Freedom Financial Network Helps Prepare Your School Year

Vice president Kevin Gallegos of Phoenix Operations at Freedom Financial Network offers informative advice to help parents and students properly prepare for the upcoming school year. These tips will help you mentally and make your next school year shopping trip time and cost-effective. Gallegos of Freedom Financial Network advises that you should start by securing a supply list from your child’s school if you haven’t already, never go supply shopping beforehand without a list. Some schools post the supply lists for your child’s grade early on their website. Next, always establish a back-to-school budget goal that includes the basics like clothing and supplies. Check stores for clearance sales to get basic supplies that you know your child will need; the same can go for clothing, backpacks and shoes. Taking these few simple steps to become well organized ahead of time for the school year can guarantee that it’ll be less stressful and a lot easier next time around.

Freedom Financial Network was established in 2002 in Silicon Valley. The company is an expert online financial service that has provided millions of clients with solutions for debt relief, personal loans and mortgage shopping. Freedom Financial Network is led by co-CEOs, Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser. The two had both graduated from the Stanford Business School with both receiving their MBAs. Freedom Financial Network’s ultimate goal is to provide the best financial solutions and services all the while educating their clients so they can reduce their personal debt, leading to a better financial future.

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