Betsy DeVos Advocating for Quality Education

After Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States in 2016, and officially occupied the White House in January 2017, he nominated Mrs. Betsy DeVos to serve as the secretary in charge of education. Later, the Senate confirmed Betsy’s nomination and she assumed her role to streamline the education system, which had for a long time failed to serve all American kids equally. Prior to her confirmation, Betsy DeVos was actively involved in seeking reforms that were aimed at benefiting less-fortunate students who could not have accessed education necessary to help them realize their dreams. This group of students was discriminated against because of the ZIP code of their place of resident.Betsy DeVos had served as a leader of a movement pushing for expansion of charter schools in different states across the United States. The movement advocated for total freedom for parents when choosing the schools to send their kids.

To provide longtime solutions to this problem, Betsy DeVos and her team proposed homeschooling and other e-learning platforms that would enable students access the education they deserve from their homes or any other place. She worked hard to ensure ll American kids have the freedom to choose the kind of education they want.Betsy worked closely with her husband, Dick DeVos to advance their need of ensuring there was equity for all students. The couple began this cause together several years ago when they visited a local school in Grand Rapids which had for a long time served students from less-privileged students Michigan. After visiting Potter’s House Christian School, they experienced the reality on the ground when they realized some parents could do anything possible so that they can send their kids to a safe school.

They decided to select specific students, whom they offered full scholarships for their education.According to Mrs. Betsy DeVos, the idea of providing scholarships only served limited number of students, and therefore it could not address the real problem.They decided to involve different state governments so that they can find lasting solution to the ever growing civil rights problem. They sought both political and social solutions to this problem. Dick DeVos was elected to serve on the State Board of Education, and Betsy was involved in establishing a foundation that provided scholarships to students from low-income families.Before she became Trump’s education secretary, Mrs. DeVos was the chairperson of a family owned company, The Windquest Group. It is investment management enterprise, where she held executive role together with her husband. Mrs. DeVos graduated from Calvin College, where she received a BA degree. As part of her philanthropic work, she served on boards of several organizations engaging in charitable initiatives.

Dick DeVos’ Silent Contributions to the Conservative Movement

The article spotlights the DeVos’s family work in philanthropy. It details how a family that began its ascend when Richard DeVos Sr. helped found Amway in 1959 evolved into a family with a level of influence that rivals Koch brothers, albeit with a smaller media profile. Today Dick DeVos, the patriarch’s son, has a net worth of $5 billion dollars and he uses a good percentage of that wealth to invest in a variety of conservative causes. Prominent in his philanthropic activities are donations to Republican political candidates. Dick DeVos’ interest in politics runs so deep that he ran an unsuccessful campaign as Michigan’s republican nominee to the governorship in Michigan, only to lose to the democrat incumbent. His wife, Betsy DeVos, shares the interest in politics, having worked as chair to the Michigan Republican Party. Recently the DeVoses put their philanthropic weight behind GOP candidate Jeb Bush’s campaign.

The area where the DeVos’s family influence is most strongly felt is education reform. In fact, it credits them with the drastic change in acceptance of school choice movements over the past two decades. His wife Betsy, has been called a general in the voucher movement, due to her involvement in Advocates for School Choice and All Children Matter. The couple’s involvement in these organizations reflects their conservative principles. These principles are not without their controversy, however, as highlighted by Steve Lambert’s refusal to accept the DeVos funded ArtPrize award due to the sponsor’s view on LGTB rights.

Dick DeVos (born Richard Marvin DeVos Jr., October21,1955) is a Michigan based businessman and philanthropist. A alumnus of the Forest Hills public school system and Northwood University, Dick has been involved in Amway, the family business, from the time he was a child. His first official position in the Amway Corporation began in 1974 where he oversaw a large grow in international sales. He left for some years to serve as CEO of the NBA team the Orlando Magic which his family acquired in 1991, only to return to Amway as President in 1993.

Today Dick DeVos along with his wife Betsy focus a lot of their energy and wealth in philanthropic and political causes. These include Dick’s unsuccessful bid to be governor of Michigan in 2006, and funding an activism in favor of school Vouchers. Dick and his wife Betsy live in Grand Rapids Michigan with their four children.