Reviewing The Litigation Process And The Roles Of Different Parties

To many people, law may seem a too complex field to comprehend how things work. And this explains the reason it is necessary to involve an expert who will come in with the needed support to help solve a problem. Litigation is a process through which a person presents a case then it is handled professionally to the end to know who is in the wrong and the most appropriate measures to be taken for the person who is at fault.

Before diving into the explanation, one needs to understand the role of the litigator. A litigator, simply defined, is a trained individual who represents the plaintiff in a lawsuit. He takes up the role of investigating the case, pleadings, pre-trials and trials to ensure justice is served as required.

In the initial steps of litigation, both the plaintiff and defendant issue their pleadings. The plaintiff marks the beginning of the case by presenting files meant to contain information showing why the defendant should be punished for doing certain things that directly affect the plaintiff in a negative manner. On the other hand, the defendant comes up with an answer to the allegations and from this answers the plaintiff can chip in to either reject or correct details.

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Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck

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