her company started out as an eBay store to hawk her fashion line. She then turned her attention to cosmetics out of a love of bright, vibrant colors that she was finding difficult to find among existing cosmetic brands.

Deere is renowned for her support of fellow women business owners and often speaks at expos and events further encouraging women to go out and make their dreams a reality. She is a firm believer is going with “gut feelings” and staying true to your vision and your customers. She creates a sense of community and camaraderie within her customer base and refers to her customers as unicorns. Deere’s Lime Crime is based in Los Angeles where she continues to be inspired by her customers and her own ideas of what makes women stand apart and shine in their individuality.

To learn more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, visit www.doedeere.com.

Doe Deere: Beauty Master

Identity politics is a big deal in the beauty and fashion industries. People put on various clothing items and use specific make-up products to cultivate looks that identify them as conforming to or transgressing established norms. Individuals may also use their clothing choices and make-up strategies as a means through which to make a political point or express an aspect of their identity with creative flair. Beauty expert Doe Deere loves engaging how cosmetics and fashion can be appropriated to say something significant about one’s individual identity and/or transcend established boundaries regarding how people can and should appear as aesthetic entities. Here are just two of many beauty paradigms that Deere disregards on her journey to maintain an independent, highly individualistic approach to the world of cosmetics and fashion:

1. Dress According To The Occasion.

Deere believes that people should wear whichever clothes make them feel their absolute best while enabling them to express themselves accurately. This means that saving things like a sequined gown for a big ball party may not be necessary. If you want to, Deere advocates wearing a fancy dress with a sweater over it to the grocery store. In short, she doesn’t believe in saving specific items for special days. She will wear a fancy sweater on a regular day if she is so inclined.

2. Dress Your Age.

Deere disregards this fashion approach right and left. She believes that real style cannot be confined to parameters such as age. Thus turning 30 doesn’t mean that you have to ditch “fun” items and replace them with a wardrobe that many would consider conventional or conservative. (Unless that’s your style, in which case this approach would be appropriate and advantageous.) In short, age shouldn’t dictate which patterns or colors you wear.

A Little More About Doe Deere

In Doe Deere’s world, innovation and creation are always a top priority. And while there are many ways that she maintains this original approach to life, she finds her deepest fulfillment in using the realms of fashion and beauty as mediums for idea development and self-expression. Deere’s journey into the sphere of fashion and cosmetics began in childhood, and her abilities grew with time. Now, Deere has turned her passion for fashion and aesthetics into a unique cosmetics line, Lime Crime. This line enables consumers to use various lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, and mascaras to demonstrate their unique ideological slant and/or identity constructs.

Lime Crime Is Perfect For Makeup Lovers

Lime Crime is a makeup company that is unlike any other that have come before it. For one, it’s unique in nature. Lime Crime offers colors that cannot typically be found in stores. Lime Crime has bright, bold, and eye-popping colors. They don’t stick with the typical reds and pinks when it comes to lipsticks. Instead, the company branches out and sells purples, blues, greens, and so much more! Lime Crime doesn’t do anything by the book.

Lime Crime has quite an array of products. These are products that you typically can’t find anywhere else. Lime Crime says velvetines which are a line of lip wear that glide on super smooth in a variety of colors. The makeup company also sells zodiac glitter which is absolutely magical. The glitter shimmers and changes color depending on where the person is. Lime Crime likes to take their products a set further than what a person typically finds in a drug store. Lime Crime also sells nail polish, eyeliner, hair dye, and much more! All of their products are high-quality and meant to last. These aren’t products that need constant reapplying throughout the day.

Another great thing about these products is the fact that they are animal cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. This is because the founder Doe Deere is passionate about those causes. Passionate is actually a great way to describe Doe Deere. Aside from being passionate about animal rights, Deere is also passionate about the feeling that makeup invokes. She feels that everyone should be able to wear whatever makeup they’d like, whenever they’d like, no matter what. She has created her makeup line to fit anyone. Boys, girls, young, old, and so much more can enjoy Lime Crime. That’s because Doe Deere realizes that makeup is an art form and everyone who wants to utilize it, should be able too.

Another great thing about the founder of Lime Crime is that she’s confident. Doe Deere is confident in who she is and her makeup products. She will not shy away from what she knows is right, and she will not shy away from standing behind her makeup products. That’s because Doe Deere works very hard to deliver a consistent makeup experience for everyone who shops online at Lime Crime. Deere is also so confident in her makeup that she rocks the products herself. It’s not out of the ordinary to see her with bright hair and corresponding bright lips. She always looks great and that’s the look that can be achieved by wearing Lime crime.

Overall, Lime Crime is a makeup product that anyone can enjoy. It’s not meant for one specific person. It’s meant for anyone who has a love of makeup, a love of bright colors, and a love of standing apart from the crowd.