George Soros Develops Society for Refugees

The recently established travel ban which restricted the travel of certain Middle Eastern groups to the United States for a temporary period of time has caused an upset among many Americans. One such American, George Soros, has developed an active plan to resist developments that restrict travel to the United States. George Soros gained a massive amount of media attention during his efforts to elect Hilary Clinton to the presidency of the United States. Although his candidate lost, Soros’ $15 million contribution to efforts to have her elected represented the largest donation he had given to any political platform since his attempt to disrupt the election of former President George W. Bush in 2001. The nomination of President Donald J. Trump seems to have pushed the Hungarian-American investor to ramp up efforts to eliminate conservative politics and support the liberal agenda. His most recent contribution to the liberal agenda, the millions of dollars he contributed to the development of a refugee society, has become popular among Democrat leaders.

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When asked about his efforts to support a refugee society, George Soros discussed his own history as a method of explaining his support for this cause. The billionaire was born in Budapest, Hungary and faced several experiences of injustice because of his Jewish background. After being forced to move to several other countries due to Jewish persecution, Soros moved to the United States and began his career in investing and hedge fund account management. George Soros eventually became one of the wealthiest and most notable hedge fund managers in North America. Naturally, Soros desired to use his wealth to contribute to political agendas which supported individuals with whom he identified. His contribution to the society for refugees is representative of his support of foreign entrance to the United States. According to George Soros, American should always keep its rich heritage of welcoming foreigners to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

The society of refugees is a liberal supported agenda which would require the federal government to allow most refugees from Syria into the country on an emergency Visa. This program would offer federal support to these refugees and assist them in finding employment and developing a positive and adapting experience in the United States. George Soros stated that his support of this refugee program flies directly in the face of the travel ban implemented by the Trump administration. Soros believe that refugees should be welcome to the United States when they experience trouble in their native lands. Since the development of the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, the federal government has been called on to crack down on the travel of immigrants from Muslim nations. Soros and other liberal supports face a large amount of skepticism with regard to this refugee program.

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Bernie Sanders Virtually Ties Hillary Clinton In Iowa And Nationwide Polls

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for presidency with a low key, outdoor press conference. At the time, he had very little name recognition and set at 3% in nationwide polls. Recently the senator overcame a 30 point deficit in Iowa to draw within a virtual tie of front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Polls taken just a few months ago by Laidlaw & Company showed Sec. Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders nationwide by as much as 30 points. But the senator is now surging, riding the momentum of an upset virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses. Sec. Clinton’s 30-point nationwide lead has fizzled due to the Senator’s populist message that is resonating with young voters, working-class people and progressives across the country. In the most recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, the two Democratic presidential candidates are now neck and neck nationwide with Hillary Clinton holding a small 2% advantage. It is important to note that her current lead in the polls is within the margin of error.

This comes as a shock to the Clinton campaign in light of the fact that Sec. Clinton held such a wide lead nationwide, especially in southern states and among minority voters. What was once considered a southern-state firewall for the Clinton campaign has now become a battlefield for both Democratic presidential candidates. Sen. Sanders holds a significant lead in the polls leading into the New Hampshire primaries which could give him even more momentum rolling into the southern states, such as South Carolina.