Securus Has Been Perfect For Our Ministry Work

Our church has a Securus account that we use with the ministry that reaches out to prisons. We wanted to do our part to help inmates who are in crisis, and we have people who are ready to help right now. These are very good people, and they just want to sit down and talk to someone that they know they can help out. It is as simple as that, and we hope that we can make a difference in the lives of these people. We call on Securus so that we can see the faces of the people that we help, and we also want to be sure that we can show them a new way to live.


There are many people like us who want to do good work in the jails, and that is why Securus has been given a BBB accreditation. They are the best company for making these calls, and they are showing that anyone can make a big difference in the lives of an inmate. These inmates are not proud of what they did, but they have to do something that will make it easier for them to get the help they need. they give us secure calls and good customer service.


The best part of this is that people can call with Securus, and they can get them to set up an account. It is very easy for us to call every day with a new group of people, and we can all see the people we are working with. Securus makes these calls very easy to make, and they are making it much simpler for someone like me to run a ministry like this, and they are proving that they care about the way that we are calling into these inmates through the video system.

Securus Technologies Have Revolutionary Implication; Especially ConnectUs

ContactUs portends to save a third of a billion dollars with full implementation throughout the Securus Technologies network of inmates. Securus caters to over 2,000 correctional facilities in the United States alone. They’ve got an inmate count of 1.2 million. Each inmate files approximately 13.8 complaint and grievances forms a month. Processing of these forms usually takes a bit longer than five minutes, but that’s a conservative enough estimate to paint a numerical picture. At five minutes per form, a single form equals one hour by the end of the year (13.8 forms per prisoner, multiplied by 5 minutes per form, multiplied by 12 months in the year). So by multiplying the number of prisoners in an institution by 13.8, the hours officers spend dealing with forms can be approximated–if, indeed, only five minutes per form is used. If there are 200 inmates, 2,760 is likely the minimum lost to this antiquated 20th century means of filing. At $10.00 an hour, that’s $27,600 a year. At $20 an hour, it’s $55,200. Across 1.2 million inmates, the numbers work out to $331,200,000.

Securus Technologies‘ ContactUs can cut that figure down substantially. Again, using conservative estimates, should the complete deployment of this platform–a completely customizable platform which allows facilities to design what information inmates have access to, as well as specific applications for local purposes–take place, at 1/20th of the time per form, that’s a savings of $314,640,000. The more time a given correctional facility is currently spending on forms, the more savings they will have.

The Better Business Bureau has given Securus Technologies an A+ rating, and it makes a lot of sense. By providing cost and time saving measures to correctional facilities, they help millions be saved across the country, which can make it so rehabilitative measures will likely be employed more effectively, ultimately benefitting society.