NBA 2K16 to come out soon

October is quickly approaching, and many people around the world are filled with anticipation for one of the biggest video games in the world. People are filled with anticipation over the arrival of NBA 2K16. NBA 2K16 is widely considered to be one of the best video games of the year, and it capitalizes on the excitement of the NBA.
The team at 2K sports has done a fantastic job of promoting this wonderful game, and to build anticipation of the game they have released ratings for each of the players, over the course of several weeks. Player ratings help to determine the ways that players play in the game, and are supposed to be based on how that player has played over the course of the last year, as well as their age. As player ratings have been announced various players and media outlets have had the opportunity to react to the new and exciting ratings.
One team that came out extremely well during the last few weeks has been the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks were a surprise team last year, as they overcame all of the predictions that the experts made. People around the NBA were extremely surprised when the Hawks were predicted to be a cellar dweller, and they ultimately emerged as the number one team in the East. They ended up fighting throughout the playoffs. They won in both the first and the second round, and ultimately they managed to get to the Eastern Conference Finals. In the finals the faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and while they played their best, they eventually fell to the Cavs.
Last season, made a major impact on the analysts at the NBA 2K16 office. They have had to make several adjustments to the formula in order to get their player ratings right. Jeff Teague was given a player rating of 83, which makes him the ninth best point guard. Paul Millsap was given a rating of 83, which makes him the 10th best point guard. Al Horford was also given a rating of 83, which makes him the fifth best center. With these numbers, the Atlanta Hawks are sure to be one of the most powerful teams in the league on NBA 2K16.
The Hawks were recently sold by Bruce Levenson, who enjoyed owning the Hawks for many years, but ultimately decided that he needed to move on. Over the course of those years, he was able to take the team to new and exciting heights. He took a team that was struggling when he first started his tenure, and over time he was able to transform the team into a championship contender. Today the Atlanta Hawks are one of the best teams in the league, and Bruce Levenson deserves at least some of the credit for this success.
The NBA season is arriving at a rapid rate, and fans have to be filled with excitement at the coming season. Fans should definitely pick up NBA 2K16 this year.