Ricardo Tosto Does Everything for His Legal Clients

By the time Ricardo Tosto started working as an attorney, he knew what he wanted out of the career he had for himself. He spent time learning how to help people and to give them the options they need. He spent his career working to show people they had a chance to continue their lives in the best way possible. All the clients Ricardo Tosto has see the things he does and know he’s someone who cares about the options available. He also tries giving them more chances for success than what other attorneys can offer. It’s his goal of giving back that gives him the chance to continue helping more people. It’s also something other attorneys don’t do because of the experiences he has in the industry. While other attorneys focus on getting money from their clients, Ricardo Tosto focuses on giving his clients the things they need.

Out of everything Ricardo Tosto did, offering the chance to work with the country of Brazil was the most influential. Brazil asked him for his legal advice. He came up with different options people could use and things that would work best in the country. Because he spent a lot of time learning about the laws in his home country, he knew how to answer these questions. By showing people what they needed to look for, Ricardo Tosto knew he could make a huge difference for others. It’s his goal of giving back that makes him an ideal candidate for Brazilian law.

While he keeps working on showing people how they can get to different levels of success, he knows what they need. He doesn’t waste time when working with clients and he knows how to show them the right way to do things. It’s his goal of giving back that helps him see there are things he can make out of the business. It’s also something he feels confident in because of how hard he works to show people what things will do for them. As long as Ricardo Tosto knows how to help, he feels good about what he does.

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Anthony Petrello an American Business Mogul.

Anthony Petrello’s business accomplishments have taken cooperate America by storm. His success as a businessman is impeccable. As a graduate from both Harvard University and Yale, Mr. Petrello has established a record of longevity and dedication not delivered by many. His educational background and keen business sense prepared him to become the leading business model that he is today.

His talents have afforded him an array of well-deserved titles, of which he has held with distinction. Mr. Petrello can be called the man behind the success of Nabors Industries Ltd. He has a lengthy and triumphant track record with Nabors. While Petrello’s title has changed, the success of the company has remained his constant goal. He has worn such titles as Chief Executive officer, as well as Deputy Chairman. His success can easily be measured in that of Nabors. Its respect in the industry and continued innovative developments are a direct result of the leadership of it Chief Executive Office, Mr. Anthony Petrello.

Mr. Portello’s board memberships are a wonderful reflection of his dedication to his community. His board memberships include the following organizations, Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc, Nabors Industries, Inc, Harvard Law School, Nabors Blue Sky Industries, Inc, MediaOnDeman.com as well as Yale University. With this level of involvement there is no wonder his success has been unmatched. Anthony Petrello’s contributions to the above listed organizations are a direct reflection of his philanthropist beliefs.

While a man of many talents and skills he continues to make time to share his blessings with others. His wife is a supporter of his community involvement and takes an active role with his participation with the Texas Children’s Hospital. While many are given opportunities to serve, not everyone serves with distinction. Mr Potello is a man one can aspire to follow.

Litigation Lawyer- Karl Heideck

Litigation Lawyer Karl Heideck
Litigation Lawyer Karl Heideck

Law terms can be complicated to understand while some of them can also mean one and the same thing which can be very challenging. To understand the meaning of the terms one will need the help and the translation of a law expert.

Litigation is one of the conditions and practice in law that can be confusing. Litigation is the resolving of issues between two parties who can either be companies or individuals. The effects can range from merger and acquisition, banking or fraud matters, contractual matters, competition, corporate management, as well as reconstruction issues.

Litigation mainly does not involve or engage law sessions, which most people fear due to the cost as well as the difference it brings to the parties involved. Most law firms have the department to resolve problems between parties instead of going to the court.

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Litigators must work in close collaboration with other departments in the law firm as well as outside the company including commercial, real estate, banking, and finance. To qualify to be an excellent litigator, one must possess the following characters as well as knowledge and experience; strong academic background, be imaginative, brilliant communication, and conciliation skills, a good sense of commercial cognizance, ability to present evidence as well as knowledge in legal matters.

Karl Heideck is a qualified litigation attorney based in Philadelphia. Karl Heideck mostly focuses on risk management and risk compliance. Mr. Karl has been passionate about the law since he was young and after his High School graduation, he joined Swarthmore College where he pursued English and Literature.

Later Karl went to Temple University Beasley School of Law where he graduated with a degree in Law.

Ever since his graduation from the University, Karl Heideck has been practicing law in Philadelphia. He has been focusing on legal research and writing, civil litigation, intellectual property law, mediation, employment, commercial litigation, as well as corporate law. Karl Heideck has a law firm which is located in Jenkintown.

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Thor Halvordden Was Born to Fight For the Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen was a born fighter. But Thor was destined to fight, not for himself but for other people. Early on in life, Thor Halvorssen observed and understood the injustice in the world. Even as a teenager, Thor Halvorssen took action when he witnessed injustice in the world around him. When he was just a teenager in 1989, Thor participated in organizing opposition to apartheid in South Africa.

Thor Halvorssen’s personal life galvanized his commitment to fighting for the rights of the oppressed. Thor’s mother was wounded by gunfire while she was attending a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela demanding the recall of President Hugo Chavez. Thor Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned in Venezuela and tortured for 74 days before Thor was able to secure his release from prison with the help of Amnesty International and several other organizations.

Thor Halvorssen has personal experience with dealing with authoritarian regimes. Thor was arrested by the communist regime in Vietnam while he was conducting an investigation into the human rights violations inflicted upon a church leader in Ho Chi Minh City. Although arrested, Thor managed to sneak out some critical tape recordings of his interview with the imprisoned religious leader.

In 2004, after his mother was shot, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation in New York. The HRF consists of a group of dedicated staff members who believe in Thor’s mission to fight for the rights of oppressed people around the world. The HRF fights against dictators by publicly exposing their wicked behavior. Once the acts of these dictators are brought to light, political leaders from around the world are forced to pressure these dictators to change their ways. So far, more than 7 political prisoners have been released from jail by authoritarian regimes thanks to the hard work of the Human Rights Foundation.

Thor Halvorssen is also a talented and successful film producer. Thor has produced a number of films that help to educate the public about a wide variety of human rights issues. Thor has produced Hammer and Tickle which portrays how the Russian citizens used humor, satire and jokes as a way to express the truth in a country where free speech was brutally suppressed.

A Client of the Lebaton Sucharow Law Company Receives a Huge Reward from the SEC

Labaton Sucharow Law Company is a frontrunner in the provision of legal services to whistleblowers of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm has been offering the services since 2010, and it has managed to develop a well-established whistleblower representation practice that comprises of in-house investigators, financial analysts, and forensic auditors who have ample knowledge on the enactment of securities laws. An informant who was represented by Labaton Sucharow was rewarded $17 million by the SEC for exposing various wrongdoings that were happening in the financial sector. This is among the highest prices that have ever been paid by the commission. The whistleblower protection plan states that the whistleblower should be offered 10 to 30 percent of the total amount that is collected by the SEC as fines that are imposed as a result of the information that they provide.

The client of the Labaton Sucharow exposed one of the largest firms in the financial sector. The informant’s identity was not revealed since he was represented by an attorney. Remaining anonymous is crucial since it helps one to avoid revenge or being blacklisted by employers. Jordan A. Thomas who manages the whistleblower representation of the Labaton Sucharow believes that it is appropriate for employees to expose fraudulent companies. He is a former assistant director of the SEC, and he was the attorney who represented the first public company servant to be offered a monetary reward by the SEC. Mr. Thomas participated in the formation of the whistleblower protection laws.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is always working to ensure that the public is motivated to report cases about companies that break federal securities laws. This is through the financial incentive and employment protection. The Investor Protection Fund, which was made with the aim of ensuring that informants are paid, is loaded with $400 million that is always replenished. The Commission assures its sources that the information that they offer is protected by the attorney-client privilege. It also provides free translators to individuals who cannot communicate in English.

Labaton Sucharow has been operational for the past 50 years, and it has been dealing with securities litigations that are related to consumers, investor, and companies. It is a pioneer in the provision of whistleblower representation services. The company has a good profile in offering legal representation to complainants and institutions such as the Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500 and the Benchmark Litigation have recognized it for this.

The Importance and Roles of SEC Whistleblower Attorney

A whistleblower is an individual or a group of people who has the mandate to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The whistleblower reports any violations of the law. They also report any intend violation that may occur in future. Thus, it plays a huge role in the enforcement of law and order. It is impossible for the security organs in the country to monitor all the activities happening in the country. Crimes increases as days go by. By informing the security details of any intended offense that may occur, it is possible for them to act promptly. The US cares about the safety of its citizens. It has the best intelligence and security teams worldwide.

Henceforth, the whistleblowers’ lives are always at risk. The law violators may threaten them for reporting them because of assisting the Securities and Exchange Commission. The whistleblower needs protection. Through the Donald Act, which was enacted on 21st July 2010, the protection of whistleblowers’ rights is critical. The act claims that the whistleblowers also need bounties and compensation for reporting violations of law to the security details.

On the other hand, safety and exchange commission should not always disclose the identity of the whistleblower. The whistleblower may remain completely anonymous to the public. A whistleblower may opt to report to the security and exchange commission using a whistleblower attorney. You can identify a whistleblower only when receiving the required bounties.

Therefore, the SEC Whistleblower Attorney protects the reporters of the violators of law countrywide. The attorney must be creative and do a thorough investigation of the case before submitting it to the Security and Exchange Commission. Anyone qualifies to be whistleblower provided the commission approves his or her eligibility. The whistleblowers have the following benefits; they receive employment protections. They also get awards through monetary funds. But they only receive these benefits if they are eligible and genuine whistleblowers.

Every nation needs serious whistleblowers to report such violations and protect investments especially in the securities sector. The United States whistleblowers program is the best. It helps in maintaining law and order. They are necessary as a result of many emerging scandals in the daily world. The government that works with its citizens closes is always effective. Their program and security details are exceptional and second to none. This program not only monitors the individuals violating the law, but they also follow companies and institutions in the country.

Attorney Ross Abelow Will Watch Out for Your Best Interests

As a little boy, Ross Abelow didn’t worry about legal documents and court cases. He did not worry about who he was going to represent or who he may save from disaster. He was a typical little boy that enjoyed playing outside with friends. As he grew up, he began to think about career choices and directions. Becoming an attorney was a thought that he took to completion. Ross-Martin Abelow finished high school and went on to college to study law. After attending Brooklyn Law School, Abelow chose the field of family and entertainment law. He graduated with his law degree and completed his requirements to practice in the state of New York.

Many people have dreams of becoming lawyers or doctors. Some dream of becoming entertainers such as singers or actors. The people that actually follow their dreams will usually make some decisions that may need an attorney’s advice. Mr. Abelow is very responsible and knowledgeable with legal contracts. He can advise you or anyone on the legal directions they need to take when it comes to being part of the entertainment industry. Reading a contract before signing is the first piece of advise Abelow gives. Never sign a contract on a whim.

Another good piece of advice is to get second opinions. We tend to be too excited to think about consequences. If you rely on your attorney to read contracts and explain the consequences you may be safer in the end. People in commercial industries need attorneys for contracts as well. Relying on yourself is not always the best option.
Contracts have a lot of legal terms that we do not understand. It is crazy to think that we will depend on our own knowledge when it comes to signing our life away. If you are going to be working for a company or business, make sure to read the fine print. Never depend on a company or business to give you the better end of the stick. Everyone is out for themselves so we need the protection a good attorney can give us. Let them look out for you.

Helene Morrison – Woman With A Mission

Helene Morrison was appointed San Francisco’s SEC administrator in 1999. For three years prior to this, she had been head of SEC’s Enforcement Division. Of course the SEC investigates and sues people and or companies who defraud investors. Morrison stayed with the SEC until 2007. Before this, she was on the other side of the fence – defending clients being sued by the SEC.

For the first ten years of her law practice, she was with the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became a partner in 1991. Her specialty was business litigation, defense of private securities actions, and SEC matters. As well she conducted internal corporate investigations.

She served as law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun in 1985 and 1986. For two years previous to that Morrison was law clerk to the Hon. Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. To read more about Helane’s impressive career path, visit her LinkenIn profile.

Morrison is now the Managing Director, Principal, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Member of Executive Committee at Hall Capital Partners, LLC. They build investment portfolios for endowments, foundations, and individuals. This is a company run by women, Kathryn Hall, Sarah Stein, and Helene Morrison. The women say that flexibility, resilience, and diversity are the keys to their success individually and as a company.

All throughout her career, she has been a top level executive in an essentially male world. She succeeded in a big way for women although that was never her consideration. Helene Morrison has become quite the role model for women who are as tough, feisty, and honest in business dealings as she. Some women make excellent warriors and she is one of them.

Somehow through all of this, Morrison developed a keen sense of justice and a world view that showed the inequities of a system that was totally out of control. She also occasionally let loose with some sharply humorous observations about certain investment companies.


Brazilian Bankruptcy Lawyers Are Busy These Days

The fact that Brazil is having economic issues doesn’t hit home until the statistics start to surface. One of those statistics is the number of corporate defaults that are occurring all over Brazil because of the business climate. According to attorney Ricardo Tosto, the number of corporate bankruptcies is increasing at an alarming rate. Mr. Tosto is with the law firm,Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados and he specializes in corporate bankruptcy among other things. Tosto says Brazil’s central bank has raised interest rates nine times over the last 24 months to stop inflation. Inflation is on its way to 10 percent in Brazil.
In 2005, Brazil put a new bankruptcy law in place, and it was fashioned after the United States bankruptcy code. Tosto said the new code provides three alternatives for people and corporations that are facing insolvency. The first alternative is a judicial restructuring or reorganization that is similar to the Chapter 11 filing in the United States, according to Tosto. The second alternative is an out-of-court reorganization, and that amounts to a pre-packaged Chapter 11 filing, and the last alternative is a court-supervised liquidation. The court liquidation resembles the Chapter 7 filing used by American corporations facing bankruptcy in the United States, according to Tosto.
Most Brazilian corporations used the judicial reorganization under the guidance of a Brazilian bankruptcy lawyer. Tosto says that alternative is the most popular one because it provides a limited stay against creditors, so the corporation can attempt to restructure its debt with creditors.
But once a corporation files a new plan, creditors have the right to propose modifications to the plan, but they cannot file their own plan or an amendment to the corporate plan. The only leverage a creditor has in a chapter 11 filing is to object to the approval of the plan, according to Tosto.
The timetable is shorter in Brazil for a corporation to propose, and then get confirmation from creditors. The Brazilian law only allows a 180-day stay to get a plan in order, and there is no extension. If the plan is not proposed in 60 days after acceptance of the petition, the corporation faces liquidation proceedings. Tosto also says If the reorganization plan is not accepted by 50 percent of the creditors the corporation will automatically go through the liquidation process.
Brazilian lawyers usually handle the reorganization cases, for the most part, but they are handling more liquidation proceedings because of the recession and the drop in exports. Many export companies can’t afford to operate in Brazil due to the currency devaluation and the high cost of doing business in Brazil.