The Evolving Nature of EOS

Evolution has served humankind well. Without we would not have been able to develop into what we are today. Oddly, the evolution of products is not something people adapt to very well. Typically they prefer using products that are familiar to them. The Evolution of Smooth company somehow managed to take the evolution of products to their benefit with a few smart business moves.

Their first step in the evolutionary process of lip balm was to address the lack of change in the lip balm industry. Lip balms all look the same. A plain old tube. They switched up the design for something different. A round sphere ( instead of a thin tube became the company’s iconic packaging. They additionally noted how younger generations prefer natural ingredients. They incorporated natural and organic ingredients into their lip balm flavors. The flavors were also named for natural things.

They hired a sales consultant to assist them with pushing the product for large retailers. It was turned down by many who felt lip balm didn’t need an evolution process. A woman at Walgreen HQ liked the Evolution of Smooth product and agreed to distribute it. That break Walgreens gave EOS lip balm led to it becoming massively popular. It is not sold at Walmart, Ulta, Costco, Target, and so many other retailers.

Additionally, the company request celebrities try the lip balm. Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez were spotted using the EOS lip balms while out and about. Beauty vloggers on YouTube were given the EOS lip balms to test out and review in one of their videos. The majority of them praised the product. This type of advertisement appealed to millennials and Generation X who spotted their favorite beauty vloggers or celebrities using these interesting lip balms.

Evolution of Smooth proved products can evolve for the better. What else will evolve next in the beauty world? A more detailed and in depth history of EOS can be found on