Growing Puppies Deserve Beneful and A New Best Friend

Your daughter is about to celebrate her birthday and you are looking for a puppy for her. She is still a little bit too young for a puppy that is going to be tiny because she still wants to carry the puppies upside down. You really want a dog that can grow up with her so what type dog do you get for her birthday? When you start looking online for suggestions, you find that a lab of some type is probably a good choice for a puppy for her because they grow rather quickly. The lab puppy will not be as fragile as a tiny puppy breed will be. A lab puppy is still very lovable and will become your daughter’s protector and best friend for many years. Beneful is going to grow with your daughters puppy. Beneful is a dog food that is going to keep your daughters puppy around for many years. You can start the puppy out on the puppy formula and increase to the grown up formula after a year or so of age. Beneful by Purina is full of vitamins and will give your puppy the energy and metabolism he or she needs to grow strong. The puppy will be able to run and frolick with your daughter as she plays in the yard, as she learns to ride her bike, and when she is going off to college. A good dog is a great present because it gives her unconditional love and a best friend for a long time. Give him or her Beneful and you can guarantee the health of her friend for many years to come. The article in the Daily Herald speaks of the changes in dog foods and how they are making them even healthier. The dog food companies are experimenting with many different flavors and recipes. Beneful company is trying to copy a wolves diet by providing the food with whole meats and fresh veggies from the wild. Blueberries, sweet potatoes, green vegetables like kale and real meat products are the ingredients for the new foods. Check out the article at this link