How do lip balms work?

Suffering from dry and chapped lips is no laughing matter. They can be painful and lead to sores or blisters on your lips in extreme cases. It is essential to protect from this with a good quality lip balm. Understanding how lip balms work can help you to select the right brand for your needs.
Lip balms work by providing moisture to the lips not through the addition of moisture but rather through the locking in of moisture and therefore protecting your lips from the elements. This is done with an emollient. There are many different types of emollients in lip balms including petroleum jelly, Shea butter, and jojoba oil. Many of the good newer brands like the EOS lip balm use all natural oils like coconut and jojoba oil or Shea butter which do a good job of sealing in your lips natural moisture and preventing drying, as well as adding back some oil.

Other additives like vitamin e and aloe will help to protect your lips from further chapping and thereby serve a real purpose in the lip balm. Look for non artificial ingredients that won’t cause irritation to the lips. Since the lips are only a thin amount of skin over thick blood vessels, thereby leading to their pink color, they are prone to dryness and are easily irritated. All natural and organic products like Evolution of smooth and Burt’s Bees lip balms are examples of high quality balms that don’t lead toadies lip irritation.

Beyond that you will need to pay attention to the flavor or scent of the balm. Some have flavors that taste good, but are naturally drying, as are peppermint and camphor. Instead choose a brand with natural fruit or other flavorings that appeal to your tastes but are not counterproductive and cause drying. Check out their products on Walmart. Visit the website,

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